Gallows Hill
Season 1, Episode 4
Air date 15th June 2014
Written by OldOneX
Directed by OldOneX
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Another World
The House on Gallows Hill

The Other Side is the fourth episode of Season One of Gallows Hill (Series)

This article is about the episode, you may be looking for the location of the same name The Other Side (Location)


WHEN THE DEAD COME KNOCKING - In an attempt to help Arius and his father; Pasha, find a way to return them to their own world, Jasmine and Jeannie combine their powers with that of a Psychic prodigy in order to gain access to The Other Side, they hit a snag when they encounter dark spirits that inflict them with fear and misery, Jeannie absorbs their power and embraces their darkness in order to use that power to ensure them all travel into The Other Side by Astral Projection, there in that bizarre and strange world, Jeannie begins to struggle as she begins to exhibit changes caused by the dark spirits, they seek out a higher being known as The Oracle – she who knows all. The Oracle gives Jasmine a ominous warning and tells Pasha and Arius that their world has been corrupted and their monarch assassinated, she summons an ancient sentient artifact that maybe the solution to their plight.



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  • The Other Side will be visited.
  • Jeannie begins exhibiting strange new powers.
  • Jasmine will get a taste of how powerful the new type of Witch in town are, when these alien Witch assassins come for Arius and Pasha, Jasmine and Jeannie are forced into a full on Witch-off with them.
  • A plan of Austin's goes awry and something he does has some serious consequences for him and the rest of The Family.
  • Miles runs away from home willingly to be with someone he loves, much to the disgust of his parents who take drastic action when trying to stop him.

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