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Strigoi are a blood-drinking species of immortal, they predate Vampires by 19,000 years.


For millenia Demons walked the Earth can called it their own until, Angels intervened and reached out to the first Humans and created The First Witch by imbuing her with the powers of creation, this would pass on to her children and her children's children, eventually there was enough Witches to combat the Demons, The First Witch herself created a whole other dimension and flushed all the Demons from the Earth trapped forever in this nether-realm which would later be known as Hell. Before the last Demon was banished he bled a human girl dry and filled her up with his own, leaving a small demonic legacy behind on Earth and created the first Strigoi, Lamia.



  • In Romanian mythology, Strigoi or Striga, are the troubled souls of the dead rising from the grave. Strigoi are also known as immortal vampires.


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