Zoey Sullivan
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1997 (age 17)



  • Human
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Mr. Sullivan
Mrs. Sullivan

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  • TBA


Zoey is the geeky and goofy friend of Peyton Wallace. Zoey is very competitive and always strives to be the best. She has had a longtime crush on the popular Nick Grayson. She often considered as "one of the boys" by her friends, Shane Fleming and Josh Benson. She sometimes feels invisible, especially to boys. She knows a lot and is given the nickname: "The Walking Encyclopedia ."


5' 4" (1,63 m), black hair, dark brown eyes. Zoey always wears short tops, jeans and sneakers. She only dresses herself up for special events. She is considered a natural beauty and she doesn't wear any make-up.

Back StoryEdit

Zoey was born in the village of Chester's Mill. From an early age, her parents saw an "academic wonder" in their daughter. She was given private lessons in Math and began to play violin and piano. She also won the local chess championship several years. Her parents hope that their daughter will go to Harvard but secretly Zoey dreams of becoming an artist. She is close friends with Shane Fleming and Josh Benson. Zoey has had a secret crush on Nick Grayson. She is his secret tutor for Math and Economics.

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