Story Page for Fan Specials #7 - Children of the Night

The Seekers Trilogy - Part Two - FSx06 - Children of the Night

Written by Icedancer487

Directed by Icedancer487


CHRISSY: I always thought I lived in a world where Witches, Werewolves, and Vampires were all just myths to scare little children. It turns out not only are they real, but we have been living among them for who knows how long. I've never imagined that our search for Cassie would lead us to discover a whole new world that exists with ours.

Madame Giselle's

CHRISSY (Noticing Giselle's shocked expression): What's wrong Giselle, do you know what that vision was about.

(Giselle composed her face and got up from her seat)

GISELLE: I'm not really sure what to make of the vision, but if you can give me a couple of days I'm sure I can figure something out.

KEVIN: Please GIselle we don't have that much time to waste.

GISELLE: I'm sorry, but if you want my help than I need a day or two to figure some things out.

CHRISSY (Sighing as she stood up): Ok fine, but please call us when you have figured something out.

KEVIN: Now hold on a minute-

CHRISSY (Interrupting Kevin): Kevin lets just go

(Kevin reluctantley followed Chrissy out of the shop.)

(As soon as both of them were out, Giselle went straight for her phone and dialed a number.)

GISELLE: Hello Janet, is there anyway you can come into town tonight. I need to talk to you about a vampire.

Chrissy's Car

(As Chrissy was driving to Kevin's apartment to drop Kevin off, Chrissy kept thinking about that vision of Cassie. Kevin likewise was also thinking about the news that Chrissy had told him, that their sister hasn't aged once in 24 years.)

KEVIN: Do you think that vision could have been a hoax or something?

CHRISSY: I honestly don't know, at first I thought it could have been another vision of the past, but she looked different than all the other visions I've had of her.

KEVIN (Confused): How so?

CHRISSY: All the other visions of her she had blonde hair just like Liz, but in this one her hair had red tint in it, but besides that she basically looks the same as she did all those years ago.

KEVIN: Well my only logical theory could be that she might a vampire or that she found the fountain of youth.

(Chrissy soon stops at a red light, and turns to Kevin like he just lost his mind.)


KEVIN (Looking at Chrissy with a sort of seriousness and teasing way): Hey it could be true, I mean look at you, you can see spirits and are a psychic.

CHRISSY: People all around the world claim to be mediums or psychics, even if they really aren't one. Stuff like vampires, witches, they're just myths. No one has ever seen any of these things before.

(Soon the red light turned green and Chrissy put her attention back on the road.)

KEVIN: Just because you haven't seen something, doesn't mean it's not real.

CHRISSY:I can't believe your actually suggesting she could be a vampire, the fountain of youth sounds like a much better idea.

KEVIN (a little annoyed): Your starting to sound like Adam.

CHRISSY: Hey now, I agree that some humans like Giselle or me have extra sensory, but creatures like Vampires, Witches, or werewolves, there's just no evidence of their exsistence.

(Chrissy parks the car in front of Kevin's apartment complex)

KEVIN; Ok Chrissy, let me ask you something, can explain how our sister hasn't aged once in 24 years. She's 43 years old and yet she appears to look like she is 19. I don't think any kind of cosmetology or plastic surgery can make someone look that young. So tell me what you think.

(After a moment of silence) CHRISSY: I honestly don't know.

KEVIN (Sighing): Just call me when Giselle figures it out.

(Kevin quickly gets out of the car and heads into his apartment, leaving Chrissy all alone in the car. Chrissy just tilts her head back on her seat and closes her eyes for a few minutes, before driving back home.)

Madame Giselle's (Late Afternoon)

(Giselle was currently putting more cob webs around her store, to keep the place eery looking. Suddenly someone entered the shop, but Giselle already knew who it was.)

GISELLE (Keeping her back turned to the person): It's about time you showed up.

JANET (Smiling teasingly): Oh same old Giselle, you just love to pretend that you don't know anything.

(When Giselle turns around she is surprised to see a young woman next to Janet.)

GISELLE (Confused): Who's this.

JANET: Don't you recoginze your own goddaughter.

GISELLE (Surprised): Emma.

(Giselle goes over to hug Emma, and after she releases Emma, she studies her to see how much she has grown)

EMMA (Giggling): It's been almost 10 years.

GISELLE: I can tell last time I saw you, you were just a freshman in high school, now look at you. What have you been up to.

EMMA: Well after high school I went to college for a degree in Special Education, I actually just graduated last spring. Right now Grandma is training me in witchcraft.

GISELLE (Turns to Janet): I thought the magical gene skipped her generation.

JANET: We thought it did too, but it turns out Emma was a late developer.

EMMA: Yea in science class one day, this really mean girl really got me mad and I set fire to the whole room, which thankfully no one got harmed, but the room got totally destroyed.

GISELLE: Oh wow, but why is your grandmother teaching you instead of your father.

JANET: Her powers right now are too unstable, my son doesn't have the patience or skill  that I have to train someone with unstable powers.


JANET (Getting serious): Now why don't we get down to buisness, about why you called me here today.

GISELLE: Right, well follow me.

(Giselle leads Janet and Emma behind the curtain and have them sit around the small table where Kevin and Chrissy were earlier.)

GISELLE: Earlier today, I was visted by an old classmate and his sister. They needed my help in locating their missing sister Cassie, who I also went to school with. Well anyways, I tried to look into her future, but she looks exactly the same as she does in this picture.

(Giselle gives Janet the picture. As soon as Janet gets the picture she studies it carefully)

JANET: So this is the vampire, you talked about.

GISELLE (Nodding her head): Yes, it's been over 24 years since anyone last saw her, so I would imagine she was turned the night she disappeared.

JANET: I see, and so you want me to use a locator spell to track her down.

GISELLE (Reluctantley): Yes.

