Story Page for Fan Specials #20 - Dark Reality

FSx20 - Dark Reality

Written & Directed by LiamJaco1998lfc

Street, Somewhere in West VirginiaEdit

(Jenna Graham; walks along the road to her house, she holds her phone in her hand. Suddenly, she hears a sudden bang behind her, she turns around to investigate the darkness of the street.)

Jenna's House, PorchEdit

(Jenna reaches her door, she gets out her keys and put's it in the lock, then she hears a noise that makes her jump.)

JENNA: Hello?, Is anyone there?

(She twists the key in the lock and she walks into her home and closes the door.)

Inside Jenna's HomeEdit

(Jenna walks up to her bed room and turns the light on, the window is strangely open.)

JENNA (to herself): What the hell, Can't Jacob open things then close them..Damn!

(She closes the window, in more than a second she hears a noise in her front yard.)

House YardEdit

(Jenna walks into the darkness of her garden and she sees a lightened figure standing in the darkness.)

JENNA: Okay, dude. This isn't funny, whoever you are you'd better leave me along.

(The dark figure disappears. Jenna runs to the front of her house to her car and gets in, quickly. She looks to the back window, The black figure swoops past the front window screen scaring her half to death. Scared out of her wits; she starts the car and drives out of her drive. She drives down the street, she heads into a deserted woodland road then almost calmed down; the dark figure is standing in the middle of the road. Jenna scared in horror as he jumps onto her window screen and smashes his hands through her window screen. Struggling to see, she jumps out of the car and lands on the hard concrete.)


JENNA: (feeling herself land on the concrete) ahhh!!!

(She stands and realizes she's got bruises and scratches from her hard collapses from her car, then she draws attention to the figure who is now dead on the concrete. Jenna doesn't waste her time; she runs for her life and doesn't look back, she notices a hospital near by and runs for it like there's no other choice. As she runs, she hears a voice from nowhere.)

VOICE (Man's Voice): I bet you don't know me.

(The Black figure jumps her from the darkness, and she smashes to the ground. The Black Figure stands above her, grinning, and he knees by her and rubs her face.)

BLACK FIGURE: I'm Sorry. But your just too tasty to resist.

JENNA: (barely able to speak) Who are you?

BLACK FIGURE: My name is Samuel Mantix, NOW! Where is Tom Branson?...I'd like a little word with him (grins)

JENNA: He's my...cousin..Don't you dare hurt him!!

SAMUEL: Sorry, your a loose end and gladly for you, your on my hit list.


SAMUEL: Killing all my descendent'. Where is he?

(Jenna refuses to tell him but Samuel won't take it. He drives his hand through her chest.)

SAMUEL: It will take me less than a second to rip your heart out, so I'll ask you one last time where is Tom Branson?!!

JENNA: (muttering silently) North America....

SAMUEL: Sorry I didn't quite catch that!

JENNA: (speech goes low) North America,, He's in North America. Mexico.

SAMUEL: Well, I'd like to say, be on your way. But looks like your now worthless.

JENNA: What?

(Samuel pulls his hand out of her chest, pulling out with him her heart. Her eyes close as she dies. Samuel stands and smiles.)

Basketball Ground - Morning, Mexico - Three months LaterEdit

(Tom Branson, Jason, Groven and Wilson  are playing basketball, Tom takes his goal and Jason throws it to Tom who throws it to his other friend.)

JASON: Hey, did you see that shot?

TOM: Yeah it was awesome.

JASON: (refering to Tom) You totally kicked his ass

TOM: Yes, I did Jason and that won't be the last of it. (grins)

GROVEN: Oyy, I've did it twice in one week Jason.

(Groven snatches the basketball from Tom and shoots it through the basketball hoop.)

GROVEN: (after ball hits the hoop) Oh ye!...(mocking Jason) Did you see that shot?

TOM: Jason doesn't answer to loosers Groven.

WILSON: Doesn't mean he won't answer to "Hey bitch".

GROVEN: Did someone say my name? (grins)

WILSON: Groven No. "Bitch" Yes, although i would say 'Person who came 10th in last weeks Basketball trial'.

GROVEN: Do you wanna live?

TOM: Look girls stop fighting we've got a game to get on with. Any ways don't you think it's time to go?

JASON: Awesome, I'll get going then. 

(Jason grabs his sports bag and runs off.)

(Minutes after It's night, Tom plays on his own; he throws the ball into the hoop.)

TOM (to himself; as he bounces the ball around): Tom gets his way, and he shoots. Oh yah!!!

(Tom throws the ball into the basketball hoop one last time. A girl walks onto the basketball ground, Tom looks and smiles at her.)

TOM: (smiles) Hi. (holds the basketball up) Wanna play?

GIRL: (smiles, trying to impress him) No, thanks. My name is Jasama. 

TOM: Thomas, but people call me Tom. Short for Thomas. (throws the ball in the hoop)

JASAMA: Well, Tom you seem like a nice chap.

TOM: How do you know, you've only been here a few seconds? (grins)

JASAMA: I've watched you play for the past 4 hours, not that been stalking (smiles) Where are your friends?

TOM: (corrects Jasama) Well, friend Jason Utah. Other 3, nah.

JASAMA: So Tom, You sound like an american? am I right?

TOM: Oh yes, I am a yank (laughs) 

JASAMA: So which part of the states are you from? 

TOM: Gallows Hill, I guess you haven't heard of it, no?

JASAMA: Yes, I have infact. Filled with spooky goings on, huh (smiles)

TOM: well, it is spooky but you get used to it when you've lived there for almost your whole life.

JASAMA: I suppose. 

TOM: Do you like all of that supernatural stuff?

JASAMA: Yes, I've always liked them. 

TOM: Always, I think i'd better get going. 

JASAMA: Cool, yah. 

(Tom puts his sportsbag on his sholder, Jasama watches him walk off; she smiles.)

