Story Page for Fan Specials #3 - Seekers of the Truth

The Seekers Trilogy - Part One - FSx03 - Seekers of the Truth

Written by Icedancer487

Directed by Icedancer487


Narrator(Kevin): I have learned in my forty four years of life that blood has no correlation to family. Even with this in mind, I still hope that my broken family can be repaired. Perhaps if my sister if ever found the process can begin.

Kevin's Apartment

(A plump man named Kevin was sleeping on his couch with his T.V. still playing old Star Trek reruns. Suddenly his alarm clock, which read ten o clock am, went off playing the Star wars theme song. Kevin groaned and reluctantley got up and shut the clock off. He just sat on the couch, trying to stay up.)

KEVIN: I'll never understand why I decided to open a comic book store at noon anyways.

(Kevin gets up and gets into the shower. After getting out he puts on his favorite Star Wars shirt, which has Yoda on it saying the force is strong in this one, and a pair of jeans. He then goes into his small kitchen that is conjoined with the living room, and makes himself a bowl of lucky charms cereal. He then goes back and sit on the couch to watch Tom and Jerry.)

KEVIN (Laughing): That cat never learns.

(After finishing his cereal, Kevin put the bowl in the sink along with all the other dirty dishes. Kevin looked up at the clock and realized that he had one hour to get the store opened up for the day. Kevin sighed dramatically and started to lock up his apartment.)

Universal Comics (A few hours later)

(Buisness was slow today, so Kevin was at his desk reading the new issue of Batman Beyond that was just released. The bell on the door rung, which meant someone entered the store. When Kevin looked up he wasn't surprised to see Joey Valentino. He was a twelve year old boy that frequents the comic book store, so him and Kevin get along very well.)

KEVIN: Is it three already

JOEY(Rolls his eyes and sits next to Kevin): Is it slow today.

KEVIN (Groans dramatically): You have no idea, I could have read all the comic books in this store by now.

(Joey spots the new Batman Beyond comic)

JOEY (Looks very exited and takes the Comic): Dude you got the new issue of Batman.

(Kevin takes the Comic back and looks for any wrinkles)

KEVIN: Careful, I actually got this one in mint condition. (Grabs another copy and hands it to Joey)

KEVIN: Here have this one, it's on me.

JOEY (Smiling) : Thanks Kevin, I'll read it when i get home, but first I have some unfinished buisness with you first.

(Joey grans a toy lightsaver from his back pack and points it at Kevin)

JOEY (Grinning); I'm ready this time.

KEVIN (Chuckling): Ready are you? What know you of ready?

JOEY: I've been practicing, i know i can beat you this time.

(Kevin secretly grabs his red lightsaver and hides it behind him.)

KEVIN: As Master Yoda once said a Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind, something that even I have yet to accomplish, and plus with your size I can easily destroy you.

JOEY(Smirking): Don't forget, Master Yoda also said that size matters not, the force is my ally and a powerul ally it is.

(Joey than attempted to hit Kevin with his green lightsaver, but Kevin blocked the attack with his red one. Kevin than overpowered Joey and started to attack, with Joey barely able to block each attack. Joey quickly ducked and ran behind one of the shelves. Kevin looked suspisously behind the shelf not knowing which way to go. He eventually went to the right side, where Joey nearly hit him in the stomach, but Kevin was able to block it in time. Than Kevin and Joey kept hitting each others lightsavers until Kevin aimed low and hit Joey.)

KEVIN (laughing): This is why you never challenge a Jedi Master young Padawan.

JOEY (dissapointed): I almost won, i can't believe I missed something that huge (Pointing to Kevin's stomach)

KEVIN (Pretending to be offended): I'm not fat, I'm just big boned.

(Suddenly the door opened and Joey groaned when he saw his older sister Katlyn)

JOEY: What do you want Katlyn I'm busy

(Rolls her eyes) KATLYN: Mom said to come pick you up, don't you remember we're going to grandma's for Christmas next week.

JOEY: I'll be out in a minute.

(Katlyn just shrugged and went out to wait in front of the shop)

JOEY (Turns to Kevin): That's my sister I was talking about.

KEVIN (Looks confused): I thought you said she has green skin.

JOEY: She does at night time, she hogs the bathroom all night to put green goo on her face, it's disgusting and yet she criticizes me for wearing my Star wars Pj's. She's so annoying.

KEVIN (Looking at Joey seriously): She may be annoying, but she's still your sister and the only one you'll ever have, at least try to get along and be there for her whenever she needs you.

(Joey looked at Keving confused, he never seen Kevin so serious before usually he's goofy and has that big smile on his face. He was about to question him, but was interrupted by Katlyn telling him to Hurry up.)