JANET (looking at Giselle with a mixture of disappointment and confusion): Giselle you know, that I don't like getting involved with the affairs of vampires, unless I really have too.

GISELLE (Nodding her head in understanding): I know that Janet, but I believe this vampire is different than most.

JANET: The key word in that senternce is Believe.

GISELLE: I went to school with Cassie, and she was a very sweet and cariing girl in school and outside of school as well. She had a very diffcult home life that eventually made her drop out of school.

JANET: All the reason to turn her emotions off. I have encounterd many vampires without their humanity, and a lot of them were once caring individuals who would never harm a fly.

GISELLE: I understand that Janet, but her brother is holding onto a tremendous amount of guilt over her disapperance, and he came to me for help. You know me better than anyone to know that I will not dissapoint my customers.

JANET (Looking at Giselle with an astonished expression): You realize you'll be bringing them into the supernatural world right?

GISELLE (Nodding): I do, but the two of them seem determined to find out where she is, and you know that I will not lie to my customers no matter what.

(Emma who has been listening intently finally decided to speak up)

EMMA: Grandma I really think we should help them.

JANET: Emma, you are too young to get involved with something this serious.

EMMA (Rolling her eyes): Please, I'm 25 years old I'm not a child anymore I think I can handle this. These are two people suffering from a great loss, they deserve to know the truth. I bet that their sister wants to see them as much as they want to see her, but is too scared to do so. You yourself told me that you shouldn't judge someone based on their species, but based on their actions.

(Janet sighs and just looks at Emma with a soft expression, realizing that she is right.)

GISELLE: If it makes you feel any better Janet, the vision I had of her she was seen smiling and laughing with teenage humans. So what do you say will you help.

JANET (Sighing and looks at Giselle intently): Ok, I will help, but if anything goes wrong it will be on you.

(Giselle just sighs in relief, while Emma clapped her hands in delight)

NorthPark Center (2 days later: Noon)

(Chrissy was shopping at the mall for more art supplies for both work and at home. After work she alway paints and draws her own pictures, instead of the ones she has to at work)

CHRISSY (going up to the sales clerk): I'd like to buy these Oil pastels, watercolors, Tempera paint, and ink pad.

SALES CLERK (Taking the items to ring them up): Ok, let me just ring these up for you real quick.

(As the sales clerk rings up her items, Chrissy looks down at her phone in her purse, but much to her annoyance there wasn't no sign of a text or call from Giselle.)

SALES CLERK: You alright ma'm.

(Chrissy looks up from her purse to see the the sales clerk giving her a worried look.)

CHRISSY (Smiling): Yes, just waiting on a important call,

SALES CLERK: I know how those can be, you get so anxious and nervous until you finally get that call.

CHRISSY (Giving the sales clerk her money): Yea, it's been a couple of days and i'm hoping to hear something soon.

SALES CLERK (Giving Chrissy her change and her items): Well I hope everything works out for you.

CHRISSY (Raising her eyebrows): So do I. Thank you sir.

(Chrissy leaves the store, and decides to walk around the mall for a while to kill some time. Chrissy couldn't help, but wonder what is taking Giselle so long, to get back to her. Chrissy was starting to wonder if Giselle would even call her back at all. She knew how dissapointed Kevin would be, and she doesn't want to see that. Even though at first she only agreed to help search for Cassie was because of how desperate Kevin was, but after learning how much guilt that he harbors over her disapperance and now something like her not aging happens, Chrissy knew that they had to find Cassie no matter what.)

(Suddenly Chrissy heard an agitated voice calling her name out.)

CHRISSY (Closes her eyes and whispers to herself): Please anyone, but her. I don't need to deal with her today.

(Chrissy turned around and silently groaned when she saw her angry looking mother coming right towards her.)

CHRISSY (Sarcastically): What are you doing here mom?

CYNTHIA (Angrily): Have you heard from your brother?

CHRISSY: No I haven't talked to Adam since Christmas Eve.

CYNTHIA: You know who I mean Smart ass, your stupid fat ass brother hasn't returned any of my calls and he isn't answering his door.

CHRISSY: So you follow me to the mall to find out.

CYNTHIA: Well you're the only one who has probably any contact with him, since you followed him out of the house after his little outburst.

CHRISSY (Rolls her eyes): Mom let it go.

CYNTHIA: I will let it go once he apologizes for bringing up her name in my house.

CHRISSY (Confused): So what, Kevin had every right to get angry after the camera stunt you pulled.

CYNTHIA: Because of him, now Anna is hounding Adam for being dishonest about her and demands that Ray and me give her answers that we have no idea about.

CHRISSY (Confused and Angry): Can you blame her, i'm pretty upset myself that you just don't seem to care about anyone about yourself.

CYNTHIA (Angry): Don't you dare say that to me.

(At this point Chrissy didn't care that people seemed to be watching her and her mother fight.)

CHRISSY: Come on mom, all of our lives you kept pushing and pushing us to try to make it big in hollywood so that our names could be memorized by everyone across the country.

CYNTHIA: I wanted my children to have successful lives, is that so wrong?

CHRISSY: You never cared about what we wanted, it was all about what you wanted. Ever since Kevin quit being a director, you never let him forget. When I declined to become a model, every time I visit you never shut up about these stupid modeling agencies that are looking for someone. Than when you have a child that goes missing, your supposed to never give up hope on them, but you are all together something else.

CYNTHIA (Angry): How dare you insult me like this, at least your brother and sister treat me with respect unlike you two.

CHRISSY (Scoffs): Please respect. Liz is almost 50 years old with no husband or children, she has done nothing with her life except work for all these high profiled celebrities, just to please you. And Adam, he is too leniant with his children in an effort not to turn out like you or dad. He lets Juliet and Jimmy get away with everything, and i'm pretty sure Juliet will end up as a teenage mother as a result. At least he doesn't want his children to hate him, like yours do.

