Chrissy 3
Chrissy Miller
Biographical information

May 31, 1983 (Age 30)




Graphic Designer







Family information
Family members

Cynthia Miller (Mother)

Ray Miller (Father)

Raven (Sister)

Kevin Miller (Brother)

Liz Miller (Sister)

Adam Miller (Brother)

Anna Miller (Sister in law)

Juliet Miller (Niece)

Jimmy Miller (Nephew)

Supernatural information
Played by

Amber Tamblyn

First seen

Seekers of the Truth

Mothers, like you are impossible to love
— Chrissy to Cynthia in Children of the Night

Christina "Chrissy" Miller is the youngest member of the MIller Family.

Early Life

Chrissy was born in 1983 to Cynthia and Raymond Miller. She was still a young child when her older sister Cassandra disappeared, as a result of this she has no memories of her. At the age of 10 when she was at the local swimming pool with her friends, she dropped her favorite necklace in the pool and went in after it. Unfortunately, her arm ended up getting trapped in one of the drains, and she ended up drowning. Fortunately, a lifeguard was able to get her arm free and was able to get her to breathe again. Soon after the incident Chrissy soon discovered she could she spirits, which made her very happy at first, but soon came to hate the ability because as soon as she started to tell other people, they thought she was crazy. It wasn't until after her parents threatend her with the Mental Asylum, did she start to fear her powers.


Ever since developing Medium abilities, Chrissy is a very reclusive person, because she doesn't want others to know of her abilities in fear that they would try to have her commited. She hates people trying to control her life, which is one of the reasons she doesn't get along with her parents, who tried their very hardest to get Chrissy to sign with a modeling agency, since many agencies wanted to work with her, but Chrissy turned them all down so she could pursue a career in Graphic Designing. The only person she truely gets along with is her older brother Kevin, since he is the only one who believes in her abilities.


As a Medium, she can see and communicate with the spirits of the dead.

As a psychic she can see past events as well as future events.


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