Story Page for Fan Specials #23 - The Devils of Salem

FS2x01 - The Devils of Salem

Written & Directed by Icedancer487


GRACE: People always say to place family above everything else for it is the will of god. But is it god's will to execute innocent people for something that they are not. While I want to keep my family's secret safe, but i don't want to see innocent women and men being condemned for something that I myself is guilty of. Witchcraft.


(In a two story house near the outskirts of Salem a young women by the name of Fanny was currently giving birth to her and her husband Jacob's first child. Inside the room with her was Rebecca Nurse, who had gone through this 8 times and helped many women in the village deliver their children.)

REBECCA (Commanding): You must push dear.

FANNY (In pain) : I-I a-m P-Pushing.

(FANNY contines to push and scream in agonizing pain.)

REBECCA: I see the head. Just one more big push and it will be all over.

(Fanny gave one more big push and screamed the loudest that she had since she went into labor that afternoon.)

(Outside the room, Jacob Webb was pacing back and forth ever mummuring prayers to god that his wife and child would be ok. Hearing his wife's screaming in pain was difficult to listen to, but he was determine to be there for her when the child was finally born. Suddenly to his surprise the Screaming stopped and was soon replaced by the sound of a wailing Child.)

JACOB (relieved): Thank you Lord.

(After a few minutes, Rebecca Nurse came out of the room.)

JACOB: Tell me is my wife and child alright, Rebecca.

REBECCA (Smiling): Your wife is doing just fine and so is your daughter.

JACOB: Daughter?

REBECCA (Nods): Yes a little girl. You may go in now to see the both of them.

(After Rebecca left to go downstairs to clean her self up, Jacob just stood there. He must admit he was a little surprised, he supposed he always thought his first born would be a son to carry on the family name, but he supposed that god himself wanted him to have a daughter instead of a son. Jacob slowly walked into the room and saw his wife smiling down at the baby, who was wrapped in a white blanket. Fanny looked up to her approaching husband.)

FANNY (Smiling): I know it's not the son you wanted, but she's beatiful and she's got your eyes.

(Jacob walked over so he could get a better look at the child. Fanny adjusted the baby in her arms for Jacob to see. Jacob was surprised to see that the child  did indeed inherited his dark brown eyes.)

FANNY: Would you like to hold her.

(Before Jacob could reply, Fanny already was pushing the baby towards him. Jacob slowly lifted the baby in his arms, and held her close to his chest. The baby looked up at her father and smiled at him . Jacob smiled at this action. He now knew it didn't matter if she was a boy or not, this was his child now regardless of the gender. He knew he would protect his little girl with his life and when the time came for her to start courting he would not make it easy on any boy.)

FANNY: What do you think we should name her.

(Jacob studied the infant for a moment before deciding.)

JACOB: I want to name her Grace.

FANNY: Why Grace.

JACOB (Smiling at the infant): Because Grace means God's favor, and this child is god's gift to us.

(As Jacob continued to pay attention to the baby Fanny couldn't help, but worry about her little Grace. Fanny knew Grace had inherited her magical abilities, just from a simple kick in the womb. She worried that when Grace's magical abilites would eventually develop in childhood, Jacob would see. Jacob knew nothing of her family's history in witchcraft and she was determined to keep it that way because of her husband's devotion to god and what he believes to be the devil's work. She wasn't going to keep her family's legacy hidden from her daughter, no Fanny was proud of her heritage and wanted Grace to be too. It was going to be a very trickey situation indeed.)

Spring of 1692 (Present- Day)

(The sun slowly rose over the town of Salem, and already people were up and getting ready for the day. In one particular house with stones serving as a gate, a young girl name Grace was getting ready for the day.)

FANNY (Outside her daughter's door): Grace breakfast is ready.

GRACE: Alright I'll be down shortly mother.

(Grace finshes putting some of her hair up in a small bun, while she lets the rest of her long wavy dark hair down. After finishing tieing her black dress, she heads downstairs to join her family.)

(The Webb family sits together holding hands, having their daily morning prayer before they eat.)

JACOB: Heavenly father, thank you for blessing this meal and protecting our family from the devil through the night as we slept. I pray that you continue to guide us each and every day, in the lord's name amen.


(The family than started eating their morning meal.)

FANNY: Did Grace tell you she found employment with Rebecca Nurse.

JACOB (Looks at Grace with a mixture of surprise and joy): No, when did this happen.

GRACE (Smiling): A few days ago while you were away purging demons in a nearby town, Rebecca Nurse hired Charlotte and I to help her around the house.

FANNY: God bless that women's soul. Living as long as she has, she needs all the help she can get around the house.

JACOB: This is indeed good news. It seems Grace is finally making the transition into adulthood.

FANNY (Smiling): Yes indeed. I suppose now the next step is marriage.

GRACE (Shocked): Mother.

JACOB (Teasingly): Fanny, you know she's still a young girl. I would think by her next birthday she should be ready for marriage.

FANNY: Well working for Rebecca will give you more experienced on how to take care of of a household.

JACOB: When do you start.

GRACE: Today after services are over.

JACOB (Realizing how late it was): I didn't realize how late it was getting, we must hurry services begin in an hour.

FANNY (getting up and starting to pick up plates and gesturing to Grace): Come on dear lets hurry and clean up.

GRACE (Relieved that the conversation was finally over): Yes Mother.

(As Grace and Fanny cleaned up from their morning meal, Jacob got the horses and wagon all ready to go.)

JACOB (Helping Fanny and Grace into the wagon): I did not realize we slept in so late. What would all the other ministries think of me.

GRACE (rolls her eyes): Father, it happens to the best of people who work diligintly.

FANNY: She's right dear, now I would suggest going if you want to make it to services on time, what would the towns people think of their own pastor being late to services.

JACOB (Smirks a little): I would rather not find out.

(Jacob than got the wagon moving at full speed towards the church.)


(The Webb family soon came upon the church, where most of the community was starting to arrive as well. Jacob paked the wagon and tied up the horses, before helping Fanny and Grace out of the wagon.)

REV. SAMUEL PARRIS (walking towards Jacob): Jacob Webb there you are, I was afraid you had taken ill.

JACOB: It was a late morning i'm afraid, i'm just glad I made it on time.

REV. SAMUEL PARRIS  (Turns to Grace and Fanny and kisses their hands): As always, it's very nice to see your beautiful family again.

FANNY (Fake smile): It's always a pleasure Reverand.

JACOB: Reverand if i may ask, have the new additions to the church been bought yet.

REV. SAMUEL PARRIS (Turning back to Jacob): Yes, that's what I need to discuss with you in private if you may.

JACOB (Turns to Fanny): Excuse me my dear i'll return shortly.

FANNY: Take your time, we'll meet you inside.

(Jacob gave his wife a kiss on a cheek and started to walk inside with the Reverand.)

GRACE (giggling): I still do not know how you show patience to that man, mother. I barely have the tolerance for the reverand when we are in the same room.

FANNY (Smirking): All in good practice dear. Though I do wish your father would stop investing so much money into the reverand's silly plans for the church. Now the reverand wants to buy gold candlesticks for the meeting houses and new vessels for the sacraments.

GRACE: It is fortunate we are financial secure.

FANNY: Yes, but all those other hard working people who are not as lucky as we are. Their money is being wasted, when it should be used on more important matters.

THEODORE: I quite agree with you on that matter.

(Fanny and Grace turned around to see Theordore Griffin walking towards them with his daughter Charlotte.)

FANNY (Smiling and shakes Theodore's hand): Theodore my old friend how are you.

THEODORE: I'm doing great, i'm sure you've heard the new of ours girls finding employment (gesturing to Charlotte and Grace)

FANNY: I did, i must it is hard to watch our girls grow into young women and before you know it marriage.

GRACE (groaning): Mother not this again.

FANNY: Dear you know i'm just teasing.

THEODORE (Smiles): Please if it was only that easy for me. You know how my children are, wanting to flirt with every boy and girl in town before they ever consider marriage.

CHARLOTTE: You know us so well father.

(Suddenly the church bells began to ring signaling that there was only 5 minute until the service began.)

THEODORE: Girls why don't you go inside and save us a seat, Fanny and I will be in shortly.

(As Grace and Charlotte turned away, each girl had an expression of horror and amusement on their faces.)

