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Kevin Miller
Biographical information

August 28, 1969 (Age 44)




Comic Book salesman





Family information
Family members

Cynthia Miller (Mother)

Ray Miller (Father)

Liz Miller (Older Sister)

Adam Miller (Older Brother)

Raven (Younger Sister)

Chrissy Miller (Youngest Sister)

Anna Miller (Sister in law)

Juliet Miller (Niece)

Jimmy Miller (Nephew)

Supernatural information
Played by

Jack Black

First seen

Seekers of the Truth

"I am a horrible brother"
— Kevin to Chrissy in the Seekers of the Truth

Kevin Miller is the older brother of Raven and a member of The Miller family.

Early Life

Kevin was born in the summer of 1969 to Cynthia and Raymond Miller, Growing up he was close to his younger sister Cassandra and would often help her out when she was having difficulties with their parents. From an early age he had amazing talent with video cameras. His parents who soon discovered this had him taking classes on weekends and had him join his High School video club in order for him to develop his skills.

After Graduation he directed some small independent films that ended up being real successful. In the spring of 1989 he was given the offer to direct the film Home Alone, believeing this would be his big break into Hollywood he accepted. Not long after accepting the offer, his sister Cassandra disappeared one night with no explanation. He suspended production for weeks in order to search for his sister, but she couldn't be found. Soon after his parents urged him to stop searching for Cassandra, and go on and direct the film that would make him famous. Realizing that his parents only cared about him getting famous instead of searching for their missing daughter, he dropped out as director of Home alone, much to his parents anger and dismay. He ended up working side jobs, and once he got enough money saved, he opened up his own comic book store.


Kevin is a Kind hearted man, who has the heart of a child. Kevin is a major Sci-Fi fan and enjoyes movies like Star wars and Star Trek. He also is a major comic book reader and likes to collect rare and valuable action figures and comic books. He is also a firm believer of the supernatural, he believes that their are things out there that can't be explained by ordinary humans. He believes everyone deserves second chances and that people can be redeemed through time. While he loves and cares for his family, he feels emotionally distant from his family, except for his youngest sister Chrissy, because all his parents really ever talk is about his older siblings success and they never let him live down on how he let being successful slip away from him.


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