Gallows Hill
Season Two (Fan Specials), Episode 4
Grace episode
Air date TBA
Written by Icedancer487
Directed by Icedancer487
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The Devil's Due

Grace is the fourth episode of Fan Specials (Season Two), a sequel to The Devils of Salem and the twenty-sixth episode of Fan Specials, the side-series of Gallows Hill (Series).


Love's Journey- 18 months after the end of the witch trials and Grace's disapperance, Christian struggles to move forward with his life. However he recieves shocking information about Grace from an unexpected person, which leads him to leave his family and search for Grace. During his search, he will discover a whole new world that he never knew existed.


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  • This episode runs parallel to the episode The Devil's Due and will share some scenes.
  • Takes place 18 months after the events of The Devils of Salem.
  • The Setting will move from Salem, to Florence, Italy.
  • The story will switch between Christian's and Grace's POV.

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