Jack Mayfair
Jack Mayfair
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  • 1989 (age 24)
  • Alive
  • Coffee Shop Owner
  • Human
  • Psychic (Awakening)
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  • TBA

Jack Mayfair is a member of the Mayfair Family.


Tragedy struck on what was supposed to be an exotic vacation to Asia, turned into a veritable nightmare. In a freak event, an earthquake struck and killed his Mother Joyce Mayfair-Daniels, his Father James Daniels and his little sister Janie Mayfair whose body was never found. He had to travel back to West Virginia to give his Grandmother Jeannie Mayfair the news that their family had died, once the bodies of Joyce and James had been released, they could bury them. After the funeral, Jack became withdrawn and depressed, he couldn't handle it so he ran away for three whole weeks he did nothing but wander the West Virginian countryside in search of his sanity and peace of mind.

Throughout Gallows Hill


  • 1st Dan Blackbelt Taekwondo
  • Astral Projection
  • Telekinesis


He had short curly dark hair and had blue eyes and likes to wear lots of dark colours.


He is protective of those who he cares for,he is in love with his girlfriend Angelica Mason he is selfless and altruistic, thoughful, honest and kind. Sometimes he can be depressive and taciturn but other time he can be cheeky, cheery and spunky.


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