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Gallows Hill
Season Fan Specials, Episode FS10
Road to Damnation episode
Air date TBA
Written by Forcystus5
Directed by Forcystus5
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Origo Magus
GH/TOF Crossover Special

Road to Damnation is the tenth episode of Fan Specials side-series of the Gallows Hill (Series)


DURZA'S ORIGINS: ROAD TO DAMNATION - The city of New Orleans hadn't been the same since the Original family fled three years prior. The vampires are barely holding themselves together, with in-fighting threatening their supernatural dominance over the city. The two royal werewolf clans, who have been competing over the money and territory of the city for generations, decided to put aside their differences for one full moon in order to wipe out the remaining vampires in the city. The Human Faction is hard press to keep the colateral to a minimum and that the supernatural secrets stay hidden. And the witches, under the command of the Elders, are told to stay neutral in the fast approaching bloodshed. But there is one witch who won't stay neutral and his name is Durza LaMarche. Instead of grave danger, he sees oportunity in the war to come after having a conversation with Marcel. And their deal will unleash a chain of events that will affect New Orleans supernatural future for generations to come. The road to damnation can be a short one. And Durza LaMarche learned that in full.


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  • This episode takes place in 1923, New Orleans.
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