Gallows Hill
Season Two (Fan Specials), Episode 3
Air date TBA
Written by LiamJaco1998lfc
Directed by LiamJaco1998lfc
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Dark Truths is the third episode of Fan Specials (Season Two), the sequel to Dark Reality and the twenty-fifth episode of Fan Specials, the side-series of Gallows Hill (Series).


THERE FATE IS SEALED - While Tom and Ken are stuck on The Other Side, Milisa reveals how she was turned into a vampire, and starts to remember her sons life. Tom finds some unknown residents of The Other Side, who tell them something horribly terrifying. Ken's assumption about Samuel is wrong when Samuel plans to escape The Other Side and possess someone close to Tom. Meanwhile, Milisa and Jason try to find a way to bring them back, so they join forces with The Woman

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  • This episode is a sequel to Dark Reality and will take place after that episode.
  • Tom and Ken Branson are both stuck on the other side and it starts to fall apart.
    • They will meet some other deceased characters.
  • Dark Truths is set at the same time as The Vampire Diaries's Gone Girl.
  • Some of our most loved characters will be lost in The Other Side.
  • Milisa Branson will reveal how she became a Vampire.
  • This episode will mark the first appearance of Devon, Ashley Utah and Stan Utah.
  • Ken and Tom reside in Peace, but it doesn't seem right as it falls apart.
  • The Other Side's problems on TVD will effect this episode.
  • The Other Side will break apart, show a soft-of firey hell.
  • Samuel will possess TBA (Read to find out)
  • There will be a few flashbacks involving Tom's deceased brother; Devon.
  • One of our main characters will suffer their fate.
  • Samuel will become a passenger inside a person to retrieve his goal to stop Milisa and Jason from bringing Ken and Tom back to life.
  • A child will be dragged into darkness by an unknown force.

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