JOEY (Sighing) :See you next week Kevin.

(After Joey leaves) KEVIN: I wish I would've taken that advice when I really needed it.

Graphical and Interior Design Company (Late Afternoon)

(A young woman name Chrissy is sitting at her desk drawing a new design for her company's advertisment for a new television series that is suppose to air on fox. Chrissy looks up from her drawing and much to her dismay she sees the spirit of her sister in law's deceased mother Lisa who passed away a few months prior.)

CHRISSY (Groaning): Why are you here?

(Lisa looks at Chrissy scared and confused)

LISA: I don't know, why haven't I moved on yet.

CHRISSY (Agitated): I don't know go ask someone else.

(Chrissy sighs after Lisa finally disappears. She's become very annoyed that Lisa never leaves her alone, and she's not even her daughter. Chrissy wonders why she had to be cursed with this ability. Suddenly she was pulled from her thoughts, when her boss Matt walked in.)

MATT: You done with the drawing yet Chrissy, the executives are coming in early tommorow rather than the afternoon.

(Chrissy silently hands him the drawing, while she gets her stuff all together so she can go home.)

MATT (amazed): This is really good, Chrissy the executives will love it.

CHRISSY(nonchalantly): Thanks.

(Matt notices that Chrissy has already put her stuff away and looks ready to leave)

MATT: Come on Chrissy stay for the Christmas party, you know in the 5 years that you worked here you've never been to a single work party.

CHRISSY (Looking at Matt with a deadpan expression): Party's aren't my thing.

(Chrissy silently walks past a confused Matt and leaves.)

Chrissy's Apartment

(The moment when Chrissy returned home, she put her work equipment on her table and went and flopped on her bed)

CHRISSY (Talking to herself): I wish Lisa would leave me along already. it's not like i know why she hasn't moved on, and why does she keep coming to me, she's not my Mother in law, she's Adams.

(Chrissy soon finds herself drifting off to sleep, very exhausted from the day)

Chrissy's Dream

(In the middle of a well furnished living room there was older woman who was about in her mid fourties, that Chrissy recognized as her mother along with another person that Chrissy couldn't recognize because of how blurry that person was to her.)


(The girl just said nothing, and kept her head down)

CYNTHIA (Scoffing): You know you might have had some chance at successs, had you not dropped out of high school.

(The girl started talking, but no sound was coming out)


(Cynthia then slaps the girl so hard, that it causes her to fall over)

End of Dream

(Chrissy shoots up out of her bed, startled from the dream. She looks over at her clock and sees that it is midnight already.)

Chrissy (Thinking to herself): What kind of dream was that, it felt so real it was almost like I was actually there.

(Suddenly the vision of her mother hitting that girl popped back into her head. Usually Chrissy would shrug off any of her dreams, but for someone reason this particulary dream made her very uneasy. Chrissy knew the only person she could talk to about this was her older brother Kevin, since he is the only one that believes in her ability to see spirits and doesn't treat her like she is insane like the rest of their family do.)

Chrissy (Thinking to herself): It would be wrong to bother Kevin in the middle of the night, but I can't shake off this bad feeling I have.

(After a few minutes of debating, Chrissy sighs and grabs her car keys and quickly leaves her apartment.)

Kevin's Apartment (Late at Night)

(Kevin was sitting on his couch wearing his replica of Commander Spock's USS Enterprise uniform, while he was watching reruns of the Original Star Trek series.)

KEVIN (Miimicking Spock): Live long and Prosper.

(As soon as Spock and his crew landed Omicron Ceti III, someone started to knock on Kevin's door.)

KEVIN (Groaning): Seriously it's freaking midnight .

(Kevin reluctantly gets up from the couch and goes to open the door and much to his surprise there stood his younger sister Chrissy. Chrissy in turned was surprised by her brother's strange outfit.)

KEVIN (Noticing Chrissy's strange look towards his outfit): Tonight's the last night of the Star Trek marathon.

CHRISSY (Giggling): I should have known, I remember when you stayed up for 2 nights straight just so you could be first in line for the Star Trek film a few years back.

KEVIN: Well come on in, you must be freezing.

(As Chrissy enters the apartment, Kevin noticed a troubling look on her face which he figures has something to do with spirits again.)

KEVIN (Turns off the T.V. and sits next to Chrissy on the couch): So our brother's mother in law still haunting you?

CHRISSY (Gives a fake smile and raises her eyebrows): Yep, since she can't torture Adam anymore, she's moved on to someone who actually can see her.

KEVIN: Just tell her to go away

CHRISSY (Sighing and looks at Kevin): I have, but she still shows up. I have no idea how to make her go away, but i suppose that's what comes with the whole Medium thing.