GRACE: Why must our families be so embarrassing.

CHARLOTTE (rolls her eyes): It's thier jobs just like it is to be bossy and domineering.

(The two girls laugh as they walk into the church building. As they were walking towards the front, since Grace's father was a minister in church her family as well as Charlotte's usally had reserved seats in the front, she saw the Griffins "Slave" Alene Bennett sitting in the back with all the other slaves, but her back was sitting against the wall and she looked like she was a great amount of pain. Before she could ask Charlotte what happened to her, Charlotte's mother Carol came up to the two girls.)

CAROL: Charlotte where is your father at, it's not like me to be this late.

CHARLOTTE: He is outside talking to Fanny.

(Carol's face suddenly turned hard and her eyes were blazing with silent anger)

CAROL : Girls go take your seats, I am going to go get Ted.

GRACE (Sitting down): Wow your mother looks mad.

CHARLOTTE (Rolls her eyes): She is a very jealous woman, if my father doesn't give her the attention she wants, she blows up.

GRACE (Teasingly): I see where Daniel and you get it from.

CHARLOTTE (Gasps): We are not that bad.

GRACE: Please, I think you and your brother flirted with almost every guy and girl in this village.

(To prove her point Grace points to Daniel, who is seen talking and laughing with a girl name Mary.)

CHARLOTTE: Ok I agree with you about Daniel, but I haven't flirted with every guy in the village. You know the farm boy Christian Davis who lives near Rebecca Nurse near the outskirts of town, I have not flirted with him because I know he likes you.

GRACE: He does not.

CHARLOTTE: Please i've seent he way he looks at you, he's even glancing at you right now take a look for yourself if you don't believe me.

(Grace sighed and looked over and spotted Christian on the other side of the church and true to Charlotte's word he was looking at her with a longing face. When he saw Grace looking his way, he quickly turned his head.)

CHARLOTTE (Smiling): I told you.

GRACE: It does not mean nothing, he was probably just looking around waiting for the services to begin.

CHARLOTTE: Whatever you say Grace.

JACOB: If everyone may be seated.

(Everyone who was still standing scrambled to find a seat.)

(Suddenly a fumming Carol entered the room with an embarrassed Fanny and a equally mad Theodore, they came and sat near their children, with Fanny sitting on the end with Grace and Carol sitting between her children so she didn't have to sit next to her husband.)

(For the next few hours Jacob was discussing God's mission and what roles they had in it. Than he went on to talk about the devil.)

JACOB: The Devil is our most powreful enemy, here on earth. While he may not be phsically among us, he's been to cohort with witches. Witches are just as powerful as the devil, they take over your souls and bodies and make you a pawn of the devil.

(Both Fanny and Grace couldn't help, but tense a little at Jacob's words,)


(Everyone turned around to see Betty Parris standing up and waving her arms around screaming about how the devil will kill them all.)

REV. SAMUEL PARRIS (Slaps Betty across the face): BETTY STOP IT.

(Betty turns her head around and starts to bark like a dog. Than suuddenly Betty fell into the middle of the floor, and suddenly her arms and legs were twisting in such a way than it would make anyone sick. People were already up out of their seats and screaming as they watched, while others ran out of the church. Suddenly Betty's head did a 180 before finally she stopped and was laying on the floor unconcious.)


(Everyone who was left quickly ran for the doors, including Fanny and Grace and The Griffin family. As everyone was leaving, Arlene who was still sitting had a sly smile on her face.)

Outside Church

(Grace and Charlotte waitied outside the church for Rebecca Nurse, who was still inside looking at Betty Parris. Charlotte's family had gone home, and Fanny hitched a ride with them knowing that her husband would be a while. Grace and Charlotte could not join them, since today was suppose to be their first day of work for Rebecca and was waiting on her to decided whether or not they would work today or not after the incident in church.)

GRACE: What do you suppose happened to Betty.

CHARLOTTE: I honestly do not know, there's only one logical explanation I can think of.

GRACE (Realizing where Charlotte was heading towards and starts to speak more quietly): That's not possible beside our families, there's no one else in town capable of doing such a thing.

CHARLOTTE: Your forgetting Arlene.

GRACE: Why would Arlene want to do such a thing to a little girl no older than 10.

CHARLOTTE: The other night, the Reverand whipped her for giving him attitude when she was running errands for my mother.

GRACE (Looks at Charlotte in disbelief): I do not believe Arlene would ever do such a thing, she's such a sweet and kind hearted person. I mean she has to pretend to be your family's slave in order to have a place to stay.

CHARLOTTE: I highly doubt so myself, so i'm guessing this means there is another witch in the village.

(Suddenly the church doors open and out came Rev. Samuel Parris with his niece Abigail and Betty who was standing, but looked like she was in a trance. Following them out was Jacob, who quickly walked over to the girls.)

JACOB: Grace, where is your mother?

GRACE: At home by now, she got a ride from the Griffins, she figured you would be late coming out.

JACOB: I want you to tell her that I will be home late tonight, i must accompy the Reverand to his house to further examine his daughter.

GRACE: I will father.

(Jacob quickly kisses his daughter's cheek, before fetching his horses. Rebecca Nurse than came up to the girls.)

REBECCA: Girls i must apologize for being so late.

CHARLOTTE: It's quite alright Rebecca we understand.

REBECCA: I'm afraid I must also accompy the reverand, so i'm afraid you girls will have to travel to my house unaccompanied.

GRACE (Surprised): You still want us to go over to your house today after what happened.

REBECCA (Rolls her eyes and moves a little closer to girls out of hearing range): Honestly, I believe the child is faking for unknown reason. She pretended to be unconcious, but I saw her eyes moving the entire time.

(Both Girls gasp in shock at what Rebecca had just told them.)

JACOB: Rebecca we must hurry.

REBECCA: I return as soon as possible, and once you get to my house I would like you to reorganize the attic.

(Once Rebecca left with Jacob, the girls couldn't help, but give each other a confused look.)

Parris House

(Rev. Samuel Parris quickly brought Betty up to her room and layed her down on her bed, with Jacob, Rebecca and Abigail following behind him.)

REV. SAMUEL PARRIS: Rebecca please there must be something you can do.

(Rebecca moves and sits on the bed next to Betty and starts to examine her, opening her eyes to see how dilated they are and then checking all her vital signs.)

REBECCA: Reverand I can find nothing wrong with her, I say she'll wake up when she's ready to stop playing her games.

JACOB:Nothing phsyically at least, but we don't know about what's troubling the soul. (Turns to the reverand) Let me take a better look at Betty, I would suggest going into the other room with Rebecca and sending Abigail outside to play for a while.


(The Reverand's slave Tituba slowly enters the room looking at poor Betty with concern.)

TITUBA: Yes sir.

REV. SAMUEL PARRIS: Take Abigail into town, while Jacob looks over Betty. And don't come back until late afternoon do you understand?

TITUBA (Grabbing Abigail's hand): Yes sir.

(After Tituba left, the Reverand and Rebecca Nurse quietly went into the other room so that Jacob could examine Betty in peace.)

Rebecca's House

(Grace and Charlotte entered the Nurse household and immediantley headed upstairs towards the attic, where they were told to start. When they opene the door to the attic both girls were surprised by the mess. Books and papers were scattered everywhere, dust covered the entire area.)

CHARLOTTE (Coughing): This place is horrible.

GRACE: It's no wonder Rebecca needed more help. It's going to take us at least a couple days to clean all this up.

CHARLOTTE (Smirks): If we do it the old fashion way that is, but if we use a little magic it will only take an hour at most.

GRACE: Charlotte you know we can't risk it.

CHARLOTTE: Come on Grace, no one is here to see us.

GRACE: What if Rebecca gets suspicous.

CHARLOTTE (rolls her eyes): She won't besides she loves you way too much, and at her age she will think it's because of our energy we possess. You really got to stop worrying so much Grace.

GRACE: Easy for you to say, both of your parents are witches and you have no need to hide your magic inside your own house, unlike me who has to constantly hide the fact because of my father.

CHARLOTTE: Grace, we shouldn't have to hide who we are.

GRACE (Sighs): I know, that's what my mother always tells me, but my father is a minister we both know what will happen if he finds out. I can not help, but wonder why mother chose a minister of all people to marry instead of another witch.