??? (behind her): Was it worth it?

(Jasama turns around and unknown figure stands; barely see able in the darkness.)

JASAMA: What do you want?

???:  Keeping my word, I already have one off the list. I need three more, including him. I've hunted for them for centuries.

JASAMA: I've done what you told me. (Steps to the figure) Now, leave me alone.

???: You forgot something

(Jasama takes out a knife and hands it to the figure.)

???: (touching it's blade) I've been looking for this for centuries.


(Tom walks alone, in the darkness, Cars go past beeping and playing music. Winds starts to blow and leafs and papers start to blow in his face, he struggles to keep walking. He walks into an alleyway. He starts to hear horrifying noises; Bottles smashing and girls screaming.)

TOM: Who's there?

(He sees a dark figure standing at the end of the alleyway.)

TOM: are you okay? sir.

???: It's horrible. 

TOM: What?

(Tom walks to him; thinking he's hurt.)

???: Getting your whole family taken away from you.

TOM: I don't know. 

???: It's horrible.

TOM: What is?

???: Death. 

TOM: I don't know, sir. I've never experienced it. 

???: Never say never.

(The figure holds a knife; he rubs it's blade and steps out of the darkness; It's Samuel Mantix, (sarcastic) ever heard me? Tom draws attention to Samuel's knife and steps back.)

TOM: Sir, you don't want to do this.

SAMUEL: Sure, I do.

(Samuel vamp-speeds and smashes him against the wall.)

TOM: (breathing heavy) Please, Don't.

(Samuel gabs the knife in Tom's stomach; Tom Screams in pain, then he Tom tries to stand as Samuel pulls the knife out and disappears. Tom stands and clutches his deadly wound, then all of a sudden the blustery wind, smacks him to the floor and by the unseen force gets dragged to the end of the alley way. He tries to get a grip and stand, but there's no avail and he gets sucked out of the alleyway into sudden darkness.)

Tom's Bedroom, NightEdit

(Tom awakes screaming his head-off. It seems to be a dream; As he just comes back into reality; he looks around the room; nothing it's there.)

TOM: (exhausted/happy) Oh my god....

(Tom lays back on his bed and falls asleep.)

Outside Coffee Shop, MorningEdit

(His mother; Milisa Branson and Tom sit. Jasama hands coffee to Milisa.)

JASAMA: (handing her the coffee) Here's your coffee.

MILISA: (to Jasama) Thanks

JASAMA: Cool Basketball, Tom. Keep it up. 

TOM: I try. (smiles)

(Jasama walks into the coffee shop.)

MILISA: (to Tom) Who's that?

TOM: Just a girl.

MILISA: Just a girl, huh.

TOM: Where's dad?

MILISA: He's unpacking.

TOM: Really?, We've been here for a week and still hasn't unpacked. 

MILISA: I'm afraid so. I want to talk to you about something.

TOM: Shoot.

MILISA: Well, me and your dad have been thinking we should stay here, like permanent stay. Anyway, there's more things here than in Virginia. There's fortune tellers. Basketball Grounds and cafes.

TOM: (sarcastic) ye, I really use cafes. But I may try the fortune teller. 

(Samuel stands watching them in a alleyway.)

MILISA: Anyway, any cool things going on in the land of Tom?

TOM: Well, I have drawed 2 times less than Gallows Hill's basketball team and I beat Jason twice. 

(Tom messess with his fingers in destress.)

MILISA: Are you okay, Tom?

TOM: Yes..Nothing it's okay.

MILISA: Honey, If it's something about stay here please, don't worry.

TOM: No it isn't that.

MILISA: Please me.

TOM: Well, since i've came here. I've been having visions, well it's more like dreams. Of someone. (Tom sees Samuel and remembers from his nightmare) No...

MILISA: People tent to dream about someone they love honey it's nothing to worry.

TOM: (looks back to Milisa) How about I try the fortune teller?

MILISA: Sure, Don't and have fun.

(Tom lifts off his chair and follows Samuel into the city quarter.)

City QuarterEdit

(As Tom follows Samuel, he suddenly disappears.)

TOM: (result of his Samuel's disappearence) What the hell?

(Then a old woman grabs his palm, Tom looks at her; she sits with a table infront of her. Tom still wanting to find him, sits on a chair facing the woman.)

TOM: I guess your the fortune teller.

FORTUNE TELLER:  My name is Joanue Wixet, I'm a fortune Teller. Would you like me to tell you your fortune?

TOM: (nods) yes please.

JOANUE: First I will need your hand.

(Tom holds his hand out and Joanue holds his palm. Joanue and Tom close their eyes.)

JOANUE: I see darkness.

(Joanue starts to see images in her mindJason awaking and getting attacked, Samuel holding Tom's forehead and chanting. Tom's eyes go black. Joanue opens her eyes.)

TOM: What?

(Joanue is speechless and shocked.)

Jason's Home, Same timeEdit

(Jason wakes up, he lifts off his bed and looks out his bedroom window. Then, he hears a sudden bang down stairs. Jason goes down stairs and inverstigates, he checks in his living room; no one is there. He goes in the kitchen and Samuel is strangely there.)

JASON: Look, man. I'm not a charity case, so leave. 

SAMUEL: I haven't said what I want to say. 

JASON: Are you friends of my mom?

SAMUEL: Far from it. Jason.

JASON: You have too be my moms friend if you know my name. 

SAMUEL: Let's say I've been watching you and I know everything about you.

(Samuel takes out his knife. Jason looks at it and starts to feel chills down his spine.)

JASON: Get away from me or I will call the cops.

(Jason tries to run but Samuel vamp-speeds and stands infront of him. Jason looks at the knife, Samuel rises his knife and Jason knows he's done for, as Samuel brings the knife forward to stab him; Jason closes his eyes and braces himself. Almost seconds later, Jason opens his eyes and sees the knife is at his throat.)

