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A Psychic also known as a Seer is a person with the ability to see things in the past, present and future through visions. Some Psychics have extra gifts such as Empathy, Telekinesis and Telepathy. A person can either be born with Psychic powers or the ability to see spirits or both. People can also develop said powers from experiencing trauma or an outer-body-experience. Witches can also develop these skills with practice.

To fully awaken as a Psychic a potential must undergo 6 trials within The Arcanum The trials are:

  • Astral Projection

The young Psychic must be forced into She'ol against their will and forced to undergo a series of tests in order to work their way back to their own body and return to Earth. If they fail this first and crucial test, they die.

  • Telekinesis

The young psychic is taught how to use the power of their mind to move things by merely focusing.

  • Second Sight
  • Mediumship
  • Mind Control
  • Teleportation.

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