CHARLOTTE: Love works in mysterious ways I suppose.

GRACE (sighs): I admit to being jealous of you and your brother, being able to practice magic freely in safety of your own home. If i wanted to practice I have to have my mother take us deep in the woods and put a protection barrier around us, and we hardly ever do that anymore

CHARLOTTE (Smirks): Come on Grace lets use our magic to get this place clean, I mean Rebecca won't be back for a while and her husband is out as well. I mean you did you say you wanted to practice more, so consider me your new teacher.

GRACE (Giggles): Alright, lets do it.

GRACE AND CHARLOTTE (Closes their eyes): Phasmatos Tribum Mundus, Phasmatos Tribum Mundus, Phasmatos Tribum Mundus.

(As the girls continue to chant, books were starting to float in the air and move to the book shelf, and papers were lining themselves up perfectly on the desk nearby. Boxes opened up as the knick nacks went inside, and the boxes were place neatly on the very top shelves.)

(When the girls stopped chanting they opened their eyes and smiled seeing the attic cleaned, all there was left to do was clean up all the dust.)

GRACE (teasingly): So shall we use magic to clean up all the dust as well.

CHARLOTTE: I don't think so, we still have plenty of time to waste, and I don't feel like going home to hear my mother's nagging.

(For the next couple hours the girls took their time sweeping the attic up and dusting, Suddenly the heard the door opening and they turned around to see the surprised face of Rebecca Nurse.)

REBECCA (Shocked): You girls are the fastest cleaners I have ever seen.

CHARLOTTE: Well you know between the two of us we usually get things done pretty fast.

REBECCA (Smiling): I am so glad I hired you two, maybe now things will finally get done around here.

GRACE (Changing subject): So Rebecca how is Betty Parris doing, is she well again.

REBECCA: Like I said before I believe the girl is faking, when he brought her back to her home her eyes were fighting to stay closed and she often moved her fingers. Your father however thinks something more sinister is a foot, like witchcraft.

GRACE (Tense): Witchcraft.

CHARLOTTE: You don't believe it could be witchcraft do you Rebecca.

REBECCA: Of course not, I believe witchcraft is nothing more than a myth. If the devil were to inflict someone, he would do it himself not send human beings with supposed magical powers to do his dirty work.

(Both Grace and Charlotte give each other a look)

REBECCA: Forgive me if I scared you girls. Well since you girls did such a good job today, why don't you two go on home, I'm sure your father wants you home soon Grace.

GRACE AND CHARLOTTE: Thank you Rebecca.

Outside (Late Afternoon)

(When Charlotte and Grace left Rebecca's house, they saw Daniel outside waiting for his sister.)

GRACE: What are you doing here Daniel.

DANIEL (smirking): I wasn't supposed to come until later tonight, but I figured Charlotte would use the easy way out of cleaning.

CHARLOTTE (Rolls eyes): You know me so well brother.

GRACE: You two are so much alike, you should have been born twins.

CHARLOTTE (Laughs): That is what our mother always says.

DANIEL: Please you and I twins, who would I be able to boss around than.

(Daniel than looks up at the sky and notices the sun was starting to set.)

DANIEL (looks at Grace): Come on Grace, we'll drop you off home first it's starting to get late

GRACE (Shakes her head): No that's ok I can walk home by myself, it isn't that far of a walk.

DANIEL: What kind of man would I be if i let a young women walk by herself near night.

GRACE: Honestly i'll be fine. Besides you guys live on the other side of town from me, no reason for you two to be out later than need to be, and then get in trouble with your mother.

CHARLOTTE: She's right mother will get mad if we are out too late.

DANIEL (Sighs): Alright, i guess we'll see you than tomorrow Grace.

GRACE: See you guys.

(Grace than soon started walking for home, her home was close enough to the church, but far enough so that the family can have their privacy.)


(Grace turns around and sees Christian Davis running towards her. Grace thought he must of finished work for the day, because his clothes were all covered in dirt.)

GRACE (Surprised): Christian what are you doing out here.

CHRISTIAN: I was finishing some crops for my father, when I saw you. What are you doing walking by yourself at this time.

GRACE: I just finished helping Rebecca Nurse with some cleaning and now I am on my way home.

CHRISTIAN (Blushing and takes a deep breathe): W-Would you like me to accompy you home.

GRACE: You don't have to do that.

CHRISTIAN: I-I mean I would like to, if you don't mind.

(It was surprising to Grace how nervous he seemed to be when talking to her. Grace actually found it to be very sweet.)

GRACE (Smiling): I don't mind at all.

(For a while Grace and Christian walked together in silence, with either one not knowing what to say to each other.)

CHRISTIAN (uncomfortable): It's a shame about the Reverand's daughter.

GRACE: Yes, but I believe my father should be able to cure her, he always finds a way.

(Once again they fell into an awkard silence. As they walked, Grace couldn't help, but remember what Charlotte said earlier about Christian liking her. Grace has always known Christian was one of the most generous young man in the village, when he wasn't working on his family's farm, he would help around the village. It seemed hard for her to understand why someone so handsome and sweet would like someone like her.)

GRACE (Gulps nervously): So um how do you like working on the farm.

(Grace mentally scolded herself, for asking a stupid question like working.)

CHRISTIAN (Shrugs): It's alright, i suppose I mean it gets meals on the table for my family and that's all that matters. Though I do wish I had a brother to help around the farm, my father is aging and most of the responsibility falls on me.

GRACE: If you don't mind me asking, how many sisters do you have?

CHRISTIAN: I have 8 sisters.

GRACE (Surprised): 8 sisters.

CHRISTIAN (laughs): I know it's amazing that out of all my parents nine children I am the only boy. Though it must be nice for you, to be an only child.

GRACE: Not really. I always imagined myself having a little brother or sister to play when I was growing up. My parents did try for a while to have another one, but it was not meant to be.

CHRISTIAN (Lookng at Grace worried): I'm sorry I hope I did not upset you or not by saying that.

GRACE (Chuckles): It's alright, it does not bother me anymore. After all my friends Charlotte and Daniel have been like siblings to me growing up.

CHRISTIAN (Looking relieved): So Daniel and you are not romantically involved.

GRACE (Looks shocked): Oh goodness No. He's more like a brother figure to me. Though I can see why   you would think so, since Charlotte and him are known through out the village for their flirtatous nature.

(Both Grace and Christian laugh at the statement.)

GRACE: So how come I've never seen your whole family together at services before, mostly I just see you, your father and a few of your sisters.

CHRISTIAN: Well my mother is usually at home with my two younger twin sisters who were only born a year ago, and my sister Katherine who is only a year younger than me, married shortly after her 16th birthday and moved out of town.

GRACE: Oh I see.

CHRISTIAN: Forgive me for asking, but why haven't you gotten married yet. I'm surprised that a beautiful girl like you hasn't been asked before.

(Grace couldn't help, but blush when Christian called her beautiful)

GRACE: Truthfully, I'm holding out because I want to experiance a love similar to my parents. What they share is something so rare and beautiful. When they have an argument, my father does not hit my mother like most other men will do. My father treats my mother like she is his equal, they always talk things out to make it better. When I do marry I want to make sure it is to someone who will not treat me like I am property, but instead treat me with respect. Does that make sense to you?

CHRISTIAN (Nods his head and looks at Grace with sympathy): Of course It does, it makes perfect sense to me.

(Soon the two found themselves standing in front of the Webb Home.)

GRACE (Turns to Christian): Why thank you for the walk home, it was most enjoyable.

CHRISTIAN (Smiling): It was my pleasure

(Grace than turned away, and started to walk through the stone gates.)

CHRISTIAN: Wait Grace.

GRACE (Turns around to look at Christian): Yes what is it.

CHRISTIAN (Blushing): Just out of curiosity, do you think you will find a man here in Salem to Wed that you think will treat you right.

GRACE (Smiles): Yes, I think there is someone in this town that is right for me.

(Grace than turns away and walks inside her house with a smile on her face. Christian who had a similar grin walked away towards his home.)

Woods (Night)

(Young women mostly around 16 and 17 years old were running through the thick forest. Among them were TItuba and Abigail, as well as Arlene Bennett. The girls ran unil they reached the middle of the forest, where they was a pot in the center of some strange markings. The girls all formed a circle, with Tituba and Arlene at the head of the pot.)

