Gallows Hill
Season 1, Episode 1
Out of The Dark
Air date Jan 2014
Written by OldOneX
Directed by OldOneX
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The Darkness is the very first episode of Season One and the pilot of the Gallows Hill (Series)


Gallows Hill 1x01 The Darkness - Trailer

Gallows Hill 1x01 The Darkness - Trailer

WELCOME TO GALLOWS HILL- Jack Mayfair returns to town after a long while away, after the trauma that was his families funeral, during the summer vacation he will never forget his Mother, Father and little Sister died in a Earthquake, of which he was the only survivor. After the funeral, his Grandmother Jeannie his only living relative, moved back into the Mayfair Family Home so that he wouldn't be alone, but it didn't help Jack sank into a despairing sorrow, unable to cope he ran away and stayed away for four whole weeks to clear his head. The first thing Jack does on his return is rekindle his love with his long-term girlfriend Angelica (Angel) Mason who is starting back Gallows Hill University, herself and Jeannie have been running Jack's coffee shop Sacred Grounds whilst he had been gone over the Summer, he must get over his dark depression, move on and settle back into what's left of his life in Gallows Hill.


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