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Gothics are an extradimensional species of Witch. The look Human but are actually of both Human and Demonic descent, they can also retain their Magic when being turned into a Vampire due to their Demonic heritage.


Long ago two doomed lovers fell in love, a Rorrimian Witch Princess and a Demon King. The people of Rorrim rioted against their love and assassinated the Demon King. What the people didn't know is that their love had been consummated and the Princess was with child, the people and her parents the King and Queen would have seen this child as an abomination and would have surely put her to death. The Princess escaped from the Castle in the absolute darkness of the rare "full night", she disappeared into Rorrim's underworld where she found sanctuary with the Demons. They cared for her throughout her pregnancy and then when she gave birth, the Original Gothic was born, a Witch and Demon Hybrid. The Princess was turned into a Vampire and became on of the founding members and High Queen of The Dark Triumvirate. She vowed to get revenge on those who murdered her demonic lover.


  • Gothics are the descendants of the child of the first High Queen
  • The only non Gothic or Demon member to have ever been on the Triumvirate is the first High Queen who was merely a Human turned Vampire.
  • All the descendants of the child are Witch-Demon Hybrids because of their demonic blood they can retain their magic even after been turned into a Vampire.


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