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In a distant future, Destroyers are supernaturally reanimated corpses, co-inhabited by the spirit of the deceased person and a fragment of the spirit of the Ancient Quinos that feed and survive off of blood, Human and Vampire alike. 


Destroyers who created by the Chaos Coven and the Remnants in order to wipe out Vampires and Hybrids so Humans could reclaim the Earth but it didn't go to plan. Any humanoid being (Human, Vampire, Hybrid, Were etc.) who have consumed Destroyer blood and died within 24 hours of doing so will rise as a Destroyer. The nature of the person's death is irrelevant, however the body must be intact and able to function. 

Note: Strigoi are unable to be turned into a Destroyer for the simple fact of Strigoi are the same as Destroyers. Strigoi are already being inhabited by fragments of the Ancient Ereshkigal.

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