CYNTHIA: You really have lost your mind, your father and I should have sent you to the mental asylum the moment you claimed you can see ghosts or whatever.

CHRISSY: I'm not afraid of your threats anymore, and I don't give a damn if you disown me, at least I would be free from you like Cassie is.


CHRISSY (Glaring at her mother): Mothers, like you are impossible to love.

(Suddenly Cynthia slapped Chrissy across the face, shocking Chrissy. The moment Chrissy regained composure, Chrissy pushed Cynthia so hard that it caused her to fall.)

CYNTHIA (screaming in pain): MY HIP. MY HIP.

(Chrissy looked at her mother in horror at what she had done. Chrissy noticed that a large crowd gathered around her and her mother, with some givng her dirty looks and others actually giving her a thumbs up. Chrissy quickly dropped her stuff and quickly ran out of the mall before security comes.)

Kevin's Apartment

(Kevin was sitting on his couch watching some old cartoon reruns, when he heard a knock at his door. Kevin got up to open the door, and when he opened it he saw his sister Chrissy.)

KEVIN (Looking at his sister excited): Did Giselle finally get a hold of you.

(Chrissy just ignores him, and walks right in and sits on the couch with a blank expression on her face.)

KEVIN (Noticing his sister's troubled expression, he goes to sit by her on the couch): What's wrong Chrissy did you have another vision about Cassie.

CHRISSY (Slowly shaking her head): No, but I did have a little encounter with mom at the mall.

KEVIN (shocked): What! What Happened?

CHRISSY: I was just buying more art supplies at the mall, and before I knew it mom was there and demanding to know where you were. We really got into it, and before I knew it she slapped me right across the face.

KEVIN (Stunned): Are you serious.

(Chrissy just nods her head and stays silent.)

KEVIN: I don't care if she is my mother, if she would have slapped me I would have slapped her right back.

CHRISSY (Cringing a little): Well....

KEVIN (Amazed and stunned): Oh my god you actually hit her back.

CHRISSY: I wouldn't call it hitting, more like a hard shove.

KEVIN: How hard are we talking about here.

CHRISSY: I probably fractured one of her hips, if not both.

KEVIN (Smiling); Seriously, that is amazing i'm glad someone finally had the guts to actually put her in her place. At least we won't see her for a while now.

CHRISSY: Yea, but you probably won't be seeing much of me either. I'm probably going to go to jail for attacking a defenless old woman, who in actuality deserved it, but you know society won't see it that way.

KEVIN: I wouldn't worry about it, I mean she did start on you and there were witnesses to prove that she attacked you first.

CHRISSY: I know, but still I let my anger get the best of me, what's going to happen next time when someone gets me angry, slap them or something worse than what I did today.

KEVIN (Puts his hands on Chrissy's shoulders and looks at her straight in the eyes): Chrissy listen to me you are not a violent person, what happened today was a long time coming to her she deserved it. You have been holding back a lot of anger towards our mother, and not just you either Adam, Cassie, me, and maybe Liz, we all hold some sort of resentment that we keep buried deep inside us. You just finally let it all out after so long. If someone other than our familly gets you mad, I know you'll just walk away from the situation.

CHRISSY (Smiling softly): I must admit I do feel a lot better after I pushed her.

KEVIN: See what I mean, I defientley felt a lot better after I snapped at mom at Christmas Eve dinner.

CHRISSY (Laughing): You realize we are seriously messed up.

KEVIN (Shrugs): Believe me, i've realized this for a long time now.

(Suddenly Chrissy's cellphone began to ring, and Kevin and Chrissy looked at each other with a hopeful expression)

CHRISSY (Answering her phone): Hello.

GISELLE: Chrissy, it's Giselle.

CHRISSY (Relieved): Thank goodness it's you Giselle.

(Chrissy looked over and saw Kevin pumping his fists in happiness.)

GISELLE: Sorry it took so long to get bakc to you, but I know what has happened to your sister.

CHRISSY (Smiling with excitment): Seriously that's great. Do you know where she is.

GISELLE: Actually I can't explain all of this on the phone, I was wondering if you and Kevin can meet me in the forest, the same one where that cabin was located.

CHRISSY (Confused): Sure, but why.

GISELLE: It will make sense once you get here.

(After that Giselle hung up, leaving Chrissy confused.)

KEVIN: So what she say.

CHRISSY: She says she knows what happened to Cassie, but won't tell us until we meet her in the forest near the cabin


CHRISSY: I have no idea, but i'm guessing there's some kind of reason.

KEVIN: Well lets go, we'll take my car this time.

(As soon as Kevin locked up his apartment, him and Chrissy were already to leave.)


(Kevin parked the car on the side of the road of where the forest was. As soon as Chrissy and him got out, they noticed Giselle waiting on the side of her red pontiac.)

GISELLE (Walking towards Kevin and Chrissy): About time you got here.

KEVIN: Don't act like you were waiting long, you most likely knew what time we would be here and got here a few minutes before we did.

GISELLE (Smiling): True.

KEVIN: Ok so what happened to Cassie, Chrissy said you told her you know what happened to her.

GISELLE (Frowning): I do, but I can't explain here.

CHRISSY (Confused): Why can't you.

GISELLE: Follow me.

(Giselle starts walking into the forest. Chrissy and Kevin give each other a confused look, but quickly followed Giselle.)

CHRISSY: What's going on Giselle, what aren't you telling us.

GISELLE: I have a friend who can help me explain all of it to you, but first we have to go meet her at the cabin, you guys were at earlier.

KEVIN: Friend?

GISELLE: She is an old family friend, I've known her all my life. She will defiantley be able to help you find your sister, that I am sure of.

KEVIN: Is she another psychic like you and Chrissy?

GISELLE: You'll see once we get there, she's waiting for us at the cabin.