TITUBA (Looks at the girls with a smile): So what you bring me.

MARIA (Kisses a flower): William Jacobs (Throws the flower into the boiling pot)

JULIA (Kisses a flower): Robert Day (Throws the flower into the boiling pot)

ANN (Throws a frog into the boiling pot): Richard Baker.

(Soon all the girls threw a flower or deceased animal into the pot, while saying the name of the man they like.)

TITUBA: Abigail.

(Abigail who had a smile on her face, handed Tituba a deceased chicken that she had stolen from the Davis's farm. Tituba then handed the chicken to Arlene.)

ABIGAIL: What is your wish Arlene.

ARLENE (Closes her eyes and smiles): To no longer be oppressed.

(Arlene then bite into the chicken and when she brought her head up her entire mouth was covered in blood and her face showed she was in a some sort of crazed daze. Suddenly the girls cheered in excitment and got up to dance, as Tituba started to sing in a language they didn't know.)

(Rev. Samuel Parris was walking through the woods searching for his slave Tituba and his niece Abigail. Both should have been back an hour ago, when he started his search, he learned someone saw them running through the woods with other young women from the village. As he coninued further into the woods he heard laughter and singing.)

(The girls continued to dance as Tituba sang, some of the older girls even took their clothes off and danced naked. Abigail even took the chicken, from which Arlene bit into and took a bite herself.)

REV. SAMUEL PARRIS (shocked): For the love of that is holy.

(The girls stopped what they were doing and turned around to see a horrified Rev.. Many of the girls screamed and started to run away, including Arlene. Tituba and Abigail however, forced themselves to stay because there was no where for them to run to. The Reverand stood still, because he was still in shock at the sight he had just witnessed.)

Griffin Home (2 days later- Noon)

(As Arlene was cleaning the house, she couldn't help but wonder what the reverand was going to do. Luckily Arlene was able to flee before he caught her, but knowing him he would blame her as well just because of her so called status as a slave. It still made Arlene's blood boil that while living in this hell hole of a town she had to pretend to be a slave, when she was in fact a free woman and did not have to listen to anyone's orders.)


(Arlene turned around to see Charlotte. Charlotte and Grace were probably the only two in this whole town that Arlene was really fond of.)

ARLENE: Yes what is it.

CHARLOTTE: My father wants to see you in his study, right away.

(Arlene mentally groaned knowing what it is about.)

ARLENE (Smiles sweetly): Thank you Charlotte

CHARLOTTE: Arlene would you like to come with me to Grace's house for a while, after you are done talking with my father. I can wait outside if you like.

ARLENE: I would love to thank you. I will only be a few minutes.

(Arlene then headed upstairs to Theodore's study room. After knocking on his door a couple of times, she heard him say come in. As she walked in, she noticed Theodore's face was a mix between anger and fear.)

ARLENE: Yes what is it sir.

THEODORE: Arlene, I have heard some very disturbing rumors these past couple of days.

ARLENE: You shouldn't always listen to rumors sir, they are not always true.

THEODORE (Sighs): I heard that you were involved with other young girls, which included the reverand's niece in some sort of animal sacrifice.

(All Arlene could think of was that one of the other girls must of told, because Arlene was confident that reverand did not see her all.)

THEODORE (Taking Arlene's silence as a confession): How could you be involved in something so stupid. Do you realize what you have done, people are starting to talk about witchcraft being among us. Is that what you want is to get us all caught.

ARLENE: No sir.

THEODORE: And what about Betty Parris, I might be old, but i'm stupid I know someone hexed the poor girl and I know it was not anyone from my family or Fanny's.

ARLENE (Getting mad): You do not know what is like to be beaten with 100 lashes for simply giving off a smart remark and having the power to stop the pain, but you can't. 

THEODORE: So this is how you repay me. I showed you nothing, but kindess and yet here you are trying to put my family in danger.

(Theodore slapped Arlene right across the cheek. Suddenly Theodore found himself on his knees while choking on what seemed to blood. He looked up at Arlene and was horrified to see black veins crawling up her skin.)

ARLENE (Looks at Theodore with anger): Let me tell you Theodore Griffin, I am no one's property to hit as they please. I can and will do as I please I will no longer be oppressed against the humans unlike you and your family. We both know who the stronger witch is, so let me give you one warning, Stay out of my way.

(Arlene than turned around and walked out the door, leaving Theodore on the ground in the pool of blood he was forced to choke on.)

Parris House

(Rev. Samuel Parris paced around the room while waiting for Jacob Webb to arrive. In the room laying on her bed,was his daughter Betty who was still comatosed. In the chair next to her was his niece Abigail, and all the other girls who were in the forest that night were in the room as well.)

JACOB (Running up the stairs): Reverand I must apologize for being late.

REV. SAMUEL PARRIS: Thank goodnes you've arrived Jacob. I'm sure by now you have heard what I saw in the woods.

JACOB: I have, what have the girls told you.

REV. SAMUEL PARRIS: They refuse to speak, I beat Abigail for an hour and all I manage to get out of here was dancing in the woods.

JACOB: Let me have a try Reverand.

(Jacob looked around at the girls who all looked scared and guilty.)

JACOB (looks at the girls sternly): Now girls tell me when you were dancing were there spells and rituals of any kind. Who made contact with the devil. It is not too late for you to be saved from damnation.


(Abigail screams and runs over to Jacob)

ABIGAIL: I want the sweet light of Jesus. I saw the devil with my own two eyes and I signed his book. I want to go back to the love of Jesus. I saw Tituba with the devil.

(Suddenly Betty Parris woke up and sat up on her bed.)

BETTY: I saw Rebecca Nurse with the devil.

(Rev. Samuel Parris ran over to his daughter crying in joy that she has finally waken.)

MARIA: I saw Sarah Good with the devil.

ANN: I saw Bridget Bishop with the devil.

JULIA: I saw Sarah Osbourne with the devil.

(The girls continued to scream names of women that they saw with the devil.)

JACOB (Smiling): They are Freed at last.

Grace's Room

(As Grace finished up cleaning up her room, she couldn't help but admire her new golden cross necklace that was around her neck. Christian had given it to her yesterday when she was in town running errands, he told her he found it laying around the farm and given it to her because of how much it reminded him of her.)

CHARLOTTE (Opening Grace's door): Knock Knock.

(Grace turned around and was surprised to see Charlotte and Arlene)

GRACE (Hugs Charlotte and Arlene): I didn't even hear you guys come in.

ARLENE: Your mother let us in.

CHARLOTTE (Sitting on Grace's bed): I wanted to come over to see why you ditched Daniel and I yesterday.

GRACE (Trying not to blush): Sorry, something had come up.

ARLENE (noticing Grace blushing): Your blushing, does this have something to do with a boy.

CHARLOTTE (Surprised): Grace.

(Grace puts her hands over her face in embarrasment.)

ARLENE: Who's the lucky boy.

CHARLOTTE (Smirks): I know who it is Christian Davis.

ARLENE: I know who your talking about, that farmer boy. I must say so myself he is pretty handsome.

GRACE: Oh will you guys be quiet.

CHARLOTTE: Your not denying it, you might as well tell us we wont leave you alone until you do.

(Grace sighs while she sits on her bed next to Charlotte as Arlene sit in one of the chairs.)

GRACE: Ok the other night after we were finished at Rebecca's house, and I was walking home. Christian came out of nowhere and asked me if i wanted him to walk me home. At first I told him I was ok walking by myself, but he said he wanted to. On the way to my house we talked a little bite about his family that's all.

CHARLOTTE: You're leaving something out Grace, I know you too well.

ARLENE: You guys kissed didn't you.

CHARLOTTE (shocked): Grace why didn't you tell me.

GRACE (Sighs): We didn't kiss, he asked me why I wasn't married yet and if there was someone in town that I would consider marrying.

CHARLOTTE (giggling): I told you he liked you.

ARLENE: It seems like Grace also likes him back.

GRACE: Ok I do like him, but-

CHARLOTTE (Interrupting Grace): But what Grace, he likes you and you like him. So what's stopping you from pursuing a relationship with him.

GRACE: I don't know if it would ever work out between us. I don't want to have hide the fact that I am a witch, i've seen my mother doing it for so long now because she knows how he'll react. I don't know if Christian would accept me or not as a witch. He could accept me or he could denounce me and have me burn at the stake.

