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The Dark Triumvirate
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The Dark Triumvirate are a malevolent group who worship Chaos, they wish for the destruction of The Great Wall so all worlds will melt into one so they can rule all. The group consists of Gothics, in the past when the time came for a new member to be elected the old member must submit to death, although since High King Chanzer rise to power, he refused to submit to death and wants to remain forever in power, none dare stand against him, so the old ways fade away. The new members are turned into a Vampire when they rise to the Triumvirate, they retain their magic due to their demonic heritage.

The group have wanted to exist in all worlds, they have desperately been seeking the Bitorian for millenia but the failed, they have relied on their own means, to make it possible but non have succeed....yet.


The Dark Triumvirate started almost near to the dawn of time, it was founded in the Gothics home dimension of Rorrim but now the royal group has Gothic minions and spies in all the unprotected dark realms such as Oblivion and Tartarus. The Dark Triumvirate is lead by Chanzer Volda and his second wife Viali Volda; Queen of the Triumvirate. 

Members of The Dark TriumvirateEdit

  • High King - Chanzer Volda
  • High Queen - Viali Volda
  • Master & Guardian/Prince/Heir - Chanzer and Viali's Son
  • 90 other members of Gothic minions and spies throughout the dark worlds.



  • The Team are evil and mean, but some can be kind/caring.
  • They all look like Humans but when angered their demonic heritage blooms and visage becomes demonic.
  • Some of the group members, now remain on The Other Side. 
  • The Dark Triumvirate can possess human bodies, in a similar way to Passengers, but that can only happen with help of a special code word and spell.
  • The Group can't exist in the higher worlds unless they inhabit human beings, the use of the Bitorian is an exception to this rule. 
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