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Season One of Gallows Hill (Series)


Season One centers around protagonists Jack Mayfair and Angelica Mason as they discover that the town they both grew up in harbors some very dark secrets.



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  • Chapter I : The Vampire Chapter: (Ep 1-5) by OldOneX

Chapter One deals with Jack and Angelica finding out about the supernatural secrets that lie beneath the surface of Gallows Hill, a Vampire comes to town and makes himself known, revealing himself intentionally to the Sheriff. The themes of the chapter are loss, depression and change. The main antagonists of this chapter is The Family, Anabrixa Khail and Caleb Cooper.

  • Chapter II : The Love Chapter: (Ep 6-11) by OldOneX & Icedancer487 

Chapter Two deals with the aftermath of the chaos The Family left behind them, the gang returning to college and heartbreak. A mysterious duo enrol in college and when Jessica gets kidnapped they reveal themselves to be rather skilled Vampire Hunters on top of which a serial killer begins killing girls at the college, carving strange symbols into their foreheads. The themes of this chapter are love, heartbreak and personal change. The main antagonists of this chapter is Greta Green and The Serial Killer.

  • Chapter III : The Demon Chapter: (Ep 12-16) by TBA

Chapter Three deals with the consequences of dabbling in magic as someone precious becomes possessed by a Demon, forcing Jeannie and Jasmine to reveal their powers to the rest of The Founder's Council. The Demon then takes complete control and kidnaps the possessed person into the lower realms. Jeannie and Jasmine must help the rest of the gang access the lower realms to save them. The themes of this chapter are consequence, revelation and adventure. The main antagonist of this chapter is the Possessing Demon.

  • Chapter IV : The Strigoi Chapter: (Ep 17-22) by TBA

Chapter Four deals with a new threat coming to town, Strigoi. An ancient vicious blood drinking species that threatens Humans and Vampires alike.  A witch-hunting Strigoi; Stellan Caedis begins making himself known in Gallows Hill as he begins to kill any mortal creature who exhibits any supernatural power. He revives the Queen of the Strigoi, his sire and the root of all creatures of the night; Lamia, she is all-powerful and takes what she wants when she wants, no creature can best her. The gang try to come up with a solution to incapacitate her and they enlist the help of the Gallows Coven. The themes of this chapter are acceptance, team-work and war. The main antagonists of this chapter are Stellan Caedis and Lamia.


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Episode List

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
Out of The Dark The Darkness Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX 2014 #1

Jack Mayfair returns to town after a long while away, after the trauma that was his families funeral, during the summer vacation he will never forget his Mother, Father and little Sister died in a Earthquake, of which he was the only survivor. Unable to cope he ran away and stayed away for four whole weeks. The first thing Jack does on his return is rekindle his love with his long-term girlfriend Angelica (Angel) Mason who is starting back at college, herself and Jack's Grandmother Jeannie have been running Jack's coffee shop Sacred Grounds whilst he had been gone, he must get over his dark depression, move on and settle back into life in Gallows Hill.

Sacred Grounds episode pic Sacred Grounds Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #2

After accidentally killing Madison Young in the previous episode, Angelica Mason discovers that she is a Werefox as she transforms under the full moon as a consequence of taking a human life, she must come to terms with her new reality, overcome her guilt and figure out what do now that Caleb Cooper knows that she's a beast.

Another World episode Another World Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #3

Father and Son, Pasha and Arius, get themselves into dispute with their local clan of Witches and suddenly find themselves fighting for their lives, they escape on their besoms and fly high into the sky but they give chase, in a pursuit through the sky. The magical assassins almost catch up to them when they get enveloped in a bright blue light and whisking them away to the safety of another world, when they arrive, they materialize in different locations in the town of Gallows Hill , with no idea where they are or how to find eachother in this strange alien world.