(Kevin looks at Chrissy Suspicously, thinking there's more than just seeing spirits thats been bothering her. After all she's used to seeing all kinds of spirits that she usually ignores, but something about her face means something is truely bothering her.)

KEVIN (Looking at Chrissy worried): You didn't come here to talk about Lisa did you?

CHRISSY (Sighs and shakes her head): No, I came here to talk to you about a dream I had involving mom.

KEVIN: What kind of dream?

CHRISSY: In the dream mom was yellling at this girl that I couldn't recognize, and than she yelled that she regrets giving birth to her and then slapped her.

(Kevin look at Chrissy with complete surprise all over his face)

(Kevin turns his head away from Chrissy and looks at the ground. Kevin ponders on how Chrissy could have had a dream about that day when she wasn't even there.)

CHRISSY (Reluctantley): D-Does this have anything to do with Cassie?

KEVIN: I don't understand.

CHRISSY: What is it Kevin.

KEVIN (Turns his head to Chrissy with a serious expression on his face): The way you described that dream is what exactly happened the night that Cassie disapperaed.

CHRISSY (Looking at Kevin in disbelief): Are you serious?

KEVIN: Yea, Mom and Cassie got into a really bad argument probably the worst one they ever got into, and Mom slapped her, and Cassie ran out crying.

CHRISSY: What's wrong you look troubled.

KEVIN: I'm wondering why you had a dream about that, because you weren't there that night it happened, you were being watched by one of our neighbors.

CHRISSY: That is strange.

(Suddenly Kevin's face lite up when he realized there was only one possible explanation)

KEVIN (Excited): A Psychic.

CHRISSY (Looking at Kevin Confused): What are you talking about.

KEVIN (Grabs Chrissy's shoulders in excitment): You have to be a Psychic, I mean how else can you see into the past.

CHRISSY: A coincidence

KEVIN(Shaking his head): No way, a coincidence is like buying the same dress as your friend, but this is way too much of a coincidence. A Psychic can not only see future events, but past events as well

CHRISSY: Don't you think that I would know that if i was a Psychic by now.

KEVIN: Some powers develop later in life, and yours must be starting to develop now.

(Chrissy notices that Kevin is in deep thought)

CHRISSY: I know that look on your face Kevin, what are you thinking about.

KEVIN: Just listen to me Chrissy. Haven't you ever wondered what happened to our sister Cassie.

CHRISSY (Shrugs): Well I never really knew her or have any fond memories of her so I can never really miss her like you do, but there is a parf of me that wants to know about this missing long lost sister.

KEVIN: I think now that we know that your a Psychic, maybe we can use your abilities to find out what happened to Cassie.

CHRISSY(Giving Kevin a disapproving look): Kevin we don't really know if i'm a Psychic you're just making a huge specalation, based on a dream I had that actually happened in the past.

KEVIN: I know Psychic's are real, I've met many Psychic's, and one even told me by my 45th birthday I'll  be married to a beautiful woman and have lots of children.

CHRISSY: Are you even dating anyone?

KEVIN: Well no, but I still have 8 months, that's plenty of time.

(Chrissy just shakes her head, at her brother's naivety. Sometimes he can take his beliefs way too far. Still he has been the only one who believes her that she can see spirits, which gives her some peace of mind that she isn't losing her mind. Looking up, Chrissy notices that Kevin has gone to giving him a pleading look.)

CHRISSY (Sighing): Ok I'll give it a try.

KEVIN (Hugs his sister tightly): Thank you so much Chrissy.

CHRISSY (Smiles and pulls out of the hug): So how are we going to do this, I don't even know what Cassie looks like.

KEVIN: Well Mom and Dad should still have picures up in the attic. So next week for Christmas Eve dinner, we go in and search the attic for a picture and use that to trigger some more memories of Cassie.

(As Kevin went on and on about how they were going to this, Chrissy couldn't help, but feel like something was bound to go wrong.)

Miller Household (1 Week later- Christmas Eve)

(Both Kevin and Chrissy parked their cars and stood in front of their childhood home.)

CHRISSY: You ready for this?

KEVIN (Shaking his head): No I'm not ready, a whole three hours of hearing mom comment on my weight and bringing up my failure as a director, not to mention how Liz will go on and on about her glamorous career as a make up artist.

CHRISSY(Sighing): You expect anything different?

KEVIN (Giving a sarcastic smile): Nope.

(Chrissy and Kevin walk up to the front door and rang the door bell. Their mother Cynthia opened the door and greated them with a soft smile.)