SAMUEL: You throught I was going to kill you? uhh, not your yet. 

(Samuel grabs his head and smacks him to the wall; knocking him out.)

Jason's Home, NightEdit

(Tom walks up the house path, and sees that the door to the house open. Immediately, he knows something is wrong. He opens the door fully and walks in.)

TOM: (entering the house) Hello? Is anyone in?

(He walks into the living room and the TV is on.)

TOM: What is going on?


(Tom sees blood on the wall; from Samuel smacking Jason to the wall.)

TOM (shouting slightly): Jason, are you okay? Where are you?....

Jason's BedroomEdit

(Tom enters his bedroom, He starts to get scared and horrifyed as he sees blood splattered on the window.)

TOM: (scared) Okay, Tom if you've done this to scare me, it's almost working, not stop!

(Then suddenly, Tom Jumps as Jason's phone rings. He answers it.)

TOM: (into the phone) Hello who is this?

SAMUEL: Hello Tom.

(Tom stands confused and scared about why a man who knows his name.)

TOM: Hey. How do you know me?

SAMUEL: Let's say I'm a distant relative. 

TOM: Oh hey. (smiles) My dad never mentioned you?

SAMUEL: No, I don't think he would of. 

TOM: anyway why are you calling my friend?

SAMUEL: Because, I've been tracing you for days. 

TOM: Who ever this is you'd better f**k off!

SAMUEL:  Okay, Oh and I have your friend, Jason is it?

TOM: If you dare hurt him I will!

SAMUEL: You'll what Kill me? I can't be killed little boy. So, if you want to see your friend alive, you'd better be at the Crosmore Cave in 15 minutes!

(The phone goes dead and Tom stands terrified.)

Crosmore Cave - LaterEdit

(Tom arrives at the cave; he sees Jason tied up and gagged. Samuel and Andre stand around a stonetable.)

TOM: Okay, I'm here. Now let him!

SAMUEL (stands facing him): Don't worry, I'm not here for him.

TOM: Who are you here for then?

SAMUEL: For centuries, I've been waiting for this moment. Too bad you won't be here to enjoy this moment with me. 

TOM: (angry) What is that supposed to mean!

ANDRE: He needs you, Tom. 

TOM: (concerned - angry) Need me?... Need me for want?!

SAMUEL: You'll find out, soon enough. And don't think of running because I'm an immortal vampire/Traveller. 

TOM: A Vampire, okay freaky and I don't even know what half them other words are. 

ANDRE: He can't die, hence the word immortal and He's a witch, hence the word Traveller. 

(Tom sees Jason gagged and tied up; unconcous.)

TOM: Please, let him go!

SAMUEL: I can't, but even If i did. He won't approve. 

TOM: What does that drivel mean?

SAMUEL: Look, Kid. He's not actually active right now. We'll reveal everything later okay!

TOM: Sorry, to crash your party freaky men, I'm going.

(As Tom runs, Samuel vamp-speeds and stands infront of him; stopping him from leaving. Samuel shows his evil vamp face, scaring Tom.)

SAMUEL: Your not going anywhere!!

(Minutes Later, Tom stands back inside the cave and Samuel takes out his knife.)

SAMUEL: See this knife, it's for spirt expulsion. I go into detail later. First, I need your blood.

(Instead of hesitating or holding back, Tom holds his arm out and freely lets Samuel have his blood.)

TOM: Why do you need my blood?

SAMUEL: I need your blood for a ritual, I will drink your blood and the blood with cover the insides of my body opening my body letting my soul free, details no thanks.

(Samuel takes his knife and cuts Tom's palm; the blood pours from it. Samuel takes a glass and holds it underneath Tom's palm and the blood drips into it and fills.)

TOM: (trying to move his palm) why am I doing this?

(Samuel get releases the knife from Tom's palm and then drinks Tom's blood.)

ANDRE: Well, it's coming.

TOM: I don't want to be involved. Please, release Jason.

ANDRE: We can't.

(As Samuel drinks Tom's blood; Samuel feels a deep deep effect rises from his legs to his head, he exhales as his insides are covered with Tom's blood and Samuel crushes the glass in his hand and it falls to bits. Tom stands terrified but frozen. Samuel finally relaxes as the ritual is complete.)

SAMUEL: It's done, now onto the next part.

TOM: What's the next part?

SAMUEL: My body is now open and my soul is free to inhabit someone else body.

(Tom imedioutly thinks that Samuel will take over Jason's body.)

TOM: No, you can't. I won't let you do it to him

SAMUEL: I'm sorry but. You don't have a say in this, anyway Jason isn't my choice.

(Samuel looks to Andre behind him and grins.)

TOM: Who is?

(Samuel vamp-speeds and puts his hands on Tom's forehead.)

SAMUEL: (slovak) Odomknúť, Mať a obývajú

(In-result to the spell, Tom's eyes suddenly turn black and he falls to the ground.)

SAMUEL: (faintly) you are.

(Samuel falls to the ground; his eyes close slowly. Andre hears Samuel's heart beat decrease until finally the heart beat becomes void and dead; everything does quite. Until, Tom inhales air as he awakes, as he comes back into reality he realizes what's happened.)

TOM: (standing) what's happening?

ANDRE: Hello Tom, (calling Samuel's spirit) Vete.

(Tom's eyes turn black, before Samuel resurfaces inside Tom's body. As, Samuel realizes his spell worked, he smiles.)

ANDRE: Shall we. 

SAMUEL (now inside Tom's body - evily): Lets. 

Outside, Crosmore Cave - NightEdit

(Samuel puts his hand in Tom's Zip Top pocket and takes out Tom's phone.)

SAMUEL: (opening Tom's phone) Well, look what we have here. 

(He clicks contacts and sees Tom's mother on their; he clicks call.)

MILISA: (on the phone) Hey tom, are you okay?

