Gallows Hill
Season Fan Specials, Episode FS9
The first witch
Air date TBA
Written by OldOneX
Directed by OldOneX
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Origo Magus is the ninth episode of Fan Specials side-series of the Gallows Hill (Series)


THE ORIGIN OF WITCHES -Aeons ago in an era forgotten by history, collassal beings, children of Zu (Devil) now known as Ancients, walk the Earth, they war with eachother and tear the natural world apart, the otherworldly creator An (God) takes pity on his children (Humans) and sends his highest warriors the Gibborim to invade the Earth to save his Garden of Eden from the tyranny of his dark counterpart and his children. The Gibborim begin to kill Ancients, much to the delight of the early Humans who begin to worship the winged divine warriors, in response Zu sends his faithful right hand Lilith and an army of Demons to combat the Gibborim. War is imminent and the face of the world and it's inhabitants will change forever.


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  • Esmé Bianco as Liluria "Leelu" (The First Witch of Light)
  • Claudia Black as Qatesha "Tesh" (The First Dark Witch)
  • Jeri Ryan as Lamia "Mia" (The Original Strigoi)
  • TBA as An (God)
  • TBA as Zu (Devil)
  • TBA as Siris (Angel)
  • TBA as Lilith (Demon)
  • TBA as Aruru (Primordial Being)
  • TBA as Yarikh (Ciel (Elder) of Rurua, Father of Liluria)
  • TBA as Atargatis (Warrior of Rurua, Husband of Liluria)
  • TBA as Baal (Oni)
  • Scythan (Shione, Peace Loving Ancient)
  • Ereshkigal (Ancient, Progenitor of Strigoi, Vampires & Hybrids)
  • Quinos (Ancient, Progenitor of Destroyers)
  • Gilgamesh
  • Lich
  • Moloch

...more coming soon


  • Origo Magus means Origin of the Mage in Ancient Latin.
  • This episode will tell the story of The First Witch, how she got her powers, her confronting and battling the Ancients.
  • This one-shot episode takes place over 20,000 years ago, in a long forgotten era.
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