Liam Salvan
Liam Salvan
Biographical information
  • May 5 1863
  • 1878 (15/144)
  • Undead
  • Vampire


Family information
Family members
  • Yusuf and Abby's Unnamed Daughter † (Ancestor)
  • Yusuf and Abby's Unnamed Daughter's Son †
  • Ulisa Salvan (Mother)
Supernatural information
Cause of death


Killed by

His father Silvanus.

Played by
First seen

The Salvan Salvation

Last seen
  • TBA

Liam Salvan is a member of The Salvan Family

He is a vampire who was turned by his father when he came down with a illness he is played by Liam James.


Liam Salvan was born in the 1863 in a town called Gallows Hill he lived in a cottage at the base of Gallow Hill, he had a mother and father Ulisa and Silvanus.

Later HistoryEdit

At the age of fifteen, he had a relationship with a human girl named Katrina  which existed till Katrina sadly died of flu which spread though out the town of Gallows Hill and viciously decimated a large portion of the population, but six days before that Liam became ill and was bedridden for days on end, suffering in agony, heartbreak and loneliness. In secret Salva's Father Silvanus secretly found a solution to his sons illness... Vampire blood the whereabout of where he got the blood is unknown. Salva's father told him that the blood would cure him of the illness but Salva was shook of the fact that once he would take the vampire blood he would have to die and come back as a vampire but to take a little light note of it Silvanus told Salva that the vampire blood would stop the illness ever coming back and that Silvanus himself is a vampire and so is Ulisa; Salva's mother. Salva finally took the vampire blood and was willing to let his father kill him and let him come back as a vampire. The next morning Salva awoke with a banging headache and only to find fangs growing from his gums. Salva agreed with himself that he will no longer love anymore for once his one true love was Katrina . Him and his family left Gallows Hill never to return.

Pre-Present Day Edit

He attends a school in a small town, and meets his friend best-friend Finn.

Present DayEdit

Liam now owns a house , somewhere in america.  

Season OneEdit

Coming Soon..

Specials Edit


In his Human years he was Quiet and bashful but very compassionate, empathetic and understanding. In his Vampire years he is Ruthless and very comic but underneath that ruthlessness theres a little bit of caring inside.


Brown Hair, green eyes, he wears casual clothes in his modern day appearance. In 1800s he wore a suit.


These are the Objects he uses.

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