SAMUEL: (pretending to be Tom) Hi mom, yes i'm..fine. I'm just calling to ask you....Is it okay, if you'd come home early tonight..It's just, I'm alone and I'd like you to come home that's all.

MILISA: Okay honey, we will come home now if you want?..

(Andre stands behind him. Samuel turns around to him.)

SAMUEL: (grins to Andre) Yes, okay. Thanks, mom. See you when you get back.

MILISA: see you honey. (softly) Love you.

(Samuel responds to Milisa's 'love you' message and pulls a disgusted face at Andre.)

SAMUEL: (disgusted)...Love you..

(The phone goes dead and Samuel smiles.)

SAMUEL: That intensive woman, she's so in love with her own son it's sickening. (cleans his head and inhales) Okay, I'm off to do what I do best, make sure no one gets hold of my body. Don't forget to pop up.

Branson Home, Seconds LaterEdit

(Samuel wonders the house, he comes across a photo of Tom and his family; he snarks.)

SAMUEL: Jesus, that family. Such pack-rats.

(Ken stands behind Samuel, thinking it's Tom.)

KEN: Hey, son.

SAMUEL: (turns to them - pretending to be Tom) Hey dad. Where's mom?

KEN: She was just behind me? maybe, she's just stop and got chat.

SAMUEL: (softly speaking) Dad, I just want to ask you. Would you like to watch a movie later?

KEN: Sure son.  Any particular genre?

SAMUEL: Supernatural, I'm a sucker for.. vampires.

KEN: (shouts) Milisa!. 

SAMUEL: She maybe held up by someone a friend or something?...

(Samuel takes out a small knife. Ken is stunned.)

KEN: What are you doing, son.

SAMUEL: (grins - touches small knife) Yah, about that. I'm not your son and your wife is probably got captured by my hench man.

(Andre stands behind Ken.)

SAMUEL: (looks to Andre) I'd like you too me my evil partner, Andre. And he has a nap for killing innocent people. Abit like me (grins)

ANDRE: And Attacking them.

(Andre vamp-speeds to Ken and smashes him against the wall; knocking him into the front door and knocking him out. Samuel tests Ken and knocks him slightly with his foot...No movement.)

SAMUEL: Well, he isn't supernatural, that's for sure.

ANDRE: That knife did scare him, he was so honest to find himself and make sure his family is safe but safe isn't the problem this time...Protection for the soul is.

SAMUEL: (finishing Andre's sentence) Sadly, his son is just out of reach. Keep them in Crosmore until tomorrow when the ritual to kill the last of my descendent' will happen.

ANDRE: is there a reason why you want them dead?

SAMUEL: Modern Mantix are nothing more than fake copies of my famous family that once ruled Greece 5000 years ago and I want nothing more than to pass on to the other side without any revenge plans.

Crosmore Cave, LaterEdit

(Milisa awakes, she scans her surroundings and is stunned about where she is. Milisa looks beside her and sees Ken awaking. As they both try to move they realise their both tied up onto the cave walls.)

MILISA: (to Ken) Honey, where are we? 

KEN: I don't know. 

(Samuel stands infront of them.)

KEN: Where is our son?


MILISA: Who are you?

SAMUEL:  Samuel Mantix, (takes out his knife out) --  A person that wants nothing more than to kill you and your son. Your son is just out of reach. Sorry.

KEN: How are you inside our sons body?

SAMUEL:  Okay, here's the thing, I'm your ancestor, a witch and a vampire..Oh and a Traveller and I want you dead.

KEN: Why?

SAMUEL: Your nothing like my old family, your gulable and so overrated and I want nothing more that to kill you the carbon copies of my old family that once thrived Greece 5000 years ago, but they were all killed by a volcaino eruption and i survived. May they rest in peace. (shows them his knife) I'll tell you a secret. This knife, if it gets jabbed into tom's stomach, I will be expelled from his body, but that isn't going to happen.

(Andre stands behind Samuel.)

ANDRE: Go, I'll make sure they stay here.

SAMUEL: Good, in the meantime I'll be enjoy my youth (snarks)

(He leaves the cave.)

Clothes Store, Next Morning Edit

(Samuel looks though an isle of clothings and shoes.)

SAMUEL: (to himself) Okay, Better than Tom's clothes anyway.

WOMAN: Is there any thing that suits your taste?

SAMUEL:(pretending to be Tom) Yes I'd like this please.

(He holds up a black leather jacket and top with dark rinse jeans.)

WOMAN: Great, How about you try them on.


Cash Desk, LaterEdit

(Samuel now has on his Leather jacket and top, with jeans.)

WOMAN: That will be Twenty dollars please

SAMUEL: What, No. (compels the woman) You don't need money, this is free.

WOMAN: (after being compelled) Okay, anything you need.

Apartment Room, LaterEdit

(Samuel stands and the window; bored then his phone rings. He answers it.)


ANDRE: I've did what you told me. 

SAMUEL: Good. Is the knife safe?


SAMUEL: Great, make sure no one gets hold of it.

ANDRE: Where are you? 

SAMUEL: I decided to skip one generation and stay at an apartment, instead.

ANDRE: I have everything ready for tonight. 

SAMUEL: Good, i want them to know that we mean terror. Anyway, there's a party over at the club tonight, i'm going. I'd like to meet some chicks.

ANDRE: Be careful don't get too close. 

SAMUEL: Don't tell me what to do i'm Samuel Mantix, there's no such thing as too close. (grins)

(Samuel starts to feel the room spin, and his vision goes blury. He falls slightly onto the side of the bed; dropping the phone.)

ANDRE: Samuel, are you okay?

SAMUEL: No, something happening. (hands hurt) God damit. Fuck!!

(He groans as he feels pain above his forehead and down to his feet. Then, the pain stops like a pause on a TV. He grabs the phone and stands.)

SAMUEL: Dammit that hurt.