(Giselle, Kevin, and Chrissy walked deeper and deeper into the forest, until they finally reached the spot where the cabin was. When it came into view, they saw an elderly lady waiting by the door to the cabin, as well as a young woman.)

JANET: I see you've finally arrived.

GISELLE (Gesturing towards Janet and Emma): Kevin and his Chrissy, this is my friend Janet and her granddaughter Emma.

JANET (Shaking their hands): Pleasure to meet you both.

EMMA (Shaking their hands): Hello it's nice to meet you.

KEVIN: Nice to meet both of you as well. So how exactly are you going to help us find Cassie.

JANET: We'll get to that in a few minutes, but first there's something I want to ask the two of you.

CHRISSY: What is it.

JANET: How open minded are the two of you.

CHRISSY (Confused): What do you mean?

JANET: What I mean is, how much are willing to interpert new things, that some people might think as crazy.

KEVIN: Like what.

JANET: What if I were to tell you, that another world exists with our own little world.

CHRISSY: I don't understand.

KEVIN (enthusiastic): I know what you mean, like vampires, werewolves, and witches.

(Janet just smiles at Kevin's excitment, while Chrissy just looks at Kevin and Janet in disbelief.)

CHRISSY: Are you trying to tell us that supernatural beings actually exist.

GISELLE: Chrissy I know it might be hard to take in, but Janet is telling the truth, in fact her and Emma are witches.

CHRISSY: That is so-

KEVIN (Interrupting Chrissy): Awesome

CHRISSY (Looking at Kevin like he's crazy): You actually believe this stuff.

KEVIN: Of course I do, I honestly believe there are things out there that can't be explained by ordinary people.

JANET: How ironic, that someone without psychic or medium abilities would believe more easily than someone with those abilities.

CHRISSY (Turning to Janet): There are a lot of people out there who claim to have extra senses, but this is something all together different.

JANET: Well I see a demonstration is in order than.

CHRISSY (confused): What are youg going to do.

JANET: I'm going to make all the leaves in this area float in the air.

KEVIN (Excited): Sweet.

EMMA (pleading): Grandma can I please do it please.

JANET (Thinks it over for a minute): I suppose it couldn't hurt, it is a very simple spell, I don't even think you can mess this one up.

EMMA (jumping up and down): Thank you, Thank you grandma.

(Emma stood in the middle of the clearing and started to chant something in latin. Instead of the leafs floating there was a sudden poof, where Kevin was standing, When the smoke cleared, Kevin was gone and in place of him was a donkey.)

CHRISSY (Backing away with her hands on her mouth in shock): Oh my god.

EMMA (apologetic): I'm so sorry, I must have mixed up the spells.

JANET (Walking towards Emma): Emma let me-

EMMA: No I got it Grandma, don't worry.

(Emma started to chant in latin again, but this time the donkey changed into a pig)


JANET (Looks at Emma sternly): Emma let me handle it from here.

(Emma quietly nods, and moves from her place. Janet speaks in latin and Kevin is changed back into his human form.)

KEVIN (Confused): What just happened.

GISELLE: How do you feel Kevin.

KEVIN: I'm hungry for cow manure that's all I know.

(Chrissy just stood there in shock at what she had just saw. There was no denying at what just happened, but still it was hard for Chrissy to comphrend it.)

CHRISSY (voice cracking): What did she do.

JANET (Smiling triumply): It's a transformation spell, it changes the person into an animal as you can tell. So now do you believe me?

CHRISSY (Stunned): This is actually real.

GISELLE (Touching Chrissy's shoulders and looking at her straight in the eyes): I know it is a lot to take in Chrissy, but we have been co-existing with the supernatural since the beginning of time.

CHRISSY: Than creatures like Vampires and Werewolves exist as well.

GISELLE: They do exist, and I'm afraid your sister is a vampire.

(Kevin looked shocked and excited at the same time, while Chrissy just looks scared.)

GISELLE: The vision we had of her in the cabin, was her transformation into a vampire. To become a vampire one must die with vampire blood in their system, and then they will wake up in transition where they have 24 hours to complete the transition into a vampire. That's why she never aged.

KEVIN: I knew it, I totally knew it.

(Chrissy just stood there trying to absorb all this new information.)

CHRISSY: Any other bombshelling news you have to tell us.

JANET: Well I wasn't going to say anything, but now that you ask. The ghost that you are constantly seeing, is a witch.

KEVIN (Confused): Are you talking about Lisa Webb, our brother's mother in law.

JANET (Nodding): Yes, the Webb family was once a very powerful line of witches, but after the salem witch trials the family went into hiding and swore off magic. Mediums such as Chrissy, can only see spirits of the supernatural because of the other side,

CHRISSY: The other side?

JANET: Yes it is a dimension where all supernatural creatures go to when they die, it is meant as a purgatory for them until they can find peace and move on.

KEVIN: Wow this means Anna, Juliet, and Jimmy are all witches as well.

JANET (Looking at Chrissy): Hows that for a bombshell.

(Chrissy was currently getting a headache from all this information, first supernatural creatures exist, her sister is a vampire, and now her niece and nephew were also witches.

KEVIN (Noticing Chrissy's troubled expression): Well if you don't mind can, focus back on Cassie after all she is the reason we are here.

JANET: Right well follow me into the cabin.

KEVIN: Are you alright Chrissy.

CHRISSY (Sighing): Yea i'm good.

Inside the Cabin

(Once inside the cabin, both Chrissy and Kevin were shocked to see the place totally cleaned with candles lite everywhere with some kind of map in the middle of the floor.)

KEVIN: So what's this for.

JANET: I'm going to perform a locator spell, it will be able to tell me where Cassie is. All I need is blood from one of you two (Gesturing to Kevin and Chrissy).

KEVIN (Sticking out his hand): I guess i'll do it.

(Janet takes out a knife and makes a cut on the palm of Kevin's hand. Than she takes his hand and squeezes some blood onto the map, causing Kevin to flinch a little. She than lets go of his hand and gets ready to perform the spell.)

