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Matthaius (Matt) Moor
Biographical information
  • 497BC (age 20/2510)


  • Student/Vampire Hunter
Family information
Family members
  • Aulnen (Paternal Great-Grandfather)
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Spell to halt his aging
Significant kills
  • His Best Friend (In a failed attempt to invoke the sun)
Played by
First seen
Last seen
  • TBA


Matthaius was born in Northern Africa in the 5th Century BC, he is a Moor. He was born of a Witch who had taken a Werewolf for a husband, together they bore a child who had inherited both the Magic of the Witches from his Mother and the Curse of The Moon from his Father, as he grew up he became a magical prodigy, studying and practising advanced Magic that greatly outpassed his Mother. When himself and a fellow Witch decided to play with Magic, it all went terribly wrong. They attempted to invoke the Sun but as they did, his friend got burn to a cinder. Upon his death, Matthaius' Werewolf gene was triggered and he was forced to shift into the beast, he ran away from home and never looked back, he used Expression Magic to make himself ageless and he became an eternal wanderer. Over the years he became dissatisfied with his name so he shortened it to Matt and took his ethnicity which was Moor and used that as a Surname.

Throughout Gallows Hill

Season One



  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Super Senses
  • Immunity to disease and infection
  • Supernaturnal Healing


He has light ebony skin and afro style hair, he has amber coloured eyes and the appearance of a man in his 20's


He is confident but reckless, he has a serious superiority complex, he is sharp and intelligent.


Season One


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