CYNTHIA (Smiling and giving Chrissy a hug): Look at you Chrissy beautiful as ever, you know I still have numbers from numerous modeling agencies.

CHRISSY (already getting annoyed with her mother): Mom please we've been over this a million times already, so stop bringing it up.

CYNTHIA: Well I'm just letting you know in case you change your mind dear.

(Cynthia's smile faded and her face turned into disdain once she saw Kevin.)

CYNTHIA (Looking at Kevin in disbelief): You look like a hobo.

KEVIN (Sighing seriously annoyed): Mom please don't start.

CYNTHIA: Well you do, I mean for one thing look at that shaggy beard it's all messy and you look like you gained an extra 20lbs.

CHRISSY (Noticing Kevin's angry expression): Is everyone else here mom.

CYNTHIA: They've been here over an hour waiting on you two, now come inside.

(Kevin and Chrissy follow their mother into the living room where the rest of their families were sitting around.)

CYNTHIA (Referring to Kevin and Chrissy): Look who finally decided to show up

(People started to get up and welcome Chrissy and Kevin)

ADAM (Hugging Kevin): Long time no see little brother, hows the comic book store

KEVIN: It's going good thanks for asking. (Looking around for his niece and nephew) Where are Juliet and Jimmy.

ADAM: They'll be here soon, Anna took the kids to visit Lisa's grave, since this is her first christmas without her mother.

KEVIN: How is Anna doing.

ADAM (Shrugging): As well as anyone could expect.

(While Adam and Kevin were having their discussion, Liz hugged Chrissy and looked over at her apperance.)

LIZ: You know Chrissy you would look so much better with some make up, modeling agencies love woman who wear make up. You have the same skin tone as Cameron Diaz, so blue will defiantley work.

CHRISSY (Rolling her eyes): Your starting to sound like mom, I don't want to be a model and I hate wearing make up, it's just a way to hide people's natural beauty.

LIZ: You tell that to stars you have to look good for the cameras twenty four-seven.

(Before Chrissy could say something, Ray came in the livng room with a soft smile on his face.)

RAY: Well isn't this nice, my whole children together again.

(As the family continued to talk with each other, both Kevin and Chrissy gave each other a look.)

CHRISSY (Walking up to her father): Hey dad got a question for you.

RAY (Taking a sip of his beer): Shoot.

CHRISSY: I was wondering if you have any baby pictures of me, at work we're doing this contest for the new year where we vote for the best baby picture.

RAY: There might be some up in the attic, the first box on top of the shelf.

CHRISSY (Smiling): Thanks Dad.

(As Chrissy headed up the stairs she looked back and saw her mother in a deep conversation about celebraties with Liz, while Kevin was greeted by dad. She knew she had to hurry and find a picture before mom finds out.)


(Chrissy quietly walked up the wooden steps and opened up the door to the attic. When she walked in she was shocked by the amount of boxes in the room. Boxes were piled on top of boxes from the door to the other side of the room.)

CHRISSY (Thinking to herself): He said the first box on the shelf.

(Chrissy looks up and groans when she realizes how high the shelfs are. Well at least there were only a few boxes on the shelf and they were labeled. Chrissy sighed and quickly got on top one of the boxes and reached for the box. She had trouble reaching for the box, so Chrissy got on her tipie toes and grabbed the box.

CHRISSY (After getting the box on the floor, nearly falling in the process): Kevin is going to pay for this

(Chrissy opened the box and started to go through the pictures of her siblings and her childhood. As she was going through the pictures, Chrissy couldn't help, but smile at some of the good memories of her childhood.)

CHRISSY: Why the hell can't I find a picture of her

(As Chrissy kept going through the photos, she couldn't find a single one of Cassie, all the pictures were mostly Liz, Adam, and herself with only a few of Kevin. When she finally reached the bottom of the box she saw a picture turned over with the words Cassandra Miller: Sophmore Year.

CHRISSY (Sighing in relief): Finally.

(When Chrissy turned the picture over, she was shocked at how beautiful her sister was. In the picture she had long blonde hair with clear blue eyes wearing a white blouse with a Green pendant around her neck.)

(Suddenly a forest came into Chrissy's mind along with a cabin. This time she saw a perfect clear picture of Cassie with a man no older than twenty four. The two than entered the cabin. The vision suddnely ended.)

CHRISSY: What the hell was that about. Could Kevin be right about me being a Psychic.

(Chrissy shook her head and put the picture in her pocket and quickly put the box back where she got it and quickly left the attic.)

Living Room+ Kitchen Scene

(As soon as Chrissy went upstairs to search for a picture, Kevin stayed downstairs and just listened to his mothers lecture so that way she wouldn't notice Chrissy missing.)