JANET: Phasmatos Tribum, Nas Ex Viras Sequita Saguines Ementas Asten Mihan Ega Petous.

(As Janet kept repeating the line, the fire on the candles started to grow more and more, with a wind brewing in the room. Kevin and Emma looked on in wonder, while Giselle's face remained emotionless. Chrissy on the other hand looked very worried.  Suddenly everything in the room came to a complete stop.)

KEVIN: Is it over?

JANET: Shreveport, Louisiana is where she is located.

KEVIN: Are you sure?

JANET(Rolls her eyes): I'm positive, I'm never wrong. Though the exact location in the city is still unknown, we will have to travel to the city to so that I can find out where in the city she is exactly.

KEVIN: Well what are we waiting for lets go.

JANET: Not yet, we must wait until tomoroww before we can head out. I have some friends in that area of Louisiana that can help us, let me contact them tonight so that I may ask for their assistance.

Outside the Cabin

(Just outside the cabin, behind a few trees there was a tall african american man who looked liked he was in forties, listenting to the conversation taking place inside the cabin. As they were talking, the man looked quite worried, so he quickly took out his cell phone and dialed a number.)

NOAH: Raven it's me Noah. (Answering her question) Yea they're fine. Listen, They figured it out Raven, they know where you are and are coming. (Nodding his head as she answers) Ok I will.

(Noah just hangs up his phone before running off at vampire speed into the forest.)

Kevin's Car

(Kevin drove back to his apartment with Chrissy, so that she can get her car and go home.)

KEVIN (Getting out of the car): So Janet, said we should probably meet up with her and Emma first thing in the morning because it's suppose to take us a whole day to drive up there.

CHRISSY (Sighing): I don't think I want to go.

KEVIN (Confused): What do you mean you don't want to go?

CHRISSY: Kevin, look I can deal with Psychics and being a Medium, but this is just goint too far for me, I mean witches, werewolves, and a vampire sister. This is crazy we're going to get ourselvess killed if we get involved.

KEVIN: This is everything we have worked for, we're so close to finding Cassie.

CHRISSY: Kevin don't you realize that Cassie does not want to be found. I mean after 24 years don't you think that if she wanted to come back that she would have already.

KEVIN: She was probably afraid because of her being a vampire.

CHRISSY: Stop living in a fantasy and come back to reality. You can't expect to just find her and make everything seem like it's going to be ok when it never will be. If what Janet said is true, than Cassie is blood sucking monster that feeds off human blood. I'm sorry I don't want to be apart of this anymore.

(Chrissy turns her back on Kevin and goes to her car and drives off, leaving a very devstated Kevin.)

Highway (Late at Night)

(After dropping Emma off at home, Janet was currently driving Giselle back to her home.)

GISELLE: Thank you for everything, Janet.

JANET: You welcome, though I must say I am a bite worried for that girl Chrissy. For someone who has the abilities of both a medium and psychic she seems very reluctant to believe in the supernatural, unlike her brother.

GISELLE: I suppose it's different for some people. People like you and me, grew up with the knowledge of the supernatural, but Chrissy was just thrown into it since childhood after becoming a medium without no guidance from anyone.

JANET: That's very true, without guidance in life we can never truely go far. I hate to admit it, but even I need help every once in a while.

GISELLE: I was thinking that once this is all over, I would take Chrissy on as an apprentice, similar to you and Emma.

JANET: That's actually not a bad idea, and maybe this way she can feel more at ease with her powers.

(Suddenly a vision came to Giselle, in which a car runs through a red light and hits their vehicle causing their car to crash into a telephone pole. As soon as the vision ended, a panicked Giselle looked out the window, and saw the car flying towards them.)


(When Janet saw the car flying towards them, she attempted to get out of the way, but it was too late, the car already hit the back side of the car, sending the car flying. As Janet tried to gain control of the car, she started chanting in latin. Than the car finally hit the telephone pole, leaving both Janet and Giselle unconscious.)


(Kevin quickly rushed through the hospital doors looking for Emma. It wasn't that long ago that he received a call from Emma explaining that both her grandmother and Giselle were in a car accident. This troubled Kevin as both Janet and Giselle were his only hope of finding Cassie. As soon as he turned a corner, he saw Emma standing by the emergency room doors looking very worried.)

EMMA (Goes to hug Kevin): Oh Thank you for coming so late Kevin.

KEVIN: No problem at all, but what caused the accident.

EMMA(Pulling out of the hug): The Police think it was a hit and run, because they were hit from the back which they think caused the vehicle to spin out of control.

KEVIN: Have you heard anything about their conditions.

EMMA (Shaking her head): No I haven't, which is really starting to worry me.

(After a few minutes of silence, Emma finally noticed that Chrissy wasn't with Kevin.)

EMMA: So where's your sister at, didn't you call her.?

KEVIN (Stumbliing over his words): Well um- she

(Before Kevin could answer her, a doctor came out calling for Emma Griffin.)

EMMA (sprinting towards the doctor looking very worried): Yes, I'm Emma Griffin. Is my grandmother and her friend ok.

DOCTOR: Well the driver of the vehicle suffered a minor concussion as well as a dislocated shoulder. The passenger also suffered a minor concussion as well as some bleeding in the brain.

EMMA: They will be ok, right?

DOCTOR (Nodding his head and smiling softly): They are both expected to make a full recovery, but we must keep them in here for about a week just to be on the safe side.

KEVIN: There's no way they can get out any earlier.

DOCTOR: I'm afraid not, we want to keep both of them monitored the next couple of day to see if either one of them goes into shock.

(Suddenly the doctor's pages goes off, and the doctor quickly says goodbye to the two before leaving. Kevin just stands there looking devastated, while Emma is very reliefed.)

EMMA (Sighing in relief): Oh thank god.

