seven simple rules

  1. Please DO NOT change or delete anyone's work without asking and getting permission first.
  2. Please DO NOT copy other people's work.
  3. Please DO NOT swear or perform any abusive and/or threatening behaviour.
  4. Please DO NOT create or edit any templates or categories.
  5. Please DO NOT edit the existing pages. (Only edit pages you have personally donated or the Help Needed pages)
  6. Please DO NOT add unearned userstamps and logos to your user page.
  7. Please DO NOT use this Wiki for the purpose of continuing disagreements or block disputes from external Wikis.

If you do break these rules you will be politely warned and repeat violations of these rules could result in a suspension for anything from a day up to a year.

1st offence - a polite warning.

2nd offence - an official warning and a day block.

3rd offence - a second official warning and a week block

4th offence - a final warning and a month block

Further offences will result in an infinite forever block.

If you break no rules for 30 days after your previous warning/block, your previous warnings will become void.


Respect other peoples opinions and express yourself using a polite tone, vulgar and negative attitudes will not be tolerated and depending on the severity may result in a warning.

Create character, location and object pages to your hearts content, they will all eventually be used in one form or another but please do not add them into the main pages and don't forget to add the category "donations" to your contribution.

If the actor/actress you choose is already in use by another character, I will give the user two days to choose another or it will be replaced by me.

If you wish to change anything,

or if you want to write an episode yourself, or if you don't want to or don't know how to add a page but want to audition a character or donate an idea, please leave a message on my message wall and I will personally add it to the wiki as soon as I can.

If you are unsure about what to edit and what not to edit please CLICK HERE

If you have any further questions

please leave a message on my message wall.

I don't bite...usually.



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