CYNTHIA: I don't know why you let yourself go, I mean if you would've stayed on the production of home alone than maybe you wouldn't be so fat.

KEVIN (Irritated): Please mom don't start.

CYNTHIA: I'm just saying, you would have made a fortune had you continued to be a director.

(Before Kevin could say anything, Adam walked back into the house)

ADAM: Look who's here.

(Anna walked in with Juliet and Jimmy)

CYNTHIA (Gettting up to hug Anna): Anna how are you doing.

ANNA: Much better thank you.

JIMMY (Walking over to Kevin): Hey Uncle Kevin.

KEVIN (Smiling while hugging his nephew): Hey how's my favorite nephew doing.

JIMMY: I'm fine, would be doing better if Juliet would stop bragging about staying out all night just to go New Directions concert.

KEVIN (Confused): You mean you dad is actually letting her.

JIMMY: Yea he's the one that paid for her and her friends to go.

(Suddenly Chrissy came back downstairs)

LIZ: Where were you at.

CHRISSY: Restroom.

(Liz gave her a suspicous look)

CYNTHIA: Ok now that everyone is here, lets go eat.

(Everyone filed into the kitchen and took their seats. Both Cynthia and Ray sat at the end of the table, while Adam and his family sat on the right side, and Liz, Kevin, and Chrissy sat on the left side.)

CYNTHIA: Ray stop pigging out, you don't want to end up like Kevin over there.

RAY: I'm hungry Cynthia, why don't you make yourself useful and get me a beer.

(Cynthia rolls her eyes, but gets up anyway to get the beer.)

LIZ: So Anna how have you been since your mother died.

ANNA: Better much better, It's a little tough during the holidays, but I feel like she's watching over me close by.

(Chrissy smirks, as she sees Lisa standing behind Anna.)

CYNTHIA: Liz did you tell everyone about your new job.

LIZ (Exited): No i haven't, I got a new job as a assistant make up artist to Kim Kardashian.

JULIET (Ecstatic): Oh my god I love her, is there anyway I can meet her.

LIZ: Of course you can, I'll set it up immediantley

CYNTHIA: You know Liz, you should try to get a job with Angelina Jolie, she's one of Hollywood's highest paid actresses.

LIZ: I'm trying as hard as i can mom, but she's not looking for anyone right now.

CYNTHIA: You need to try harder, don't forget the more famous celebrities you work for, the better chance your name will be known. I mean working for Kim Kardashian you'll be lucky if she even remembers your name.

LIZ: Yes mom, tomorow i'll give her reps another call, and send in another resume.

(Soon after finishing supper, it was time to pass out gifts. Juliet was the first to open her gift which was from Liz.)

Juliet (Shocked): A signed poster of One Direction, thank you Aunt Liz.

LIZ (Smiling): I knew you'd love it.

JIMMY (Smiling as he started to read): Thanks Uncle Kevin, the comic book store in town ran out of Batman Beyond

CYNTHIA (Handing Kevin his present): Here Kevin it's from me and your father.

KEVIN (Smiles as he unwraps the package): Thanks Mom.

(Kevin's smile soon faded into a frown when he unwrapped the package to find his old camera that he used  to film his underbudget films. Suddenly anger filled his entire body and before he knew it he threw the camera across the floor, shocking everyone.)

CHRISSY (Shocked and confused): Kevin

CYNTHIA (Angry): What is wrong with you

KEVIN (Interrupiting Cynthia): No what is wrong with you, you know I'm sick and tired of hearing you mention all the time about me failing as a director.

CYNTHIA: If you hadnt' dropped out of the film that would have made you a success than maybe I wouldn't have to bring it up.


(Both Cynthia and Ray were taken back by the mention of Cassie, while both Adam and LIz were both shocked. Anna and the kids were all confused.)

CYNTHIA (Angry): How dare you mention her name in this house.

KEVIN (Scoffs): God you really are a horrible mother.

ANNA (Confused): Who's Cassie.

ADAM: Don't worry about it dear i'll tell you later.

KEVIN (Turns to Anna): No Adam she needs to know about Cassie. Cassie was our sister, and about 24 years ago she disappeared, but did anyone else in this room care about her when she went missing or even before she went missing, no they didn't. All mom cared about was me directing a stupid movie, and not her missing daughter, and dad didnt' do a single damn thing. All Liz was worried about was being the perfect daughter, and you husband during the time tried to kill himself over his injury during high school.

ANNA (Turns to Adam hurt and worried): Why didn't you tell me.

ADAM (Sighing in embarrasment over his brother): Because this was before I met you, and more than likely Cassie is dead it's been over 24 years.

