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Witches are people with the power to affect change by magical means. Both male and female can be witches, regardless of gender, as they connect with the elements and forces of nature in order to practice magic.


Witches have existed on Earth for tens of thousands of years, the full story of the first witches will be explored in the upcoming Fan Specials episode Origo Magus


All Witches descend from the very first Witches, the sisters; Liluria and Qatesha who also happen to be sister to Lamia, the progenitor of all Strigoi, Vampires and Hybrids. Liluria was gifted with divine powers by the Gibborim under the direct orders of An (God), in order to spread his light to fight directly against the dark forces that had invaded his Eden (Earth). In response a fallen Angel under the orders of Zu (Devil) imbued her sister Qatesha with dark powers in order to balance the scales. Over the years their descendants procreated with eachother and the light powers and dark powers merged, the lines between light and dark became blurred and the collective power became known as Magic. Eventually Witches split into many different cultures and became the variety of Magic users on Earth today.

Types of WitchesEdit

There are multiple types of Witch within the Gallows Hill (Series)
These include:

There are also multiple types of Magic:

  • Spirit Magic
  • Ancestral Magic
  • Dark Magic
  • Expression Magic
  • Chaos Magic
  • Voodoo
  • Sacrificial Magic
  • Temporal and Dimensional Magic
  • Traveller Magic
  • Shinto Magic


Witches use a variety of Languages to cast their spells.

Known Languages include:

  • Spirit Witches - Vulgar Latin Pidgin/Latin
  • New Orleans Ancestral Witches - French Creole
  • Dark Witches - Latin.
  • Travellers - Czech, Aramaic.
  • Shinto Witches - Japanese.
  • Rorrimian Witches - Zulu and Yoruba.
  • Native American Shamans - Multiple (Mayan, Aztec, Spanish etc)
  • Draoi re - Irish Gaelic, Cumbric, Scots Gaelic, Welsh, Manx, Cornish, Breton.


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