Vivian Barnes Grayson
Biographical information

1970 (age 44)



  • Realtor


Family information
Family members
  • François Beachamp†
  • Elisabeth Beachamp†
  • Caroline Beachamp†
  • Stan Barnes†
  • Frank Barnes
  • Susan Barnes†
  • Christopher Grayson
  • Nick Grayson
  • Margaret Grayson †
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Significant spells


Significant sires


Cause of death


Killed by


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  • TBA


Vivian is the beautiful, elegant and charming wife of Christopher Grayson, a man with a lot of fortune. She was not born in wealth and luxury and had to work very hard to get where is now. She can be sometimes bossy to her son, Nick for whom she has big hopes. Vivian is a true socialite and leader, a fact she always tends to remind everybody. She is not afraid to use her looks to get what she wants. Vivian can sometimes come across as vain and selfish. However she is not a woman you can cross with because behind her golden smile, hides a powerful witch who is not afraid to put a curse on someone.


5' 7" (1,7 m) , curvaceous, buxom figure, brown hair (with blond highlights), dark brown eyes, olive skin. Vivian always wears very stylish dressed which are usually "haut-couture." She always wears very colorful clothes and high heels that attribute her figure. She sometimes wears blouses but always mixed with a long dress.

Back StoryEdit

Vivian's life before she met Christopher is a mystery. All that is known that she was not born in a wealthy family and had to work all her life to get where she is now. She met Christopher in college as he was an exchange student from Oxford. As soon as Vivian recognized the magic in Christopher, she fell in love with him. It was mostly his powerful lineage of witches, that drew her to him and the fact that she and Christopher are very competitive and complimentary to each other. They got married very young and they had a son named Nick who was later followed by a daughter named Margaret who was stillborn. Vivian grieved her daughter's death a lot while Christopher did not seem to care which put a strain on their marriage. Vivian sought comfort in her work and sometimes in the arms of other men. They moved to Chester's Mill to rebuilt the Grayson manor in all of its former glory and in the hopes that the small village would be good for their marriage. Over the years, the couple has grown distant from another and the only thing they agree on is the future of their son, Nick.

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