KEVIN: You have no faith do you.

ADAM: Kevin get real, this is real life not some comic book where anyone can be brought back to life, Cassie is dead.

KEVIN (Tearing up): Screw this family, screw you all.

(Kevin than runs out of the kitchen and out the door.)

CHRISSY: KEVIN (Runs after him)

Local Park

(Chrissy, who was out of breath from running, couldn't believe how fast Kevin could run given his size. She finally spotted Kevin sitting on one of the park benches with his hands on his face. Chrissy quietly sat next to Kevin.)

CHRISSY (Looking at Kevin worriedly): Are you ok Kevin?

(When Kevin looked up at Chrissy, Chrissy was shocked that he had tears coming out of his eyes. This was the first time she ever saw Kevin cry.)

KEVIN (Shaking his head): No I'm not, I just don't understand what came over me.

CHRISSY: You were angry Kevin, you've been holding back all these emotions for so long it just finally came out, I'm glad someone had the guts to put mom in her place.

KEVIN (Raises his eyebrows): I'll never understand why that woman resents Cassie so much especially after what she did for her.

CHRISSY: What she do.

KEVIN: You were too young to remember this, but when Cassie was a sophmore in high school, mom was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Needless to say Mom was in a lot of pain and couldn't get around a lot. Dad was always working and when he came home he claimed to be too tired to go anywhere and just sat on his chair and drink, while he ignored the rest of us. So Cassie decided to drop out of school to stay home and take care of her.

CHRISSY (Shocked): Are you serious?

KEVIN: Yea, and you know what mom called her stupid for ruining her education, even though she needed someone to be at home to take her to her appointments and help clean up the house. Not once did she ever thank Cassie, but Cassie like always didn't complain one bite, always asking mom how she was and was there anything she could do for her.

CHRISSY (Smiling softly): She sounds like a very selfless person.

KEVIN: She was, because no matter how much mom or dad would insult her, she kept a smile on her face and a positive attitude.

(After that, both of the siblings sat in silence for a while, until Chrissy noticed something else was wrong with Kevin.)

CHRISSY: What else is wrong, and don't try to say it's nothing because I know you better than anyone else, and I can tell there's something else that is bothering you.

KEVIN (Sighing): I am a horrible brother.

CHRISSY (Looks at Kevin in disbelief): No your not Kevin, you are a wonderful big brother.

KEVIN: To you, but I wasn't to Cassie, especially when she needed me the most.

CHRISSY (Confused): What do you mean?

KEVIN: You know when Cassie and I were younger, we were so close we did almost everything together, and I would defend her from mom and dad, but as we got older we kind of drifted apart. When we entered high school she was clinging to me all the time, and I got seriously annoyed by it. So I spent as much time away from her as I could, I even started to ignore her at home just like mom and dad.

(Kevin took a deep breathe while wiping his eyes)

KEVIN: The Night when mom slapped her, I was there the whole time, as well as Liz and Adam.


CASSIE: Mom it's ok I can still go back and get my G.E.D.

CYNTHIA (Scoffing): Wha'ts a G.E.D. going to get you nowadays, universities want an actually high school diploma, at least Adam finished high school before turning into a bum.

(Kevin was sitting on the couch with Liz, and Adam watching the fight between their mother and sister.)

CASSIE: I'm sorry I was only trying to help you.

CYNTHIA (Getting angry): Then get some god- damn talent. Liz will be going to San Diego to work with Cher, the one and only, and Kevin is directing an actually hollywood film that's going to make millions. What are you going to do find some minimum wage job just to get by.


CYNTHIA(scoffing): You know you might have had some chance of success had you not drop out of high school.

CASSIE (looking at her mother desperatley): I'm trying the best that I can, but you just don't care.


(Cynthia than slaps Cassie so hard it causes her to fall over.)

(Cassie looks up at Kevin for help, but while he looks at her with pity he just puts his head down and goes to work on his video camera. Cassie who was crying by this point, got up and ran out the door.

End Flashback

KEVIN: That was the last time I ever saw Cassie.

(Chrissy by this point had tears welling up in her eyes, after hearing that story)

KEVIN (Tears were falling down by this point): If I only I had done something to help her, maybe things wouldn't have turned out like they have.

CHRISSY (Turns Kevin's head towards her): Kevin listen to me none of it is your fault, don't you dare blame any of this on you.

KEVIN (Crying uncontrollably): It is my fault and I didn't even help her. I just want to see her again and apologize for everything.

(Kevin fell into Chrissy's arms crying, while Chrissy, who was also teary eyed, was trying to comfort him.)

