Finn 2
Finn (Lorelei Evans)
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1996 (age 18)





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Mary Evans†
Rebecca Evans

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  • TBA


Finn has had a very hard life after being abandoned by her birth parents. She went trough several foster families before she finally turned 18 and was given the permission to live on her own. Due to her past, she became very uncaring and vicious. No many people know that Finn is actually a witch, a fact that she tries to keep hidden so that she would not be considered a "freak" by others.


5' 3" (1,6 m), big blue-green eyes, red hair. She always wears fashionable clothes such as short skirts, tops with leggings. She often wears boots or short heels. She always tries to show her sexual side trough her clothes, almost teasing the men in her life.

Back StoryEdit

Not much is known about Finn's past. She was born in Gallows Hill and given up for adoption by her birth mother. After that she ended up in the foster system but she was never truly adopted by any of the families because secretly they were all scared by her. She discovered her powers at the age of 16 and first tried to hide them but then discovered they were very useful. At the age of 18, she moved to the nearby village of Chester's Mill, drawn by its mysterious magic.

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