Medium The Other Side Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #4

In an attempt to help Arius and his father; Pasha, find a way to return them to their own world, Jasmine and Jeannie combine their powers with that of a Psychic prodigy in order to gain access to The Other Side, they hit a snag when they encounter dark spirits that inflict them with fear and misery, Jeannie absorbs their power and embraces their darkness in order to use that power to ensure them all travel into The Other Side by Astral Projection, there in that bizarre and strange world, Jeannie begins to struggle as she begins to exhibit changes caused by the dark spirits, they seek out a higher being known as The Oracle – she who knows all. The Oracle gives Jasmine a ominous warning and tells Pasha and Arius that their world has been corrupted and their monarch assassinated, she summons an ancient sentient artifact that maybe the solution to their plight.

The House on Gallows Hill The House on Gallows Hill Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #5

Jack, Angel, Natalie, Felicity and Arius decide to throw a spooky sleepover in the old creepy house on Gallow Hill - Keeper's Rest, Felicity tells the intriguing story that this house once belonged to an ancestor of hers, she reveals a shocking family secret, they soon find themselves in danger when they find out that they are far from alone in the house as they are busted by a creepy old man, who calls himself "The Keeper", he who is hiding an ancient malevolent secret in the basement.

Beautiful People episode Beautiful People Writer: Icedancer487 Director: OldOneX TBA #6

Being alone sucks. Summer is over and term has begun at Gallows Hill University, freshman are pouring in, one of which Jessica Lyons struggles to fit in after being publically humiliated at a party by Angelica Mason in revenge for her making a pass at her boyfriend; Jack Mayfair but when she and Angel are attacked by a Vampire, the gang suspect that The Family have returned to town, Jessica is taken and Angel must but aside her feelings for her and save her life.

Dark Paradise episode Dark Paradise Writer: TBA Director: OldOneX TBA #7
Never say never episode Never Say Never Writer: TBA Director: OldOneX TBA #8
Down episode Down Writer: TBA Director: OldOneX TBA #9
All I Need episode All I Need Writer: TBA Director: OldOneX TBA #10
Cut x episode Cut Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #11
This will be the Mid-Season Finale
The Possession x episode The Possession Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #12
Beauty of The Dark episode Beauty of The Dark Writer: TBA Director: OldOneX TBA #13
Grimoire episode Grimoire Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #14
Echo episode Echo Writer: TBA Director: OldOneX TBA #15
Guarded x episode Guarded Writer: TBA Director: OldOneX TBA #16
Oblivion episode Oblivion Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #17
Without a word episode Without A Word Writer: TBA Director: OldOneX TBA #18
In Time episode In Time Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #19
Legacy episode Legacy Writer: TBA Director: OldOneX TBA #20
Stellan episode Stellan Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #21
This will be the penultimate episode of Season One
Into-the-Light Into The Light Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #22
This will be the Finale of Season One


Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
The Slain episode The Slain Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #S1
The origins of Beatrix.
Fight or Flight episode Fight or Flight Writer: TBA Director: OldOneX TBA #S2
The origins of Arius
Darkness in Exile episode Darkness In Exile Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #S3
Emerick's Story
That Dreadful Night episode That Dreadful Night Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #S4
The Story of Shiana
An Elegy of Emptiness episode An Elegy of Emptiness Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #S5
SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND - Kevin and Chrissy are finally reunited with their long lost Vampire sister - Raven in Shreveport, she tells her side of the story, however they soon become entangled in the plight of a young witch - Perrine Garcin , whose tyranical father, the psychotic murderous Witch - Julien Garcin, is hunting her and her mother down and is leaving a wave of destruction in his wake, can they all escape Shreveport alive?


  • Nearly all of the Vampires in The Vampire Diaries come from Klaus' Bloodline, however in Gallows Hill most of the Vampire population come from Elijah's Bloodline.
  • A supernatural species known as Strigoi were responsible for most of the myths and legends that the non-supernatural community believe about Vampires, such as not casting a reflection, the inability to be photographed, aversion to religious symbols, holy water and not being able to cross running water, all of which are due to the Strigoi's Demonic origins.
  • It is revealed that Esther invoked the essence of the Progenitor of the Strigoi race; Ereshkigal as a factor in creating the Original Vampires.
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