CHARLOTTE (Rolls her eyes): Your starting to sound like my father, humans will never accept witches, which is why they should never form romantic relationships. Here's what I got to say about it, not all humans are like that, there will be some that accept us for our magical abilities.

GRACE (Turns to Arlene): What do you think Arlene?

ARLENE: If you want my honest opinion, I personally myself would not get involved with a human just because they will never fullly understand us witches, even if some do accept witches there is always that fear in them.

(Grace groaned and fell on her bed and wished that her life was more simplier. Suddenly she heard yelling from outside)

GRACE (Sitting up and going towards her window): Did you guys hear shouting.

(Arlene and Charlotte join Grace by the window and are shocked to see many people in town screaming and running towards the church.)

CHARLOTTE: I wonder what's going on.

ARLENE: Well only one way to find out.

Outside Church

(Grace, along with Charlotte and Arlene ran over to the church to see what all the commotion was about. Fanny went along with the girls, in fear that something has happened to her husband. When they got to the church they were surprised by how many people were crowded outside the church. They saw Jacob and Rev. Samuel Parris standing by the podium, ready to speak to the town.)

REV. SAMUEL PARRIS: People of Salem, it brings great sadness and anger to my heart to report that the devil is indeed among us.

(Many of the townspeople started throwing questions at the reverand all at once.)

REV. SAMUEL PARRIS (Raises his hands): Please let me continue. The other night I discovered our girls dancing to an animal sacrfice for the devil. My dear friend Jacob Webb will explain the rest to you.

JACOB (Taking the Reverand's spot): I am afraid our worst fears have been confirmed, witches are among us and using their spells and rituals to corrupt our young girls.

(Many people started to scream and were panicking on what to do.)

JACOB: I do however have good news to bring. We have the names of the accused and have warrants for their arrest. (Turns to the Marshalls) Marshalls I want Sarah Good, Sarah Osbourne, Bridget Bishop, and Rebecca Nurse arrested for Witchcraft.

(As people in the crowd cheered, Grace was shocked that her father had just announce an arrest warrant for one of her dearest friends. As the Marshalls started off to make the arrests, a lot of the towns people went with them to witness the arrests.)

GRACE (Yelling and attempts to run to Rebecca's house to warn her): NOOOOOOO.

FANNY (Holding her daughter back): Grace stop, there's nothing you can do.

GRACE (Crying): I got to warn her.

(Fanny turned her daughter around and pulled her into a big hug as Grace continued to cry. As Grace cried into her mother, Fanny wondered how things could have gotten this bad.)

Webb Home (1 month later Mid-Summer)

(Grace sat next to her window looking out at the night sky. It has been a month since the accusations of witchcraft began, and they keep getting worse and worse by the day. Right now over 100 women were in prison on the accusation of witchcraft, including Arlene. Arlene was arrested last week based on Tituba, who not only confessed to being a witch, but also accused people of being witches and serving the devil, accusations. Suddenly Grace heard a knock at her door.)

Grace: Come in.

(Fanny opened the door and was heartbroken to see her daughter looking at the night sky with dread. Fanny walked over and sat next to her daughter on the ledge near the window.)

FANNY: Sweetheart I promise you everthing will work out in the end.

GRACE (Looks at her mother with an angry expression): You keep telling me that, and nothing is getting better it's all getting worse. Innocent people are going to be killed for something they are not and your ok with it.

FANNY (Looks at Grace with a surprised expression): Young lady, if you think that i'm ok with hundreds of innocent people dieing than you got another thing coming.

GRACE: Mother, we can stop this and prove that those women are all innocent.

FANNY: Sweetheart, you know we can not expose ourselves like that. I will not risk losing our family.

GRACE (Grunts): You would have rather have all those innocent people die than risk exposure to the real witches.

FANNY: You will one day understand where I am coming from when you become a mother someday.

GRACE: You sound like father, not giving a damn about these people's lives.

FANNY (Scolding): Young lady watch your mouth. While I don't agree with your father's method's, but everything he has done has been to keep you safe.

GRACE: By what keeping me locked up in this house from days on end.

(Ever since the accusations began, Jacob won't let his daughter out of the house unless accompanied by him or Fanny, and Fanny was hardly able to leave the house. Jacob was barely even at home, he was always going around and arresting more and more innocent women, and when he was home he completley ignored his family in favor of studying more on witchcraft. Grace was no longer allowed at the Griffin home since Arlene's arrest. She was dying to see Charlotte and Daniel, most of all she really wanted to see Christian again. Now that she was confined in her house like a prisoner, Christian probably moved on to a more prettier and normal girl.)

FANNY: Your father is only doing what he thinks is best to protect you.

GRACE (Sighs): Just leave please.

(Fanny herself sighs and tries to kiss her daughter on her cheek, but Grace just jerks out of the way. Fanny than just gets up and leaves without another word.)

GRACE (gets on her knees and folds her hands): Please God, you can't let all these innocent people die. They have done nothing wrong, what they are benig accused of, is what I am guilty of. How is this fair.

(Grace than wiped away tears that were falling and slowly got into her bed to try and sleep.)

Grace's Dream

(12 year old Grace sat in the family's dining area, as she watched her mother getting ready to leave with her father to a late night town meeting. One she was not allowed to go to due to her young age.)

FANNY (Sits next to her daughter and whispers): Just because your father and I won't be here, does not mean you can use you know what with Rebecca Nurse you understand,

GRACE (Nods her head): Yes mother I understand.

(There was a knock on the door)

FANNY (Gets up to answer the door): That must be her.

(Fanny opened the door to reveal Rebecca Nurse. At that moment Jacob Webb came downstairs.)

JACOB: Thank you so much for watching Grace for the hour, while we are away.

GRACE: Rebecca. (Runs over and hugs Rebecca)

REBECCA (chuckles): It's no trouble at all, now you two better get going before your late.

(After Jacob and Fanny left, Rebecca went straight to cooking supper for Grace.)

GRACE (Sitting at the table as Rebecca put food on her plate): Rebecca look what I made for you. (Hands her a picture she drew.)

(Rebecca took the picture and was thrilled that the little drew a picture of her holding Grace's hand in front of her house, along with her parents. Though the one thing that worried Rebecca, was the gloomy figure all by itself.)

REBECCA: Grace who is the gloomy person.

GRACE: Sarah Good. She watched me last week, and she was very mean to me. She would not let me play outside when it was still day out, and forced me to go to bed early. She did not even let me do my prayers for the night, she called god worthless.

REBECCA (Strict tone): Grace have you read the whole bible yet.

GRACE (Nods): Yes of course, it's all my father ever reads to me at night.

REBECCA: Than you should know that god says not to judge others for their faults.


REBECCA: No buts, I will admit Sarah Good is a strange women, but she has dealt a hard life. She's in a debt so big she will not be able to pay it all off in her life time. She has to beg for money day in and day out. She has lost all faith in god because of it. People like you and me can judge her so easily because compared to Sarah Good we live in luxury.

GRACE (Feeling guilty): I'm sorry Rebecca I never thought of it like that.

REBECCA: It's alright dear, but just remember you can do a little bite to help out like giving some extra money or finding a minimal job they can do for you.

GRACE: Rebecca why does god let bad things happen to people if he loves every single one of us.

REBECCA: Because of god's enemy the devil. The devil will corrupt people's minds in order to carry out his will, which is destruction to this world.

GRACE (scared): How can we stop him.

REBECCA (Smiles at Grace): As long as you whole heartly accept god in your life than you will be fine, and you can only do that during night time prayers.

GRACE (Gets up from her seat): I must go do that right now, it's nearly bed time.

(Grace quickly ran up to her room, while Rebecca just smiled at the girl.)

(After Grace said her nightly prayers, Rebecca tucked the girl in her bed and wished her goodnight. As Grace layed in her bed, she realized that in her hurry for nightly prayers she forget to bring her favorite doll with her into bed. Grace sat up on her bed and found the doll to be on the other side of her room on the dressing table. Grace thought about getting up to get the doll, but she also wanted to practice her levitation magic. Her mother did say she needed more practice. Grace looked at the closed door and decided to do it.)

GRACE (Concentrating on the doll): Phasmatos Tribum Subvolo. Phasmatos Tribum Subvolo. Phasmatos Tribum Subvolo.

