Gallows Hill
Gallows Hill
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West Virginia

This article is about the town of Gallows Hill. You may be looking for the location within the town, Gallow Hill (Location) or the series itself Gallows Hill (Series)

It's just so horrible, this is Gallows Hill, no one ever gets murdered here.
Angelica Mason to Jeannie Mayfair

- in Season 1 Episode 1 - The Darkness.

Gallows Hill is a small hidden away town in West Virginia.

The Founder's Council

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The Founders Council is an association of the Founding Families, town people descended from the original settlers of Gallows Hill, as well as various town officials such as Mayors, Sheriffs and people on the Medical Board. On the surface it is a civic organization dedicated to celebrating local history, though beneath the surface lies centuries of tradition regarding the supernatural world, the council's mission is to protect the town from supernatural beings, especially Vampires, that the town has had problems with in the past. They strive to keep order and to keep the supernatural world from flowing into theirs by covering up any supernatural problems, such as murder.

Current Members

Deceased Members


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