Viali Volda
Viali Volga
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  • Undead
  • Female
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Viali Volda is the High Queen of The Dark Triumvirate, the leader of Rorrim's underworld..


Viali's mother was a Gothic and her father was a Vampire making her a type of Dhampir, she fell in love with the High King Chanz Volga  and even killed his original wife to win his affection. Together they procreated and a unique creature was born, part-Vampire, part-Dhampir, part-Witch and part-Demon. After the child was born Chanzer transformed his new wife into a full Vampire. She was stronger than the average Vampire due to her already being a Dhampir. When her young son was only a toddler, the royal family of Rorrim made a move against them and attacked the underworld in the Chaos her son was abducted and taken to Earth, a place where Gothics cannot enter by conventional means, this left her devastated and determined to find a way to reach Earth to retrieve her beloved son.


Viali is a normal looking person. She wears lavish and extravagant outfits.


Viali has a human heart, full of emotions but those emotions can make her very dark and twisted when upset. Family means everything to her.


  • Viali was born a type of Dhampir, she was born a Vampire/Gothic Hybrid.
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