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*Hugh Jackman as [[John Hathorne]]
*Hugh Jackman as [[John Hathorne]]
*Nicholas Hoult as [[Christian Davis]]
*Nicholas Hoult as [[Christian Davis]]
*Naomi Scott as [[Mary Dabney]]

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Gallows Hill
Season Two (Fan Specials), Episode 1
The Devils of Salem episode
Air date TBA
Written by Icedancer487
Directed by Icedancer487
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Sweet Revenge

The Devils of Salem is the very first episode of Fan Specials (Season Two) and the twenty-third episode of Fan Specials, the side-series of Gallows Hill (Series).


MASS HYSTERIA - The once prosperous city of Salem is soon thrown into utter chaos. As mass hysteria breaks out among the public, Grace Webb must choose between doing what is right and what is best for her family. No matter what the decision someone will end up dead.


Main Article: The Devils of Salem/Story

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  • Story takes place in the year 1692 in Salem, Massachusetts.
  • Some characters in the story are based on actual people that were involved with the Salem Witch trials.
  • Because of the year of which the story takes place, God will be mentioned frequently.
  • No supernatural beings, besides witches, will appear in the story.


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