Forest (2 days later)

(Both Kevin and Chrissy were walking deeper and deeper into the forest just outside of town. Kevin was confused as to why they were walking through the forest, all Chrissy had told him this morning was to meet her just outside of town.)

KEVIN (Stopping): Before we go any further would you mind explaining to me why we are walking through a forest.

CHRISSY (Turns to Kevin): Well the other night when I saw the picture of Cassie, I had a vision.

KEVIN (Playfully): I thought you didn't believe you were a psychic.

CHRISSY: After the vision I had, I'm starting to believe that it is all just too much to be a coincidence.

KEVIN: What was the vision about.

CHRISSY: I saw Cassie walking through the forest with this man who couldn't be no older than 24, and then they entered this cabin near the river. Tell me Kevin did Cassie have a boyfriend.

KEVIN (Thinking): I honestly don't know, Cassie was always very private about where she went off to.

CHRISSY: I figure if we find this Cabin maybe we can get some answers.

KEVIN: Well what are we waiting for lets go.

(Chrissy and Kevin walked deeper and deeper into forest for what seemed liked hours, but eventually they came across the old abandoned cabin.)

KEVIN: Is this it?

CHRISSY: I mean it's obviously falling apart, but I'm sure this is it, so lets get going.

(Kevin and Chrissy quietly went in and were shocked at the state of the inside. Furniture was turned upside down, claw marks on the walls.)

KEVIN: Oh my god, this place is a wreck.

CHRISSY: It looks like an animal attacked this place.

(As they were searching through the cabin, Chrissy notices that one of the pillows have dried up blood stain on them.)

CHRISSY (Scared): Kevin look at this pillow.

(Kevin goes over to where Chrissy is pointing at, and is shocked to see the blood stain)

KEVIN: Blood.

CHRISSY: Look what else I found.

(Kevin turns to Chrissy to see her holding up a green pendant)

CHRISSY: This is the same necklace Cassie was wearing in the photo.

(Chrissy hands him the necklance and photo. Kevin studies both the necklace and photo for a few minutes)

KEVIN: She really was here.

(Kevin started to get a lump in his throat as he realized the blood stain on the couch and the necklace were related to Cassie.)

CHRISSY (Confused): The one thing I don't get is, this place looked like it was torn apart by an animal, but there is very little blood and no sign of a body anywhere.

KEVIN: That's right and you said so yourself that she came in here with a boy and yet no bodies whatsover.

(Both Chrissy and Kevin were silent trying to comphrend what they had just discovered and trying to make it all fit together.)

CHRISSY: I honestly have no clue what to make of it.

KEVIN: Can't you just use you psychic powers to see what happened.

CHRISSY (Shaking her head): I don't know, I can't really control my visions they just pop out of nowhere or they appear as dreams.

KEVIN: Well then there's only one person who can help us now and that is Giselle.

CHRISSY: Who's that

KEVIN: A girl that went to school with me, actually she was in the same grade as Cassie was. She had a reputation in school for being a freak because when she told people something about their near future it always came true the way she said it. Believe me she once told me to expect misfortune before the end of school, and before I knew it the jocks gave me a swrilie.

CHRISSY: So you really think she'll be able to help us.

KEVIN: It's worth a shot.

Madame Giselle's

(Kevin and Chrissy stood outside of Madame Giselle's shop, which looked run downed with spider webs on the windows and the walls..)

CHRISSY: Are you sure this is the place?

KEVIN: Well it does say Madame Giselle's on the top, don't think he gets much clearier than that.

(Suddenly the door creeped opened slowly)

KEVIN (Amazed): Wow

CHRISSY: Ok now that's kinda creepy.

KEVIN: Well lets go in

(When they entered the shop they were surprised by all the junk that was in the small room, most of it was books and other knick nacks that were covered in cob webs.)

CHRISSY: Wonder when the last time she actually cleaned this place.

GISELLE: It's actually meant to spook my guests a little, it helps with buisness.

(Kevin and Chrissy turned around to see a woman in her early fourties wearing a long white dress.)

(Chrissy was about to ask if she was Madame Giselle, but Giselle spoke before Chrissy could.)

GISELLE (Smiling): To answer your question, yes I am Madame Giselle and I know you two are Kevin and Chrissy Miller, a comic book store owner and a fellow psychic.

KEVIN (Impressed): Amazing how on earth did you know that.

CHRISSY: Well you said you guys went to school together and our high school wasn't very big, so it's not impossible for people to know each other's names.

GISELLE: Pretty perspective of you, but let me ask you something how could I possibly know that you are also a psychic like me, but than again your still have your doubts about your own abilities.