(Emma turns toward Kevin and notices his troubled look.)

EMMA: You ok.

KEVIN (Sighing): I guess so, I'm mean i'm glad your grandmother and Giselle are going to be alright don't get me wrong on that.

(Emma gets where Kevin is going at)

EMMA: That's right you guys were suppose to leave in the morning for Louisiana.

KEVIN: I guess it doesn't matter now, I mean by the time Janet and Giselle are out of here, Cassie is going to be long gone.

(For a while Emma seemed to be in deep thought, before she suddenly got an idea.)

EMMA (looks at Kevin seriously): Why don't we go.

KEVIN (Confused): What are you talking about.

EMMA (Starting to get confident and Eager): We got to Shreveport ourselves to look for your sister. I mean after all I'm a witch and your sister is a psychic so we might be able to pull it off.

KEVIN: If I remember correctly aren't you just a witch in training, and besides Chrissy has no control over her abilities.

EMMA(Eager): Well this would make a perfect opportunity for the both of us to practice, and I even know where my grandma keeps her Grimoire at. 

KEVIN: Are you positive you can do this.

EMMA (Expression turns a little doubtful): I think can, but just in case I have a friend who can help us, but we got to leave as soon as possible. We need to get to Shreveport by the day after tomorrow.

KEVIN (Curious): Why?

EMMA: There's something you should know about my friend Ian.

Chrissy's Dream

(A 10 year old Chrissy is seen playing Marco Polo with her friends in the local swimming pole.)

CHRISSY (eyes closed): Marco


(Chrissy knew the voice wasn't too far, but wasn't too close at the same time. Chrissy turned around and eventually made contact with someone. Chrissy opened her eyes and saw the disappointment on her friend Martha's face.)

MARTHA (disapointed): How is it you know where I am everytime.

CHRISSY (Shrugs): I don't know, I just do.

(Their friend Jane swims over to them)

JANE (Smirking): Maybe Chrissy's a psychic.

MARTHA (Scoffs): She wishes she was.

CHRISSY (rolls her eyes): Oh whatever you guys.

(Suddenly one of the lifeguards blew their whistles telling everyone that the pool is closing due to incliment weather.)

JANE (Looking up at the darkened sky): Wow look at those storm clouds.

MARTHA: Well we better get out.

(The girls swam out of the pool and started to walk out of the builiding with everyone house, but Chrissy suddenly noticed that her favorite necklace was missing. She realized that is must of fallen off in the pool.

MARTHA (Seeing Chrissy turning around and going back to the pool): Chrissy what are you doing.

CHRISSY: Go on ahead I'll meet you out front, I got to go get my necklace.

(Chrissy dives into the pool and starts searching for her necklace. She spots it hanging out of the drain at the very bottom. She quickly grabs the necklace, but as soon as she does the pressure from the drain sucks her arm in. Chrissy attempts to free her arm, but it proves to be futile. She tries to scream, but no sound comes out due to the water pressure. Chrissy continues to try and get free, before she falls unconscious.)

"Chrissy wake up please" a deperate voice called out.

"Please Chrissy" the voice called out again.

(Chrissy started to cough up a storm, and slowly opened her eyes. When her eyes opened there was a woman looking no older than 19 with long blonde hair looking very worried at her.)

End of Dream

(Chrissy shoots out bed completley covered in sweat. She kept breathing in and out real hard as she tried to compose herself.)

CHRISSY (Thinking to herself): What the hell was that about. Why was Cassie there, she wasn't there the day of the accident. Wait a minute could this be some kind of vision, but why don't I remember being rescued by Cassie.

(Chrissy starts to feel panic set in as she starts to realize that she doesn't remember anything after waking up from the drowning. All she remembered was waking up in the hospital, but for some reason she truely believed that she woke up to a life guard saving her, but this vision is making her doubt that. Chrissy turns towards her clock sees that it is four in the morning. Chrissy sits up in her bed trying to comphrend the dream. Suddenly Chrissy heard a beeping noise, she looked over at her phone and saw that she had a few missed calls.)


(Chrissy just sighed and rolled her eyes while deleting the message. She then moved on to the next message.)

ADAM: Chrissy, well I hope you and Kevin are happy. Anna moved out taking the kids with her after I was forced to tell her about Cassie. Why can't you guys leave the past alone.

(Chrissy quickly deletes the message and moves on to the next.)

KEVIN: Chrissy, look I know you don't want to hear from me right now, but I just wanted to tell you that Janet and Giselle were in an accident earlier, they're going to be alright, but are going to be in the hospital for a while. Emma and I are going to be heading out for Louisiana around six in the morning. I know you probably don't want to come, but just in case we're meeting up right outside of town if you change your mind.)

(Chrissy sighed thinking about the way she treated Kevin earlier. She admits not wanting to get involved with all this supernatural stuff, infact Chrissy thought that their sister was a monster after hearing Giselle say that she was a vampire and thought that Kevin was crazy for wanting to continue this journey that's more than likely going to get him killed. But yet after that dream Chrissy isn't sure about anything anymore. Chrissy groans not knowing what to do.)

Outside of Town (Early Morning)

(Kevin and Emma were waiting on the outskirts of town ,after stopping at Janet's house and getting her grandmother's Grimoire, waiting for Emma's friend Ian to arrive.)

KEVIN (Shivering): It's freezing out here, how long is he going to be.

EMMA: He'll be here shortly, but you can wait in the car if you like.

KEVIN (Shakes his head): No I'm good.

EMMA: So where is Chrissy at, you did tell her to meet us right outside of town right.

KEVIN (Nervously): Yea I told her.

(Emma noticed Kevin's troubling look, but before she could question him she heard a car approaching them. She turned around and saw a car parking next to Kevin's on the side of the road, which she recognized to be Ian's car.)

EMMA (Running as Ian gets out of his car in happiness): Oh my god Ian, I haven't seen you in months.

