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Vampires are supernaturally reanimated corpses, inhabited by the spirit of the deceased, that feed and survive on the blood of the living. 


Humans who have consumed vampire blood and died within 24 hours of doing so will rise undead. The nature of the human's death is irrelevant, however the body must be intact and able to function. 

Young VampiresEdit

When young Vampires experience negative emotions they can enter a berserker like state.


  • Vampires also inhabit other dimensions such as Rorrim, however it is unclear how they got there. It is also unclear from which of the three Vampire bloodlines they originate or whether they are descended from another unknown Original Vampire created within Rorrim. The latter is most probable since the Rorrimian Vampires have slightly different powers and weaknesses such as not needing a daylight ring or being affected by Vervain. However if a Rorrimian Vampire enters Earth, they are affected by the Sun but not to the extent of Earth Vampires.
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