Ian Caldwell
Ian Caldwell
Biographical information

1988 (25)






Werewolf (Triggered)



Family information
Family members

Unknown Mother

Unknown Father

Supernatural information
Played by

Alex Pettyfer

First seen

Children of the Night

Ian Caldwell is a friend of Emma's and a werewolf that will help track down Cassie.

Early Life

Ian was born into a well off family in Texas. Growing up he had anger problems that caused many violent arguments in school. His parents sent him to therapy in hopes of helping him control his anger, but it never did. He ended up going to the college on a football scholarship, where he would eventually meet Emma Griffin. Than one night at a drunken party, he accidentally killed someone, triggering the werewolf gene.


Before triggering the werewolf gene, many people viewed Ian as a jerk who was obsessed with his reputation and didn't care about anyone. He liked to party all night and get drunk and have one night stands with other woman, even if he was dating someone at the time.

After turning into a werewolf, his personality drastically changed. While still retaining a sarcastic personality, Ian is more compassionate towards others, than he was before. Though he can be a bite untrusting towards others, and very picky about his friends, he will help people that need his help, and won't turn someone down.

Powers and Abilities

Like all werewolves, Ian must undergo the painful transformation every full moon.

Unlike most werewolves, Ian is able to control himself in his wolf form.


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