Biographical information

May 1, 1970 (Age 43)




Owner of Madame Giselle's Psychic readings.






Family information
Family members

Unknown Mother

Unknown Father

Emma Griffin (Goddaughter)

Supernatural information
Played by

Idnia Menzel

First seen

Seekers of the Truth

Last seen

Children of the Night

Giselle is a former classmate of Cassie, who has the ability to see events from the past as well as the future. She will attempt to help Kevin and Chrissy locate their sister.

Early LifeEdit

Giselle was born and raised in Dallas, Texas in a family of Psychics. Giselle's abilities developed at a very early age, and by the time she was sixteen had complete control over her abilities. Throughout high school she would often charge people money to tell their future. Despite being right all the time, many found her to be a creep and a stalker because of it. She eventually went on to open up her own private Psychic reading store.

Seekers of the TruthEdit

Kevin and Chrissy seek her out in order to try and understand what happened in that cabin 24 years ago. Giselle who had seen them coming, introduced herself and explained that she would try to help. After doing both of their readings, Giselle asked Chrissy to join her in order to help Chrissy develop her powers. As soon as the two joined hands, they had a vision of Cassie and her boyfriend making out in a cabin, while he bites her. Soon the vision goes to Cassie throwing furniture all around the place in a fite of rage. Shocked at the vision, Giselle and Chrissy attempted to look in Cassie's future. The vision showed them of Cassie looking the same as she did 24 years ago. After the vision ended Giselle in shock mumured the word Vampire.


Giselle appears to most people as a mysterious woman because of her predictions that always come true. She attemtps to draw people in that way, because she believes the more mysterious you are, the better for buisness. While she uses her abilities for money, she will never lie to her customers and will help anyone that asks for her assistance.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As a Psychic, Giselle can see Past and Future events. Unlike Chrissy, Giselle developed her powers at a young age, which she developed over the years. She has complete control over her abilities, which means she can choose when she wants to have a vision at will.


  • She must have physical contact with a person in order to have a clear vision of their future.
  • Looking into someone's past, without that person being there requires the psychic to get memories from anyone close to that person.
  • Looking into someone's future without that person being there, requires an item from the person that the psychic is looking for.
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