Fanny Webb
Fanny Webb
Biographical information

1652 (Age 40)









Family information
Family members

Jacob Webb (Husband)

Grace Webb (Daughter)

Frederick Webb (Grandson)

Lisa Webb (Descendant)

Anna Miller (Descendant)

Juliet Miller (Descendant)

Jimmy Miller (Descendant)

Supernatural information
Cause of death

Slit Throat

Killed by

Carol Griffin

Played by

Demi Moore

First seen

The Devils of Salem


Frances "Fanny" Webb is the Mother of Grace Webb and the wife of Jacob Webb. She is an ancestor to the Webb Family.

Early LifeEdit

Fanny Webb was born in 1652 in England to a family of powerful witches. Growing up her family taught her everything about magic and how to be proud of her heritage. She eventually found love with a human man name Jacob Webb and went on to marry him despite her family's protest. They eventually relocated to the colonies and moved to Salem, Massachusetts. A year after moving, Fanny gave birth to their daughter Grace.


Fanny is an extremely devoted woman to her family and fellow witches. While she loves her husband deeply, she keeps the secret of her and their daughter being witches in fear of his reaction. She does her best to look out for her daughter as her powers developed. She also loves to tease her daughter about the subject of marriage. While she does hide her magic from everyone, she is very bitter about it believing that the witches shouldn't have to hide who they are and believes that witches and humans can live amongst each other in peace.


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