(Then, Samuel's eyes turn black as Tom regains control of his body. As he comes back into the room, he realizes he's inside an apartment, and dressed like a rockband star. He is stunned and shocked.)

TOM: Where the hell am i?

(Tom realizes he is holding a phone and someone is on the other side.)

ANDRE: (thinking it's still Samuel) Samuel?

TOM: Listen, please leave me alone! I have done nothing to you.

ANDRE: (realizes it's Tom) Tom! I presume.

TOM: Please, who ever you are please. Don't hurt me. What's happened to me?

ANDRE: Nothing. It's your soul that's in trouble, boy.

TOM: What? What do you mean?

ANDRE:  (slovak - calling Samuel forth) Vete.

(Tom's eyes close and open; the eyes are black inresult to the code word. His eyes open and Samuel resurfaces inside Tom's body.)

SAMUEL: Let me guess. The swine returned.

ANDRE: Yes. It didn't take long before i realized though.

SAMUEL: Well, looks like we've got to get this ritual at a go. 

(Samuel grabs his black leather jacket and puts it on.)

SAMUEL: (con't) Call me tonight, in the meantime i'm partying.

Night Club, NightEdit

(Samuel sits at the bar drinking scoth, Jasama stands behind the bar.)

JASAMA: (thinking It's Tom) Won't your mom be abit shocked about you in a night club, Tom?


JASAMA I know, Dinergirl and a bartender. Don't go very well do they, sucks. Anyway what's made you an alcoholic 15 year old, then?

SAMUEL: Life, it sucks.

JASAMA: What? Your father grounded you?

SAMUEL: Your Jasama ain't you?

JASAMA: Finally, your back.

SAMUEL: What do you mean?

JASAMA: I knew the drink would wear off. We've met in the basketball ground, yesterday morning? and in the cafe? You didn't seem to know me but I know your a bit drunk, right.

SAMUEL: What ever, scotch..Please.

(Samuel hands her the scotch glass and she pours scotch into the glass.)

JASAMA: (hands him the glass) here.

(He grabs the glass off her a gulps it down.)

JASAMA: Damm. 

SAMUEL: (finishs the drink) You know, your kind-of creepy. Watching me, flirting with me, having fun with me. It's kind of, sexy.

JASAMA: You know, Tom. It's kind of freaky that flirting with me. What would your mom say?

SAMUEL: I have alot of things to do tonight, so lets say you and i dance. 

JASAMA: I second that. How about we boogie? 

SAMUEL: (winks) Yer.

(Samuel lifts off the chair and runs into crowd. He vamp-speeds onto a table, knocking bottles and glasses off of the table. Samuel begins to dance crazily, as he dances he begins to take his shirt off and stops as he sees a girl watching him along with the rest of the crowd.)

GIRL: (shouting) take it off!!, take it off!

(Samuel grins and jumps off the table and walks over to the girl. He compels her.)

SAMUEL (compelling her): Take your top off and swing it about, have a great time.

GIRL: (being compelled) I'll take my top off and swing it about and i'll have a great time.

SAMUEL: great.

(Samuel jumps back onto the table and starts dancing; the girl takes her top off revealing a bra.)

(Then, his phone rings.)

SAMUEL: Andre, what.

ANDRE: It's time, the ritual has to happen right now inorder to complete your task.

SAMUEL: Fine. 

Crosmore Cave, Minutes LaterEdit

(Andre and Samuel stand over the stone table, as it burns they both chant. Milisa and Ken still tied up; watch them.)

ANDRE&SAMUEL: (chanting - Slovak) Nechajte severnej náhrobok horieť, nechajte kameň horieť. Vyplňte kúzlo a vypáliť kameň. Zapnutie moje telo do kameňa, nech naše kúzlo byť kontrolované.

KEN: What are you doing?

SAMUEL: I'm channeling my former self, my formal body. When the spell is finished i will have full control of my powers that i had in my real body. The difference is Andre is the back-up, if anything happens to Tom's body i can use Andre's no problem, but the happy thing is Tom will be gone forever, oh wait... Sad for you, great for us.

MILISA: (to Ken) honey, why am i not moving?

SAMUEL: You've been compelled, but when this spell is complete the compulsion will be removed and sadly you won't be able to get compelled again..But with luck we will see to that.

(Samuel retrieves his original body, and lays it by the tomb stone.)

ANDRE: (to Ken) After we've completed the spell, We will kill you and your sad little wife.

KEN: Oh yeah, how do you do that?

SAMUEL: Well, I take this knife (shows them the knife) and I will burn it. And you know the rest.

ANDRE: (finishing the spell) Zapnutie moje telo do kameňa, nech naše kúzlo byť kontrolované. (opens his eyes)

(The flames disappear and go out)

ANDRE: Ready.

SAMUEL: Oh yes.

(Samuel puts the knife on the burned tomb table and closes his eyes.)

SAMUEL: (chanting) doh me co doh raza ah me.

(The tomb table suddenly catches fire, and the knife starts to melt as the fire gets hotter and hotter. Samuel raises his arms and his eyes suddenly open.)

SAMUEL: Something happening?....Someones here? Andre. 

(Samuel looks up and Andre has disappeared.)

SAMUEL: Andre? 

(Samuel turns back around and suddenly he sees Andre held in the air by an unseen force. The unseen force forcefully snaps his neck and smashes Andre against the wall behind Samuel; killed. Samuel turns around were Andre lies dead and Joanue the fortune teller stands.)

SAMUEL: Let me guess, your that witch who just killed my sidekick. You shouldn't have.

JOANUE: Your Samuel Mantix, the person who has possessed this poor child, expell yourself at once!

SAMUEL: (grins) I will never leave until these panto freaks are dead. 

JOANUE: You can't kill them, you can't.

SAMUEL: Listen, you poser witch  I can and I will. See I have my body still intact and I have no problem leaving this body for mine. Tom is gone, and theres nothing you can do.

JOANUE: If i'm a poser then how can I do this. 