(Emma runs into Ian giving him a big bear hug.)

IAN (Smiling as he hugs Emma tightly): Nice to see you to Em. Last time I saw you was at that One Directions concert your forced me to.

EMMA (Pouting): Oh come on you know you loved it.

(As Emma and Ian started to chat, Kevin just looked at Ian with a nervous expression. He knew that werewolves were tempermantal even when in human form, and Kevin knew he could not afford to make that guy mad. When Ian saw Kevin, he dropped his happy go face, and turned more serious, which made Kevin all the more nervous.)

IAN (walking towards Kevin): So this was the guy you were talking about.

EMMA: Be nice Ian.

(Ian by this point was standing in front of a nervous Kevin studying him.)

IAN: Your a lot bigger than what Emma describe.

EMMA (Cringing): Please Ian don't start.

KEVIN: I must admit, I thought you would be tanner than what you are.

IAN (Rolling his eyes): Please this isn't the twilight series we're talking about.

EMMA (Interrupting Ian and Kevin): So how long is Chrissy going to be, we need to leave soon.

(Kevin groaned realizing that he has to tell Emma the truth)

KEVIN: You see Chrissy is-

CHRISSY: Right here.

(Kevin, Emma, and Ian turned around to see Chrissy quickly walking on the side of the road on which they are on.)

CHRISSY (Smiling): Sorry that i'm late, but my car broke down so I had to walk the rest of the way.

EMMA: Well at least your here now. (Gesturning to Ian) This is my friend Ian the werewolf that Kevin told you about.

(Kevin cringed a little thinking that Chrissy is going to rat him out about him not tellling her about Ian.)

CHRISSY: Nice to meet you.

IAN: Yea yea, well lets get this show on the road, the full moon is tomorow night and we need to be in Shreveport by tomorow morning.

Kevin's Car

(Kevin and Chrissy were going to ride together in Kevin's car, while Emma and Ian drove in Ian's car.)

KEVIN (Getting in the car and starting the car up): So what changed your mind about coming.

CHRISSY: You know, I would feel bad if I let you go all the way to Louisiana without me there to keep you in line.

KEVIN: I know you Chrissy and if you don't want to do something you don't do it unless you absolutely have too.

CHRISSY (Sighing): Ok fine, I realized that I'm scared of the unknown, I mean witches, vampires, and werwolves, by the way thanks for mentioning that we were travelling with a werewolf.

KEVIN: Sorry kinda forgot to mention that in the voicemail.

CHRISSY (Shakes her head): As i was saying, it's terrifying when you realize that the world you live in is filled with creatures that you would always think that are just myths to scare children. But last night, I had a realization that I shouldn't be afraid of someone because of what they are, I know some are evil, but there are probably some good ones out there.

KEVIN (Curious): So what made you come to this realization.

(Chrissy decided not to tell Kevin about her dream, because it might just complicate  things further. The real reason she decided to come, was so that she could talk to Cassie herself and ask her about the drowning incident, because one version that she knows is different from what the dream is telling her.)

CHRISSY: I just gave it some thought after you left.

Ian's Car

IAN: So remind me again why we're doing this.

EMMA: I told you the two of them have been looking for their missing sister, Grandma and Giselle were suppose to help them until the car accident.

IAN: So why can't they wait until they are healed.

EMMA (Sighing): Because the sister is a vampire, and we have no idea how long she'll be in Shreveport. Which is why I need your help, because tomoroww night is the full moon and we have a better chance of you finding her in your wolf form than me trying to use a locator spell.

IAN (Has sympathatic look on his face as he drives): You know you'll get better eventually, it just takes time.

EMMA: I honestly don't know, I mean I keep messing every spell that I attempt to try. I mean the only one that I seem to do right is the decompulsion spell.

IAN: Well see that's a start, you can get rid of any vampires mind compulsion on a human.

EMMA (Scoffs): Yea well like that will do me any good.

IAN: You got to stop doubting yourself Emma, I know you can do any spell out of that Grimoire if you want to, but doubting yourself won't help you any.

EMMA: I just don't want to dissapoint my family, I mean after all both my father and grandmother are very powerful witches, but me I can't even do a simple locator spell without messing up. I suppose that's one of the main reasons why I wanted to do this without my grandma, so that I can prove that I am just as powerful or will be as powerful as she is.

IAN: Emma no matter what happens your family will always be proud of you. Even if you didn't have no magic, your family wouldn't think any less of you. You are a sweet selfless young woman who puts others before yourself. I don't think you will ever be able to dissapoint your famly.

EMMA (a little sad): I sure hope so.

Shreveport, Louisiana (Next day: Morning, December 30, 2013)

(After a whole day of driving, and only stopping a few times for everyone to use the restroom and take turns driving, they finally entered Shreveport in early hours of the day and were currently staying in a cheap motel so that they can catch up on sleep before night falls.)

IAN (Handing Emma her room keys): Okay ladies here's your room key, set your alarm for 4 and we'll meet out here at 5. 

EMMA (Taking the keys): Ok will do.

(Chrissy and Emma quickly head to their room as well as the boys.)

EMMA (Entering the room): You don't mind sharing a bed do you Chrissy?

CHRISSY (Shakes her head): No not at all.

EMMA (Turns around to Chrissy): You ok you seem out of it.

CHRISSY (Just smiles softly and lays on the bed): I'm fine, it was just the car ride is all.

EMMA (Realization): Oh you have car sickness don't you. Well I have some medicine in my bag that can help.

CHRISSY (Puts her hand up to stop Emma from talking): It's fine all I need is some rest and i'll be as good as new.

EMMA (Laying down on the bed next to Emma); Ok, well if you change your mind my bag is right on the table.

(Chrissy didn't respond instead she quickly fell asleep, exhausted from the long car ride.)

