Christabella Marcoux
Biographical information
  • 1237 (age 28/774)
  • Undead
  • Unknown
  • Vampire (Elijah's Bloodline)
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  • TBA


She was a gypsy travelling the French countryside when she came across Elijah. Enthralled with the idea of vampirism, she convinced Elijah to turn her. After slaughtering an entire village for sport, it was believed she perished at the hands of Brotherhood of the Five in 1341 after Elijah told them of her whereabouts. This betrayal still haunts him. Currently, Christabella lives in luxury in a mansion off St. Charles Avenue, and while she is "top dog" while Marcel is out of the Quarter, she often enjoys travelling and has a tendency to cause havoc wherever she goes.


5'6", like Elijah she always wears a suit, but she goes for red as opposed to black-and-white.


She is the only vampire to ever truly turn her emotions off fully for almost the entirety of her undead existence. She has quite literally no one to care for, and as such even the Mikaelsons are genuinely afraid of her. A master of manipulation, she is not unwilling to torture children both physically and psychologically if it serves her purposes... or if she's just bored. Elijah once noted that she once held Jane Seymour captive in a cabin for 3 days in order to blackmail Henry VIII- knowing full well that the woman was expecting the child who would be known as Edward VI.



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