(Much to Grace's delight the doll was hovering in the air and was coming towards her. Grace however never heard her door opening.)

REBECCA (Shocked at seeing the doll hovering in mid air): Oh my goodness.

(Grace turned around and was shocked to see Rebecca at the threshold of her door.)

Rebecca's Trial: July 19, 1692

(Grace shot out of bed covered in sweat.)

GRACE (Breathing heavily): That's right, Rebecca did see me practicing magic when I was a girl.

(Grace sat up wondering why Rebecca never told anyone what she saw. Even with threatened with death, Rebecca refused to name other witches and continued to deny being one. Grace realized that Rebecca's been protecting her this whole time. Grace quickly got up from her bed and went to her window to see that it was dawn, which means Rebecca's trial will be beginning soon. Grace grabbed her cloak and putting a cloaking spell around her so she could not be seen by anyone. Unfortunatley when tried to open door, it would not open.)

GRACE (Realizing Fanny locked her in her room from the outside): Mother.

GRACE (Closes her eyes): Phasmatos Tribum, Melan Veras, Et Vasa Quisa, Exu Quisa!

(The Door flung right open, and Grace quickly bolted out of her room and left the house running as fast as she can to the courthouse.)

(When Grace reaches the courthouse she realized that the trial already started. Grace saw her father standing next to Judge Hathorne and Rev. Samuel Parris. Grace stood near Rebecca as the Trial continued.)

JOHN HATHORNE: Rebecca Nurse you have been accused by several members of this community of Witchcraft. How do you plead to the court.

REBECCA: Not Guilty.

(Grace was surprsied by how calm Rebecca was despite the situation she was currently in.)


(Everyone looked over and saw several of the girls holding their heads and screaming at Rebecca Nurse to stop)

JOHN HATHORNE (Sternly): Rebecca Nurse if you value your life, I would reconsider your answer or else you will be hanged with Sarah Good.

REBECCA: I refuse to admit to being something I am not. It is in the ten commandments that thou shall not lie or bear false witness against thy neighbor.

JOHN HATHORNE: So be it than. Rebecca Nurse this court finds you guilty of witchcraft and sentenced to hanging.


(As the marshalls came to take Rebecca to the gallows, Grace accidentally threw one of the marshalls across the room in her rage. This cause of an uproar in the courtroom, and suddenly people were surrounding Rebecca Nurse, causing Grace to lose sight of her.)


(Suddenly as people were running out of the courthouse, someone knocked Grace down, which means the cloaking spell was starting to wear off. Grace quickly got back up and ran after the crowd praying that she would not be too late.)

(When Grace reached the gallows she was shocked to discover that both Rebecca and Sarah Good already had the ropes tied around their necks.)


(Jacob than pulled the lever causing the floor beneath Rebecca and Sarah to drop, causing insant death as the rope broke their necks in mid air. Many of the people continued to cheer, but for Grace she had her hand over her mouth as she watched the dangling body of her dear friend Rebecca. Grace eventually screamed out in horror as she fell onto the ground and sobbed.)


(Grace just mindlessly walked through the woods not caring about where she was going. She was still in complete shock that her father could just kill people without remorse like that. Seeing Rebecca's body hanging like that made Grace want to puke.)


(Grace turned around to see Charlotte running towards her looking at her worriedly.)

GRACE (Starting to sob again): She's dead Charlotte, I couldn't save her.

CHARLOTTE (Goes over to Grace hugs her): It's ok Grace, it's going to be ok.

(Grace could not say a single word, instead she continued to cry into her best friend.)

Courtroom (Mid-Afternoon)

(Arlene Bennett was being brought into the courtroom by two marshalls. The only other person who was in the room was Jacob Webb, who looked like he had too much to drink.)

JACOB: Well well if it isn't Arlene Bennett.

ARLENE: Sir I do not understand why you have brought me here.

JACOB: Because I know you have been around my daughter more times than I can count.

ARLENE (Angry): I have done absolutley nothing to your daughter.

(Jacob gets up and puts his hand around Arlene's throat)

JACOB (snarling): That is a lie you witch. Now tell me everything you know.

ARLENE (Fakes Crying): Fine, my masters Carol and Theodore made me sign the devil's book, I did not wish to do it, but I was promised my freedom if I did. I was suppose to lure their children as well as Grace over to the devil.

(Jacob furiously lets go of Arlene's throat and takes his empty bottle of bourbon and throws it, smashing it into pieces, and screams.)

JACOB: I WILL NOT LET THE DEVIL TAKE MY FAMILY. (Points to one of the Marshalls) You come with me. (Points to the other Marshall) Take her back to Prison.

(As soon as Jacob left, Arlene knew this was her chance to escape. As soon as the Marshall put his hand on her elbow, Arlene jerked her arm away and backed away.)

MARSHALL: Do you not know of the consequence of resisting.

ARLENE (Smiles): Sorry I don't listern to you or anyone else.

(Suddenly black veins were going through Arlene's body, and soon the Marshall found himself kneeling on the floor while chocking on his own blood. After a few minutes of agonizing torture the marshall fell to the ground completley lifeless. Arlene quickly took whatever money he had and left the building from the back so that way no one could see her.)

Outskirts of Town

(Grace and Charlotte quietly walked through the outskirts of town since there wasn't a lot of people ,hoping that Grace's mind would soon clear.)

CHARLOTTE: Grace, Rebecca would not want you to waste away like this grieving for her.

GRACE: You do not understand Charlotte, she knew this whole time of what I was and never said a word. She even refused to name me as one despite being threatened with death.

CHARLOTTE: There's nothing you could have done, this whole thing will eventually blow over.

GRACE: But at the cost of how many innocent people's lives. I can not just stand here and do nothing while more people will executed over nothing.

CHARLOTTE (Looks at Grace worriedly): Grace what do you plan on doing.

FANNY: She's going to do nothing.

(Grace and Charlotte turned around to see Fanny staring at her daughter with an angry expression.)

GRACE: Mother.

FANNY: Do not mother me young lady. How dare you disobey me, I locked your door to prevent you from having to witness such a horrible thing and yet you are out and about.

GRACE (angrily): I'm not like you or father, I am not willing to let an innocent person die in the name of so called justice or to hide. You taught me that I should not be ashamed of who I am, and I am a witch and proud of it. I am not going to sit back and hide no longer while all these innocent people die.

FANNY (Sighs irritated and grabs Grace's wrist): We will disscuss this further when we get home. Come on Charlotte I will escort you home.

CHARLOTTE (Stunned): Yes Ma'm.

(The walk to Charlotte's home was silent, which was just fine with Grace since she was just as angry as her mother. However when they reached the Griffin home, they were shocked to find a crowd in front of the place.)

DANIEL (Running up to Charlotte): CHARLOTTE.

CHARLOTTE (Looks at Daniel worriedly): Daniel what's going on.

DANIEL (Whose face shows nothing, but fear and anger): Arlene has accused Mother and Father of witchcraft.

CHARLOTTE: (Disbelief): What, no Arlene would never do something like that to our family.

DANIEL: Well your wrong. Not only has Arlene accused our parents, she killed one of the marshalls and escaped from the city.

CHARLOTTE: There's no way.

(Suddenly the front door opened and out come two of the marshalls escorting Theodore into the prison wagon. However Carol came out with a distressed looking Jacob and instead of going to the prison wagon, they walked towards Grace and the others.)

JACOB (Puts his hands on Fanny's shoulders): Tell me it is not true.

FANNY: Jacob have you been drinking.


CAROL: It is true Fanny along with her daughter signed the devil's book with Theodore and I.

(Both Charlotte and Daniel were both shocked by their mother's behavior. While they knew she was jealous of Fanny, they never thought she would stoop this low.)


(As the marshalls step forward to arrest Fanny and Grace, Fanny put Grace behind her and moved forward.)


(Grace was surprised by her mother's outburst, never once in her life has she ever heard her mother yell, sure she would raise her voice, but yelling never.)

FANNY (Looks around towards the people staring at her): I admit it I am a witch and I did indeed sign the devil's book, but my daughter Grace is innocent. Look at the golden cross around her neck, you all know that Jesus protects those who wear his symbol. The only ones you need to arrest here are me and the Griffins.

GRACE: Mother don't do this.

