Gallows Hill
Season 1, Episode 5
The House on Gallows Hill
Air date 1st July 2014
Written by OldOneX
Directed by OldOneX
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The House on Gallows Hill is the fifth episode of ''Season One'' of Gallows Hill (Series)


THE HOUSE OF HORRORS - Jack, Angel, Natalie, Felicity and Arius decide to throw a spooky sleepover in the old creepy house on Gallow Hill - Keeper's Rest, Felicity tells the intriguing story that this house once belonged to an ancestor of hers, she reveals a shocking family secret, they soon find themselves in danger when they find out that they are far from alone in the house as they are busted by a creepy old man, who calls himself "The Keeper", he who is hiding an ancient malevolent secret in the basement.



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  • The group find themselves trapped in the house by an invisible forcefield, Felicity must decide between revealing her secret to the group or facing the possibility of never getting out of Keeper's Rest.
  • Felicity finds a long-lost heirloom once belonging to her ancestor Shiana Cruz. One that will grant her the power of her entire ancestral line.


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