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 Season of the Fans

Liam James as Liam Salvan

Paul Wesley as Stefan Salvatore
Joseph Morgan as Niklaus Mikaelson
Candice Accola as Caroline Forbes
William Levy as Azell Eredeti
Nina Dobrev as Amara/Maristella Petrova/Tatia Petrova/Katherine Pierce/Elena Gilbert
Jack Black as Kevin Miller
Amber Tamblyn as Chrissy Miller
Azura Skye as Raven
Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore
Elizabeth Blackmore as Kate Allen
Ksenia Solo as Ava
Naya Rivera as Diana

Maddie Hasson as Peyton Wallace

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Season One of Fan Specials the side-series of Gallows Hill (Series).

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Season Summary

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Episode List

Image Title Writer(s) Director(s) Airdate #
TSS 1 The Salvan Salvation Writer: Icedancer487 Director: Icedancer487 TBA #FS1
SALVATION - After their homeland becomes ravaged by a vicious plague, they burn down their former house and flee on horseback. Years later, their former descendants face some new challenges as we see a whole new dimension around the family that settle in Gallows Hill. Liam Salvan finds a relationship in the mayor's daughter Katrina, but it all changes when Liam becomes ill and begins to exhibit symptoms of the plague that they had tried to excape, his father gets offered a cure by a stranger just in the nick of time, but to survive and live, Liam must first die.
Allure of the Shadows episode Allure of the Shadows Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #FS2
THE ALLURE OF THE DOPPELGANGER - In a very distant future, it seems that death nor time is an obstacle for the Sorceress turned Wraith; Demelza Devonata as she resurrects Amara, Maristella, Tatia, Katerina and Elena, where the supernatural world dominates the Human one. A new breed of Immortal has been created, one which threatens everything, Vampires and Humans alike and the Petrova Doppelgangers are the only solution, can they all work together to save the world?
Seekers of the Truth episode Seekers of the Truth Writer: Icedancer487 Director: Icedancer487 Jan 2014 #FS3
FAMILY - 24 years after the disappearance of Cassie Miller, older brother Kevin believes there is something more than meets the eye to her sudden disappearance. He enlists the help of his younger sister Chrissy to find clues of her whereabouts so that they may salvage what is left of their broken family.
A Legend Falls episode A Legend Falls Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #FS4
Scream of the Dead episode Scream of the Dead Writer: Delena4Ever Director: Delena4Ever TBA #FS5
SCREAM OF THE DEAD - Kate Allen moves into a new apartment after her mother was found dead. Soon after she began to have strange dreams and feels that someone caused her mother death.
Unspeakable Danger Unspeakable Danger Writer: Cori11 Director: Cori11 TBA #FS6
SLOWLY BEING OVERCOME WITH GRIEF-- Diana begins to feel death coming and Ava finds herself in danger with a new enemy. Diana has no choice but to act when they realise someone is in danger of dying soon resulting in Ava being taken hostage.
Children of the Night episode Children of the Night Writer: Icedancer487 Director: Icedancer487 Feb 2014 #FS7
SUPERNATURALLY BOUND- Kevin and Chrissy's journey soon takes an unexpected turn and soon find themselves learning more about the world that they live in. As their search continues, they'll encounter things that they never knew existed.
There's No Place Like Home episode There's No Place Like Home Writer: CarolovesTVD Director: CarolovesTVD TBA #FS8
HOMEWARD BOUND - Brendan Phillips picks up a hitchhiker named Peyton Wallace. The young woman only has one destination: Gallows Hill. As Brendan drives her to her destination, Peyton reveals her dark past to Brendan who has no idea what he has gotten himself into. Slowly, Peyton reveals her hidden agenda to Brendan. She's going back to her old hometown with a mission...
The first witch Origo Magus Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #FS9
THE ORIGIN OF WITCHES -Aeons ago in an era forgotten by history, collassal beings, children of Zu (Devil) now known as Ancients, walk the Earth, they war with eachother and tear the natural world apart, the otherworldly creator An (God) takes pity on his children (Humans) and sends his highest warriors the Gibborim to invade the Earth to save his Garden of Eden from the tyranny of his dark counterpart and his children. The Gibborim begin to kill Ancients, much to the delight of the early Humans who begin to worship the winged divine warriors, in response Zu sends his faithful right hand Lilith and an army of Demons to combat the Gibborim. War is imminent and the face of the world and it's inhabitants will change forever.
Road to Damnation episode Road to Damnation Writer: Forcystus5 Director: Forcystus5 TBA #FS10
DURZA'S ORIGINS: ROAD TO DAMNATION - The city of New Orleans hadn't been the same since the Original family fled three years prior. The vampires are barely holding themselves together, with in-fighting threatening their supernatural dominance over the city. The two royal werewolf clans, who have been competing over the money and territory of the city for generations, decided to put aside their differences for one full moon in order to wipe out the remaining vampires in the city. The Human Faction is hard press to keep the colateral to a minimum and that the supernatural secrets stay hidden. And the witches, under the command of the Elders, are told to stay neutral in the fast approaching bloodshed. But there is one witch who won't stay neutral and his name is Durza LaMarche. Instead of grave danger, he sees oportunity in the war to come after having a conversation with Marcel. And their deal will unleash a chain of events that will affect New Orleans supernatural future for generations to come. The road to damnation can be a short one. And Durza LaMarche learned that in full.
GHXTOF episode GH/TOF Crossover Special Writer: OldOneX & Cori11 Director: OldOneX & Cori11 TBA #FS11
Ghxbtvs episode pic GH X BTVS Crossover Episode Part 1 Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #FS12
THE SLAYER OF LEGEND - Motivated by the death of her sister Brianne Dabney casts a dark spell on the Bitorian to call forth a force, she hopes will be strong enough to combat the swelling population of Strigoi within the town, the Bitorian reaches through the Great Wall and even through time and forcibly drags legendary other-worldly warriors into hers, she discovers that warriors are not the only thing she has brought forth as a vampire-like alien species begins running amok in the town.
GHBTVS 2 episode GH X BTVS Crossover Episode Part 2 Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #FS13
The War of Blood episode The War of Blood Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #FS14
Destiny episode Destiny Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #FS15
Fire and Blood episode Fire and Blood Writer: Illyriarocks Director: Illyriarocks TBA #FS16
The Deadline episode The Deadline Writer: LiamJaco1998lfc Director: LiamJaco1998lfc TBA #FS17
THE NEW PETROVA - After Katherine Pierce becomes a passenger inside Elena Gilbert's body, she escapes Mystic Falls and plans on living her life without having to run from anyone. Katherine escapes to West Virginia where she finds an unexpected ally in a newly discovered Petrova Doppelganger.
150px A State of Danger Writer: LiamJaco1998lfc Director: LiamJaco1998lfc TBA #FS18
150px Witch Riot Writer: LiamJaco1998lfc Director: LiamJaco1998lfc TBA #FS19
Dark Reality episode Dark Reality Writer: LiamJaco1998lfc Director: LiamJaco1998lfc TBA #FS20
POSSESS THE LIVING - Tom Branson; a boy on holiday with his family in Mexico, finds himself inside a supernatural playground when he gets hunted by an evil vampire Samuel Mantix; who claims to be a Traveller and plans to kill the last of his descendants; Tom and his parents.
Gothika episode Gothika Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #FS21
150px Becoming Writer: OldOneX Director: OldOneX TBA #FS22
This will be the Season Finale and will chart the Origins of Caleb Cooper.
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