FANNY: It's alright sweetheart your going to be ok..

(The Marshalls looked at Jacob waiting on his orders.)


(The Marshalls came and took Fanny to the prison wagon along with Carol. Grace, Charlotte, and Daniel were going to try to stop them, but they couldn't move a muscle. They realized that their parents put a restriction spell on them to keep them from helping them.)

(Jacob turns his attention back to Grace, but instead of the loving eyes he would always give her, he looked at her with pure hatred.)

JACOB: I can not believe I fathered the Devil's spawn.

(Jacob than slapped Grace so hard that she nearly fell, but Daniel had caught her in time. Grace felt tears falling from her eyes, not once in her 17 years of life has her father ever laid his hands on her, and now here he was calling her the Devil's spawn. Grace quickly straigtened herself out and quickly ran back home in tears.)

DANIEL (Worriedly): GRACE.

Webb Home (Night Time)

(Grace was not sure how long she stayed in her bed crying, but she knew it must of been a while because it was past dark. Grace did not know how things could have gone so wrong for her. Just a month ago everything seemed so perfect until those girls started all those false accusations. These stupid witch trials turned her loving father into a maniac and now her mother was in jail. 26 people innocent people including Rebecca were dead.)

(Suddenly Grace heard a knock downstairs, which confused her as to why someone would visit this late at night since her father can be usually found at the pub now a days. Grace slowly made her way downstairs and when she opened the door she was not expecting to see Christian on the other side.)

GRACE (Surprised): Christian.

CHRISTIAN (Nervous): Hi Grace.

GRACE: My father is not here at the moment.

CHRISTIAN (Sighs): Actually I came to see you. Do you mind if I come in.

GRACE (Shakes her head and moves to let him in): No come on in.

(As Christian entered her home, Grace wondered why he wanted to see her especially this late at night. Maybe he wanted to tell her that he was ashamed for liking someone who's mother was now considered a witch and a demon throughout town.)

GRACE (Sits down in a chair): So um what is it that you want to talk about.

CHRISTIAN: I came to see how you were doing. I heard about your mother, i'm sorry.

GRACE: My mother is not an evil person, she is a kind caring women.

CHRISTIAN (Flustered): I did not mean it like that.

GRACE: Do you honestly believe that all those people in jail are guilty of witchcraft.

CHRISTIAN: I could care less about all those other people, all I care about is your well being. I was there when your mother was arrested, and the look on your face had me very worried.

GRACE: Why do you care so much. I mean i was accused of being a witch today, and yet here you are.

CHRISTIAN (Leaning towards Grace): Because you are a one of a kind girl. You are kind, gentle, and most importantly you stand up for your beliefs. You do not go around the village like most of the girls trying to pretend to be something your not.

(Before Grace knew it, Christian's lips were on hers. A part of Grace was telling her how wrong this was, but the rest of her knew how right it was. Grace kissed him back and before she knew it she felt Christian's hands on the back of her dress.)

CHRISTIAN (Breaking the kiss): I'm so sorry I'm getting carried away.

GRACE: No it's ok I want this too.

(Grace tugged at his hand and motioned to go upstairs. Christian who was nervous still smiled and followed her up. When they got upstairs Grace quickly fell on top of her bed, with Christian getting on top of her as the two continued to kiss. Christian quickly undid the tie on the back of Grace's dress and soon she was naked underneath him. Christian could not think of a more beautiful sight. Christian than quickly discarded his own clothes.)

CHRISTIAN: Are you sure you want to do this Grace, I don't want to hurt you.

GRACE: You could never hurt me. I want this more than anything.

(Christian soon put his lips back onto hers and they soon started to make love.)


(Grace woke up to the morning sun shining in her eyes. She was confused at first when she opened her eyes and saw that she was naked, but the memories from the previous night came flooding back all the bad and good memories. She smiled when saw a sleeping Christian next her. She did not know why, but when she was with him she was no longer felt scared, but instead she felt safe. Christian soon opened his eyes and smiled at Grace when he saw her.)

CHRISTIAN: Good morning beautiful.

(Christian then kisses Grace, causing her to blush.)

GRACE: Morning yourself.

CHRISTIAN: Last night was the greatest night of my life.

GRACE: Mine too. I don't know what it is about you, but whenever I am next to you I feel safe and just seem to forget all my troubles.

CHRISTIAN: I feel the same, I don't regret that we made love before marriage.

GRACE: Neither do I.

(Suddenly the door opened to reveal Charlotte and Daniel.)


(Charlotte quickly turns her head upon seeing a naked Grace and Christian, Daniel tried very hard not to smirk at the sight before him. Grace and Christian quickly pulled the covers over them.)

GRACE (Irritated): Don't you two know how to knock.

DANIEL: Well your father was found lying on the floor in the pub, so we expected you to be home alone. Guess we were wrong.

GRACE: Wipe that smirk off your face and get out so we can get changed.

DANIEL (leads Charlotte out of the way): Come on Charlotte lets leave the lovers along to get change.

(As Daniel shut the door behind them, Grace sighed as her and Christian got out of the bed to put their clothes on.)

GRACE: I am so sorry about that.

CHRISTIAN (Chuckles): It's ok, but they won't tell anyone about it will they.

GRACE (Rolls her eyes): They won't trust me, I hold too much of their secrets that they don't want exposed.

CHRISTIAN (After getting fully changed): Well I guess I should take my leave, my parents must be worried sick.

GRACE: When will I see you again.

CHRISTIAN (Looks into her eyes): Whenever you want to see me I'll be there.

(Christian then kissed Grace one last time before they headed downstairs to where Charlotte and Daniel were.)

DANIEL (Smirking): Nice to see you two fully clothed.

GRACE: Daniel I would not open your mouth right now.

CHRISTIAN: It was nice to meet you both, though I wish it was under better circumstances.

DANIEL: You and me both, I think Charlotte and I are scarred for life.

GRACE: I'll see you later Christian.

(Christian then left the house, leaving Grace, Charlotte and Daniel.)

CHARLOTTE (Shocked): Did we just walk on you and Christian Davis naked.

DANIEL: And she calls us the flirts, she's worse than us.

GRACE: Look I'm not going to lie, yes Christian and I made love and it was amazing.

DANIEL (Interrupting Grace): We could tell it was by the look on your face.

CHARLOTTE (Teasingly): You do realize you commited the ultimate sin right, sex before marriage.

GRACE: You know after the events of the last month, i'm starting to believe that there is no god.

CHARLOTTE: Grace you should not say that.

GRACE: No I mean, I've spent my whole life worshipping him and praying to him, but when I need my prayers answered when I really needed them the most he was never there. I'm not going to live my life according to the bible, I'm going to live it the way I want to live it. Now would you two mind telling me what you came here for.

DANIEL: Welll we figured you might want to help us bust everyone out of prison.

GRACE (surprised): Are you serious.

CHARLOTTE: We got to do something, like you said innocent people's lives are at stake including our families. This can not go on any longer, we were just sitting ducks here waiting for the next person to accuse us as well.

GRACE: How do you suggest we do it.

DANIEL: I figured we all use the cloaking spell to make ourselves invisible, and at night we sneak into the prison to release everyone, and during that time one of us knocks the guards out, so that way we can get everyone out safely.

GRACE: It's a great plan, but the spell does not last very long.

DANIEL: That's why we have to be quick, and we must do it tonight before the trials resume tomoroww.

CHARLOTTE: Guys look out the window.

(Daniel and Grace looked at where Charlotte was pointing at were surprised to see smoke coming from in the town.)

GRACE: It looks like it's near the church.

DANIEL: We better go check it out.


(Fanny sat in her lonely prison cell with all the other accused woman. Fanny thought about how her family was slowly falling apart, her husband has been slowly losing his mind since the trials began. While she understood her daughter's will to save all the innocents, but Fanny was more interested in keeing her family safe.)

???: Does anyone smell fire?

(Fanny sniffed the air and was surprised to smell the fire. Suddenly a piece of burning wood dropped from the prison roof and hit the floor. While the fire was small, it suddnely grew bigger and bigger. Fanny quickly realized that this was the work of a witch. While everyone was starting to panic at the rapid fire, Fanny quickly used magic spell to free herself from her resirants.)


(Fanny turned around and saw her Theodore.)

THEODORE: You know what we have to do right.