(Samuel feels lightheaded and his leg cracks; he falls to the ground.)

(As Samuel tries to fix his leg into place, Joanue rushes to Milisa and Ken and rips the wires and rope off them; freeing them.)

JOANUE (to Ken & Milisa) Leave, hurry go now!

MILISA: (cries) what about Tom?

JOANUE: I will gain him his control as soon as (looks to Samuel) i put this bastards soul down. (looks back to Milisa) Hurry go.

(Milisa & Ken run for their lives as rush out of the cave.)

(Joanue stands infront of Samuel.) 

JOANUE: I'm going to put you down you son of a bitch!

(Joanue forces an invsable wall onto Samuel smashing him to the ground.)

JOANUE: I'm the most powerful witch in the universe. I haven't used my powers for centuries, but I have managed to channel them over time.

(Joanue closes her eyes and starts to focus inside her mind; channeling her most powerful spell ever!.)

JOANUE: Ex, Lox mos. Dunientidx gjfrti Eltex Moctic Atza. (her eyes go white)

(As Samuel stands and limps; he starts to feel a horrible crushing feel in his brain.)

SAMUEL: (In pain) Your going to kill Tom. 

JOANUE: No, you.


(Milisa and Ken run in the full of the darkness. They come towards a alleyway and run inside. They stop and look.)

MILISA: What's going to happen to Tom? He's only a child, we need to help him. We can't let him get hurt.

GIRL'S VOICE (behind them): He won't

Crosmore Cave, Same TimeEdit

(Joanue closed her eyes; thinking of the most powerful spells. He raises her arms in the air and feels a rush of sensation and powerfulness.)

SAMUEL: Tom and his family are going to die. No one can save them. 

JOANUE: Oh I can, and they will survive.

(She opens her eyes and pushes her arms forward very fast; throwing Samuel to the ground like a slingshot. As he smacks to the ground his leg fixes back into place.)

SAMUEL: Thanks very much love.

(Samuel vamp-speeds and smacks Joanue to the rocky walls of Crosmore Cave.)

SAMUEL: Sorry, love. But I do like the violence so i thought let you get the first two hits in.

JOANUE: Go to hell.

SAMUEL: Trust me, I'm waiting for my ticket love. 

(Samuel digs his hand in Joanue's chest. Joanue chocks violently.)

SAMUEL: (as he digs in) Ready.

(He pulls his hand out and holds her heart in his hand. Joanue dies.)

SAMUEL: Bitch.

(Samuel vamp-speeds out of the cave.)

Branson House, Minutes LaterEdit

(Milisa and Ken hide in their bedroom closet; holding knives.)

KEN: Honey, I want you to know. Whatever happens we will survive this, no matter what. 

MILISA: What about Tom?

KEN: He'll be fine honey. He's our son, he'll be fine. 

MILISA: I love you. 

KEN: I love you too. 

(They both kiss, when let release their lips from eachothers they hear the door slam.)

MILISA: What was that?


(It's Samuel, he stands in the parlor with his arms crossed.)

SAMUEL: Any body home? I can smell your blood. Come out before I rip you apart.

Bedroom ClosetEdit

KEN: I'll go first. Follow me.


(Ken opens the closet door and gets out, with Milisa.)

BACK TO - ParlorEdit

(Milisa and Ken stand infront of Samuel.)

SAMUEL: Finally. OK, Let's get on with this. 

The WoodsEdit

(The Woman; from the alleyway, walks through the forest. Then, she sees 3 witches standing by a stone table she joins them, two of them chant a foreign spell. Jasama stands facing the stone table and The woman.)

JASAMA: Do you have it?

WOMAN: Yes. Here

(The Woman hands her a tube of blood.)

WOMAN: This is the blood of Tom's parents, which will help the spell to make Samuel weak and channel Tom  while he lays dormant, bringing him forth back inside his body. Sadly, I didn't find the knife Samuel was going to use for his spell.

(Jasama holds it in her hand.)

JASAMA: Did you find one of the witches? 

WOMAN: No, she's dead, after making Samuel weak. Sorry.

JASAMA: I suppose this blood, our spell and  will have too do. Ready.

ALL: Ready.

(Jasama puts ground herb onto the stone table. They all close there eyes and chant.)

ALL: (Slovak) Es trigide grjti atza. es trigide grjti atza. Es trigide grjti atza. es trigide grjti atza. Es trigide grjti atza. es trigide grjti atza. Es trigide grjti atza. es trigide grjti atza.

(The Tomb stone suddenly catches fire and burns.)

Branson House - ParlorEdit

SAMUEL: Who's going to die for?

KEN: (Steps forward to Samuel) I Will.

SAMUEL: Noble. 

(Samuel smiles and snarks.)

MILISA: (to Ken) Honey!

KEN: (angry, walks to Samuel) You may look like my son but your just, just a evil blood-sucking-control-freak bastard! 

SAMUEL: Cruel but good word use. Now, stand back i'm going to enjoy this.

MILISA: (grabs a knife) you dare hurt him and i will, will!

SAMUEL: Go ahead, stab me if it doesn't heal and Tom dies you'll be to blame. You and your twisted friends.

(Samuel hears a highpitched sound in his ears which makes him groan inpain..)

SAMUEL: (inresult of the spell - inpain) Looks like someone's helping you, for once...(teases) poor innocent Branson Family, sadly you won't be alive to find out what happens to me. 

(Samuel sees his original body in his mind; it's ripping apart, as that happens he feels his ribcage rip apart like he's actual inside his original body.)

MILISA: (scared) What happening?

KEN: It's happening, their helping us.

(Milisa remembers when they were in the alleyway both giving blood to the woman; the woman uses a syringe to take there blood.)

The Woods, Same TimeEdit

(As they chant the spell, the witches hold their hands out and Jasama pours small drips of Ken and Milisa's blood into their hands.)

