Laura Bishop Wallace
Biographical information

1971 (age 43)



  • Model
  • Actress
  • Businesswoman


Family information
Family members

Jonathan Bishop†
Henry Bishop†
Charlotte Bishop†
Scott Bishop†
Eve Bishop†
Richard Wallace †
Peyton Wallace
Kate Bishop

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Significant sires


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  • TBA


Laura is a "self-made" businesswoman who is obsessed with her looks. She loves her daughter Peyton very much and is very protective over her but at the same time she worries that Peyton isn't having too much as a teenager and she often urges her daughter to go out and have fun. She is a true socialite who knows how to treat guest but at the same time she isn't afraid to show her more darker side and she will do anything to protect her family, even if that means hurting other people.


5' 5¼" (1,66 m), Curvaceous, Buxom figure, Blond hair, Sparkling blue eyes, breathy voice,Full lips, Thick eyebrows, Pointed, turned up nose. Laura is always dressed very elegant, you will never see her wearing a training suit. She often busy with her appearances. She always wears skirts and blouses (who are sometimes a little bit too revealing). She always finishes her outfits with jewelry.

Back StoryEdit

Laura was born in the small village of Chester's Mill. She grew up alongside her younger sister, Katherine. Her father died very young and she was mostly raised by her single mother, Eve. When Laura was 17, she started dating Richard Wallace whom she later married and had a daughter with named Peyton. Laura worked as a model during her 20's but quit to take care of her daughter. Later on she and her husband decided to move to L.A. so that Laura could pursue a career in acting which was not very successful. When her husband, Richard, died in a car accident, Laura turned into an emotionally wreck. She pulled trough with the help from her daughter and she decided to move back to Chester's Mill to great dismay of her daughter. Once in Chester's Mill Laura bought her old house back and opened up her own small antique shop.

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