FANNY (Nods): Yes. there's no point in hiding it now.

FANNY AND THEODORE (Hold hands): Ex Spiritum In Taculum, En Terrum Incendium, Phasmatos Salves A Distum!

(Suddenly the fire started to decrease a little, just enough to create an opening to the door.)

???: How did they do that.

???: They really are wtiches.


(Without a second's thought most of the people started to run for the door.)

THEODORE (Taking Carol's hand): Come on Carol.

FANNY: We must hurry.


(When Grace, Charlotte, and Daniel got into town, they were shocked to see the church up in flames. Most of the town was there crying at the lost of their beloved church.)

CHARLOTTE: Who on earth could have done such a thing.


(Everyone looked over and saw the prison which was also in flames, and they saw people running out the door.)


DANIEL: Come on we have to stop them.

(Grace, Daniel, and Charlotte ran with the crowd to try and save their families. However Charlotte, tripped and fell.)


(Because of the large crowd running, Grace and Daniel could not see Charlotte nor could they go back because of the amount of people pushing them forward.)

DANIEL: Don't worry she'll catch up.

(Daniel takes Grace's hand and they continued to run in the crowd. However Grace notices Theodore Griffin fighting people away.)

GRACE: Look it's your father.

(Daniel saw where Grace was pointing at and was relieved to see his father.)


(Theodore looked up and saw his son and Grace on the other side of the crowd.)

THEODORE: You kids got to get out of here.

(Theodore however was cut off. Grace and Daniel were horrified by what they saw next, Jacob Webb taking a knife and slitting Theodore's throat. Grace put her hand over her mouth in shocked as she watched Theodore's body drop.)


(Daniel attempted to run over to him, but Grace pulled him back to the space where there was hardly any people. Before either of them could say anything, they saw their mothers. Rev. Samuel Parris was about to slit Carol's throat, however Fanny used spell to throw the Reverand back saving Carol.)

FANNY: Carol are you alright.

(Carol quickly picks up the knife and hides it behind her as she gets up)


(When Fanny turned around, Carol took her chance and slit Fanny's throat.)

CAROL: That's for stealing my husband you Slut.

(However Carol soon found a sword impaled in her stomach by the Reverand.)


(The moment Grace saw her mother die, she accidentally unleased an earthquake among the city and unleashed a huge gust of wind that knocked most of the townspeople off their feet. However as soon it stopped, Grace and Daniel saw Charlotte's body laying lifeless on the ground due to being trampled during the fight.)

GRACE (Tears running down her face): Oh god No please not.

(While Grace was mumuring, Daniel let silent tears fall from his eyes mourning for his entire family. When Grace finally looked up she saw the fear in many of the citizens face, to make it even worse she could plainly see Christian who was standing, with fear and horror in his eyes.)


GRACE: I'm not devil.

(The townspeople started to chant kill the devil, and started to make a move towards Grace and Daniel. Before they could make a move, a ring of fire suddenly separated them from the angry citizens. Grace and Daniel were confused, because as the townspeople move forward the fire got bigger and bigger.)

DANIEL (Takes Grace's hand): COME ON LETS GO.

(Daniel and Grace soon ran towards the woods, running as far away from the city as possible.)

Deep in the Woods

(Grace and Daniel ran deeper and deeper into the woods, never stopping in case someone actually mangaed to follow them. They finally stopped when they were convinced they were alone.)

GRACE (Sobbing): They're all dead.

(Daniel did not say nothing, he was still in shock over seeing his entire family's demise.)

GRACE (fearful): What are we going to do now.

???: I believe I can help with that.

(Grace and Daniel turned around to see a girl around Daniel's age who had long dark curly hair and a tan complexion. Grace did not recognize her, but Daniel knew her as Mary Dabney one of the fellow girls in town he had often flirted with.)

DANIEL: Mary, what are you doing here?

GRACE: You know her.

DANIEL: She lived near my family, and often stayed to herself.

MARY (Smiles): Which made me an easy target for accusations for witchcraft.

GRACE: How did you escape.

MARY (Shrugs): Witchcraft.

DANIEL (Confused): Your a witch and never told me.

MARY: No where's the fun in that, to be more specifc i'm the witch of fire.

DANIEL: So it was you that caused the church fire, wasn't it.

MARY: You actually think I would escape without getting some kind of retribution. I was not going to let the humans off that easily. I just destroyed the one thing that they value the most which is their precious church.

GRACE (angry): Because of you the fire caught onto the prison, and when our families tried to escape they were brutally murdered.

Mary (Sighs and looks at Grace sympathetically): For that I am truely sorry for. My powers sometimes can get out of control, but I was able to contain the townspeople long enough for you two to escape.

GRACE (huffs): So what now, we have no home to go to anymore.

(Mary takes out two bags of money and hands it to Grace and Daniel.)

MARY: This will be enough money for the two of you to escape from the country. Do you two have families elsewhere.

DANIEL: I have some relatives still left in England that should take me in. What about you Grace?

GRACE (Shakes her head): No, most of my relatives have passed on.

MARY (Puts her hands on Grace's shoulders and looks her in the eyes): Don't worry I have friends in Italy that will be more than glad to take you in. I shall contact them immediantley.

GRACE: If i may ask why are you helping us out.

MARY: Because you two are fellow witches, and I will never turn my back on my kind. Now if you two were human that would be a whole different story.

2 weeks later

(Grace was currently with Mary awaiting for the boat to arrive that will transport her to Florence, Italy.)

MARY: Once you reach Italy, you will be staying with my friend Marie and her family. Do you remember the cover story we went over.

GRACE (Nods): Yes, I am recentley a war widow who just lost her husband and has no other family left living.

(Grace sighs wishing Daniel was with her right now. He left days after the brutal killing of their families, after contacting relatives over at England. Grace however stayed with Mary as she made the necessary prepartions for her to live a life in Italy. During that Time Grace took the time to properly mourn her family, Mary often stayed by in case Grace wanted a shoulder to cry on, for which Grace was entirely grateful for.)

MARY (Pointing to the approaching boat): There's the boat, the journey should only last you a few weeks at most.

GRACE: Thank you Mary for everything that you have done for me.

MARY: It is no problem at all, I would do anything for a fellow witch. Maybe this new life in Italy will give you a new beginning as a witch.

GRACE: How can I practice magic ever again, when all it did was destroyed my family.

(Mary could not help, but curse the humans for what they have done. Because of their stupidity, Grace will never embrace her heritage.)

MARY: Do not forget who you are Grace. You are a witch, and no one can ever take away from you. Give yourself time to heal before you make such a decision.

GRACE: I'll try.

(Mary and Grace shared one last hug before Grace boarded the boat that was heading to her new life.)

April 15, 1693. Florence, Italy

MARIE (Commanding): Come on Grace, just a few more pushes and we'll be all done.

GRACE (Screaming in pain): I-I can't do this.

MARIE: Yes you can, I can already see the head.

(About 2 months after her arrival in Italy, Grace discovered she was pregnant with Christian's child. At first Grace was scared of being a single mother and thought people would think low of her, but thanks to the cover story Marie told everyone about her being a war widow, people took pity on her and helped her as much as they could. Grace even found a job as a seamstress so she could support her child and herself.)

MARIE: One more big push Grace, you can do it.

(Grace lets out one more big scream, and then suddenly there was a cry of a baby)

MARIE: It's a boy.

(Grace could not help, but cry in joy as she saw a glimpse of the boy as Marie took him away to clean him up. Finally after 9 months she can finally hold her son. Her only regret was that Christian could no be here to see their little miracle.

MARIE (Smiling): I got someone here who wants to meet you.

(Marie carefully placed the crying boy into his mother's arms. Grace smiled at her newborn son, who was a perfect combination of his parents. What little hair he had was dark like Grace's, and his eyes were a clear blue like Christian's.)

GRACE (Smiling): He's perfect.

(Grace finally understood now what her mother meant all those months ago. The love for a child is the most powerful emotion anyone could ever feel. Even before the birth, Grace knew she would do whatever it took to protect her child. That is why Grace decided to swear off Magic, because of all the trouble it brought to her and her family. She wants her son to grow up a normal life, which is why he will never know of his magical heritage.)

MARIE: So have you decided upon a name.

GRACE (Smiling): Yes, his name is Frederick Webb.

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