ALL: (in Slovak) Es trigide grjti atza. es trigide grjti atza. Es trigide grjti atza.

(The witches clench there hands together. They release there hands and a white ball forms in their palm. Jasama feels a rush of power and her eyes suddenly force open.)

JASAMA: (opens her eyes) Es trigide grjti atza!

(With all the power the spell has formed; they throw white ball it into the air and it explodes like fire ball hitting a brick wall)

Branson Home, ParlorEdit

(In-result to the spell preformed by the witches; Samuel groans in pain like a wolf roaring at the moon. He falls to the floor.)

SAMUEL: If I die. Tom will too!

(Samuel struggles to stand but succeeds.)

SAMUEL: (as he stands, struggling - evilly) You and all your descendants will regret their upcoming lives and will fear me! for all eternity. I promise that. (groans)

(Samuel smacks to the ground and everything goes silent, Samuel looks up and smiles softly at Milsa.)


MILISA: Stay away.

SAMUEL: MOM, It's me

MILISA Tom? (looks to Ken - smiles) Honey he's back!

TOM: Yes. It's me. Mom, I'm here. Hug me!

(Milsa runs to him and hugs him.)

KEN: Son! I love you.

(Ken hugs Tom. Tom smiles softly as he realizes he is back!.)

MILISA: (to Tom) I love you.

TOM: I love you too. 

The Woods, Same TimeEdit

(The Witches all hold hands.)

JASAMA: This is it girls, the time we take down evil.

(They all inhale and close there eyes)

ALL: Nechajte severnej náhrobok horieť, nechajte kameň horieť.

(Jasama feels a dark sensation inside her.)

JASAMA: Somethings wrong. 

THE WOMAN: What's wrong?

JASAMA: I felt a bright and happy feeling inside me, like Samuel was dying but I felt a darkness take over like Samuel's inner self was fighting against us. 

WOMAN: We can't let him win, keep chanting.

Back to Parlor, Branson HomeEdit

(Tom's smile suddenly turns into a evil snark smile. It's Samuel pretending to be Tom!.)

SAMUEL: (pretending to be Tom) I'm here.

(Trying to Keep Tom's parents fooled; Samuel secretly puts his hand down his jeans and takes out a knife, he holds it in his hand.)

KEN: Son, Don't ever leave us again!

(Samuel puts the knife to Ken's stomach)

KEN: Tom what are you doing.

(Suddenly, Samuel stabs the knife through into Ken's stomach; Ken looks up to him as he realizes his own 'son' has stabbed him. Milisa steps back in shock, she cries. Ken falls to the floor.)

MILISA: (sobs) No, Ken. Hun.

(Milisa falls to her knees next to Ken's half-dead body)

MILISA: (sobs) No, No your not going to die. Honey, stay with me.

KEN: (barely able to speak) I Love you!.... Tell Tom.... i love him

MILISA: Ken, your going to be okay.

KEN: No I'm not, tell Tom I love him.

(Milisa leans forward to his lips and kisses him.)

(Ken dies. Samuel drops the Knife and turns around in boredom. Milisa stands in tears.)

MILISA: (cries) How could you do that, he was your father!!

(Samuel rolls his eyes and turns back to Milisa.)

SAMUEL: Seriously, Milisa. You still think I'm Tom. (sarcastic) Are you really that dumb or really stupid?

MILISA: This is my husbands blood on my hands.

SAMUEL: Am I ment to be scared because frankly I'd rather laugh. Death doesn't effect me.

MILISA: (tints her eye lid) You are about to feel death, bitch.

SAMUEL: Oh really.

(Then in all of one second, Samuel gets smashed against the wall by an unseen force.)

The WoodsEdit

(The Witches all hold their arms up in the air and chant. They pull their hands towards them.)

THE WOMAN: teririg fidt gde atza.

Parlor, Branson HomeEdit

(As Samuel sticks to the wall; he starts to feel a horrible pulling feel inside his chest.) 

MILISA: Do you think. I would run from a immortal vampire without having a back-up. 

SAMUEL: (in real blood curdling pain) Your going to pay!

The WoodsEdit

(Vains start to form on the witches hands, as their arms get closer and closer to themselves.)

Parlor, Branson HomeEdit

(Samuel's arm joints and neck start to crack, and vains start to surround his eyes. Outside, thunder starts and as lighting strikes the house Samuel's (toms) face goes full gray and the unseen force releases Samuel from the wall and he falls to the floor..)

The WoodsEdit

(The Spell stops, and the witches open their eyes and smile) 

JASAMA: It's done. 

Parlor, Branson HomeEdit

(Everything goes silent, Milisa looks to Tom's body and kneels by it; crying.)

MILISA: (hoping it's Tom, not Samuel) Tom? Honey. Wake up. Tom? please wake up. 

(Samuel's eyes turn black inresult to the spell, Tom finally resurfaces.) 

TOM: (frightened, inhales) Mom, what happened? 

MILISA: are you, you?

TOM: Ye...Ye it's me...I'm here! But, where's father and Jason?

MILISA: (sobs) Tom, your father is...dead...I'm so sorry. 

(Tom sees Ken's dead body.)

TOM: No...Tell me this isn't...this isn't real.

(Tom pushes Milisa and rushes to Ken's corpse.)

TOM: (cries) wake up, you have too wake up, you have too stay with me. Mom needs, you I need you....(to Milisa) He's dead. And there's nothing I can do about it because that son of a bitch is gone..Where's Jason? Samuel trapped him in the cave.

MILISA: He wasn't there honey.

Street, LaterEdit

(Tom walks on the sidewalk, scared and startled.)

TOM: Jason! Jason.

(He hears voices in his mind.)

SAMUEL: (in Tom's mind) I'm going to possess you!

TOM: Get out of my head!

(Because of the voices in his head he bumps into walls and struggle to walk.)

SAMUEL: (in Tom's mind) Your going to die Tom!