CHRISSY: We didn't come here to talk about my abilities, we came here-

GISELLE (Interrupting Chrissy): I know why you two are here, you want me to use my psychic abilities to help figure out what happened to your sister Cassie and I will help, but before I can start looking into her, I must first do a reading on the two of you.


GISELLE: Well i'm hoping since Kevin knows her the best, and you are a psychic I might get a clearer picture of her.  Now follow me.

(Kevin and Chrissy followed Giselle behind a curtain, where there was a small empty table and a few seats.)

KEVIN (Sitting down on one of the chairs): Where's your hat at and your crystal ball, the other psychics I met always had one.

GISELLE (Laughing): Only phony psychics have those, real psychics only need thier mind.

KEVIN (Disappointed): Seriously than I won't be married to a beautiful woman by forty five.

CHRISSY: Your honestly surprised that psychic was wrong.

GISELLE: Give me your hand Kevin, I will do you first.

(Kevin gives Giselle his hand, and she puts her fist two fingers on the palm of his hand traces over it. Her eyes than went wide and just stared at Kevin's hand, which confused Kevin. After a few minutes Giselle's eyes blinked a few times, before she let go of Kevin's hand.

GISELLE: You hold a tremendous amount of guilt over your sister's disapperance. I can tell by your memories of her, she was a very kind and compassionate young lady.

KEVIN (Smiling softly): She was the most compassionate person you would ever meet. That's why I don't believe she ran away like everyone else does, because I know she would never run away, despite how our parents treated her.

GISELLE: I can tell. When we were in school, she would always help the students who had trouble with thier schoolwork and even gave her lunches up to those who couldn' t afford lunch.

GISELLE (Turning to Chrissy): It's your turn now Chrissy.

(Giselle took Chrissy's hand and repeated the same process she had done with Kevin.)

GISELLE: I see not only have you psychic abilities starting to develop you can also see the spirits of the deceased.

CHRISSY: Is that going to be a problem.

GISELLE (Shakes her head): Actually No, I might be able to help you open up your abilities more to their potential.


GISELLE: Well do you have something that belongs to Cassie, if i'm trying to find someone I need something of theirs.

KEVIN (Taking out the pendent and the picture): We have this necklace that belonged to Cassie that we found in an abandoned cabin and a picture of her in her sophmore year.

(Giselle takes the pendent and the picture and places it in the middle of the table.)

GISELLE (Looking at Chrissy): Put your hands in mind Chrissy and close your eyes. I want you to think about the cabin and Cassie. Sometimes if a psychic is still developing their powers, than it's possible to be able to speed up the process if they share a vision with a more experianced psychic.

(Chrissy did as Giselle said, and soon she saw Cassie and the man she saw earlier in the cabin making out on one of the couches. Soon  Cassie was laying on the couch with just her bra and underwear one, with the man on top of her looking into her eyes saying something she couldn't hear. Cassie than had her mouth on his wrist sucking it. Then the man moved his mouth onto Cassie's neck and Cassie screamed in pain. Suddenly the vision changed to Cassie all alone in the cabin, throwing the furniture breaking many of them. Cassie just continued to scream as she continued to throw more items.

CHRISSY (Opening her eyes): Oh my god.

KEVIN (Anxious): Well what did you see.

CHRISSY: I honestly don't know one minute Cassie and the guy were having sex, and then he bite into ther neck and the next moment she was throwing the furniture like it didn't weigh anything at all to her.

KEVIN (Confused): She caused the damage to the cabin.

CHRISSY: That's what it looked like. (Turns to Giselle) I thought we would be able to see and hear more of what happened.

GISELLE: I thought so too, but it looks like we can't because in order to see more of what happened we have to be in phyical contact with Cassie.

KEVIN: If you didn't see Cassie being killed or nothing, than does that mean she's still alive somewhere out there.

GISELLE: Well I can try, the pendent should be enough to at least get a glimpse. Would you like to try Chrissy.

CHRISSY (Sighing): Well if it will help get a better view than yes.

(Giselle and Chrissy once again joined hands and closed their eyes. A vision popped up of Cassie laughing and talking with a group of teenagers that neither of them recognized, but what truely stunned Giselle and Chrissy was that Cassie does not look a day older than 19 years old.)

(When Giselle and Chrissy opened their eyes both of them looked completley stunned.)

KEVIN (Hopeful): Where's our sister at Chrissy?

CHRISSY (Stunned): I-I don't know.

KEVIN: Well what did you see?

CHRISSY (Turning to Kevin): In the 24 years that she's been missing, Cassie hasn't aged at all she still looks the same as she does in the picture.

(Kevin's eyes widened as he tried to comprehend the meaning of her words.)

GISELLE (Muttering): Vampire

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