(Tom feels the street spin and he goes dizzy!)

TOM: (to the voices in his head) GO AWAY! Leave me alone!

(Suddenly, as the voices stop; Tom stops abruptly. He stands behind a building.)

TOM: What the?..

GIRL'S VOICE: (behind him) Hello Tom.

(Tom turns around and Joanue stands smiling.)

TOM: (sobs)Hi...Erm how did I get here?

JOANUE: I did it. Please don't cry.

TOM: (sobs) I need your help, I need to get my dad back! and my friend has disappeared! So can you do a spell to bring them back? please.

(Joanue walks to Tom; facing him.)

JOANUE: I'm sorry, Tom. When Samuel was plotting to kill you, I had to plot to kill him. Because If i never stopped him he would of killed you for good and I couldn't have that.

TOM: Thanks for helping me.

JOANUE: Oh Tom, it wasn't you. It was for me. If I was planning to keep you alive i wouldn't of resurrected myself or even lashed you here. So, your here and I'm hungry for some death.

TOM: What are you talking about?

JOANUE: I'm going to kill you Tom.

TOM: No your not..Come on please! My mum will have no one please!

JOANUE: If your alive Samuel will not be happy, so i'm finishing the job for him young sonny.

TOM: Hell you are.

(Out of nowhere a figure snaps Joanue's neck and pounces on Tom; knocking him to the ground. It's Jason, he's a vampire!!.)

JASON: (vamp-face) Hi, Tom.

(Later, Jason and Tom sits on a bench speaking.) 

TOM: Did Samuel turn you?

JASON: Yes. He fed me his blood and snapped my neck. 

TOM: Have you even fed yet?

JASON: Yes, but it's not like I've been through the worst months of my life, like you. I'm not the one who got possessed by my ancestor am I. (laughs)

TOM: The most feeling ever is not feeling. Thats what I felt for most of yestaday. 

JASON: (looks at Tom's clothes) Did you choose these cool clothes?

TOM: No, that was all Samuel. Tomorrow, I will be back to my normal casual clothing.

JASON: Bad. 

TOM: Hey, I'm not a vampire you are. Stop putting me down (grins) 

JASON: So, how does it feel being back?

TOM: I feel fine, but not the same person I was a day ago. Wierdly. You?

JASON: I feel like my self. Only, more heightened and I have cravings for blood. How about we test my new powers by playing a bit of basketball?

TOM: Oh Yeah! haha

Basketball Ground, LaterEdit

(Jason stands at the end of the basketball ground, bouncing the basketball. Tom cheers him.)

TOM: Yeah, go on Jason.

(Jason vamp-speeds to the basketball hoop, vamp jumps up to the hoop and puts the ball through the hoop; winning. Tom is amazed.)

JASON: See that, that was awesome.

TOM: So cool.

(Tom has a weird feeling in his stomach, he groans.)

JASON: Tom. are you okay?

TOM: No. There's something inside my stomach, it's burning me. 

(Suddenly, Tom vomits blood and falls to the ground.)

JASON: Tom? What's happening?

TOM: It's Joanue, she's doing something to me!

JASON: (to Joanue, No one) Listen you perky little bitch, leave Tom alone he's only a kid and he's my best friend.

(Tom's eyes close as he dies.)

JASON: (to Tom) Tom your not going to die tonight!

(Jason bites his own wrist and feds Tom the blood. Samuel stands behind Jason; smiling.)

SAMUEL: You thought I was dead. Are you really that dumb??

JASON: (stands) Your Samuel, I've heard alot about you. Your the one that turned me.

SAMUEL: Yes and Yes. (looks to Tom's body, hears his heart beat slowing) looks like he is slipping away into hell. Sadly you won't be around to hear it.

(Samuel flings Jason into the wall very hard with his powers.)

JASON: If your going to kill me, kill me. I don't care. I'm a vampire, I will find peace.

SAMUEL: His father is dead and Tom is dead. Two supernatural Bransons are now dead. His father was a unleashed werewolf but he didn't trigger the curse.

WOMAN'S VOICE: (from somewhere) You've missed one doosh. 

(Suddenly, blood pours from Samuels mouth and he falls the to the ground. Milisa stands behind him holding his heart. Samuel's spell he put on Jason breaks and Jason falls off the wall onto his feet.)

JASON: Thanks Mrs. Branson. What are you?

MILISA: A Vampire. Anyway Someone had to take him down. He killed my husbend and he killed my son. There's no better way than to kill the enemy than ripping his heart out.) 

JASON: Sorry about your husband.  I've fed Tom my blood so he'll be fine soon!

(Milisa looks at Tom's body.)

MILISA: No. He wont. He's a pure. 

JASON: A Pure? 

MILISA: (sobs) A Pure Human, he can not be resurrected by any vampire blood.

A Unknown House, THE OTHER SIDE Edit

(Tom's ghost awakes, he inhales air as he stands. He walks through the house, into a room. He sees his father standing at a bed.)

TOM: Dad?

KEN: Hello, son. I've been waiting for you. (smiles)

TOM: Why where am I?

KEN: The Other Side.

TOM: Am I dead?

KEN: Yes. I'm sorry, your a pure human you can not be saved my any supernatural creature. It will be okay, we will fight anything. Together.

(Ken offers Tom his hand, Tom grabs onto it. Then, as they hold eachothers hand the bedroom wall breaks off showing a white light.)

TOM: What about mom? and Samuel

KEN: She'll be fine, we will see her soon.. We will reunite in eternity. As for Samuel he is dead for good, he has no access to the other side.

TOM: Where are we going?

KEN: This is where we were are darkside will leave us. 

(They both run into the white light; As they run they become deeper into the white light and become cleansed souls. They both smile.)

TOM: (looking at the end of the white light) I'm happy, we will be happy. I will see her soon. 

KEN: We will see her soon!

ALL: We are happy. We will see her soon!


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