Chrissy's Dream

(A six year old Chrissy was in the living room playing with her dolls, while the other grown ups are outside talking to the police. She didn't know what was going on, all she knew it had something to do with her sister that she hasn't seen for days. Being only six years old Chrissy doesn't know the extent of the situation, all she knew was that her sister never came home one night and that she missed her very much. Cassie would always play with her and read her stories. Comfort her when there were monsters under the bed and all that. Chrissy suddenly heard a swoosh go by her)

CHRISSY: H-Hello who's there.

(Chrissy turned around and saw nobody there)

CHRISSY (Frighten): MOMMY!!!


(Chrissy heard the swoosh again and when she turned around again she saw a very familar face)

End of Dream

(Chrissy shot out of bed and nearly fell to the ground, but two arms grabbed her from her back and pulled her back onto the bed)

EMMA (Worried): Chrissy are you alright.

(Chrissy hadn't realized she was crying hard until she felt her face.)

CHRISSY (Shaken): I don't know.

EMMA: You must have had a nightmare, it must have been real scary.

CHRISSY (Shakes her head): No it wasn't a nightmare, it was a vision of my past, but I just don't remember it.

EMMA: What do you mean.

CHRISSY: The other night I had a vision of a pool accident that I was in when I was 10. A lifeguard saved me from drowning at least that's what I thought because in this vision it was Cassie that saved me. And now this dream I saw Cassie in the house days after she went missing, and I have no memory of either of these events occuring with her in them.

(Emma realizes that it must be the work of compulsion)

EMMA (Urgently): Come on we have to go see Ian.


EMMA: I think i know what's wrong and I can help you.

(Chrissy got up and immediantley followed Emma after that statement about knowing what's wrong with her.)

Boy's Room

(Emma and Chrissy went over to the boy's room and quickly woke them up, much to both of their annoyance. Emma explained the situation with Chrissy to them, which left Kevin really confused.)

IAN: It has to be the work of compulsion.


EMMA: Compulsion is a vampire's ability to control a human's mind, they can alter memories and erase them. The victim basically has no free will and must do whatever the vampire says. The only way to avoid compulsion is to drink Vervain, which is one of basic weaknesses against vampires.

CHRISSY: So that means Cassie compelled me to forget about her saving me from drowning and made it seem like it was a life guard.

KEVIN (disbelief): She's been watching over us and we never knew. I'm not sure whether to be happy or mad about that.

IAN: Just out of curiosity, when did you first start having these visions.

CHRISSY (Hesitantly): The other night after Kevin dropped me off at my apartment when I told him I didn't want to come on this journey to Louisiana.

EMMA (Confused and turns toward Kevin): You didn't tell me that Chrissy wasn't going to come in the first place.

IAN: So why weren't you going to come.

CHRISSY (Starting to tear up): Because I'm a coward, supernatural beings shouldn't exist and yet they do and have lived among us for so long. I'm afraid if i get too involved I won't come back at all.

EMMA (Goes over to Chrissy and stares at her with sympathatic look): It's alright to be afraid, but your not alone in this, you have your brother and you got me and Ian, my grandmother and Giselle all willing to help you not only control your abilites, but understand the world that we live in.

CHRISSY: Still, this all seems so crazy and unreal, even with my abilities i've always had my doubts, I could never understand why Kevin believes so easily even though up to this point he never really had prove.

(Kevin just kept quiet, because he knew if he tried to explain his reasons to Chrissy, she would just get confused and wouldn't understand. Suddenly Ian did something unexpected, he walked towards Chrissy and gave her a genlte hug. This action surprised both Chrissy and Kevin, while Emma stood there a bite shocked, but not totally surprised.)

CHRISSY (Confused as Ian quickly pulls away): What was that for?

IAN (His usually stern face changed into something softer): Because I know what it is like to be totally confused and scared, especially since I am supernatural myself.

CHRISSY: I don't follow.

IAN: Before I became a werewolf, I was just a teenage boy who got into way to many fights and slept with girls like there was no tomorrow. I have always had anger problems through out my adolescence, I never understood why, but I figured it was something that I inherited from my father. It was until after I triggered the curse after I acidentally killed someone, did I finally realize why I acted the way I did. I was at home alone during spring break when I first transformed. I remember how painful it was, it was like everyone bone in my body was breaking apart one by one. The next day I woke up with no memories of the previous night, my house was a total disaster thought everything was ripped to shreds.

CHRISSY: How did you figure out you were a werewolf though.

IAN (Gesturing towards Emma): It wasn't until I met Emma, but it was months after my first transformation before I would meet her. I was so confused and scared what was happening to me, every full moon I would be in terrible pain and than when I wake up the next morning I couldn't remember a single thing. I spent the rest of the time scared about what I was.I had absolutley no one to understand what I was going through, my parents just thought I was acting out as usal, and I was on the verge of being expelled from college because of the damage I would do to the school when I transformed. When I finally did meet Emma, she knew exactly what I was and helped me understand about the supernatural world with help from her grandmother.

CHRISSY: Is that when you stopped being afraid.

IAN (Scoffs): Hell no. I'm still confused and scared until this day about the supernatural world, but I figured if I'm going to have to live like this the rest of my lfie, I had to somehow come to peaceful terms with it. After about a few years of training, I'm finally able to control myself in my wolf form. So now that I know i can't hurt anyone, I feel better about myself. 

CHRISSY (Sighing): I get where your going with this, but all I am is a psychic and a medium, how can i possibly find peace when i'm technicaly not a supernatural creature who transforms or drinks the blood of humans.

EMMA (gleeful): Maybe it will help if I remove the compulsion from her.

KEVIN (Shocked): You can do that

EMMA (Nodding): Yes, It's a pretty difficult to do, and my grandmother can barely do it, but for some reason I can do it with ease.

IAN: I think you got a point there Emma, maybe if Chrissy remembers the memories Cassie took away, maybe she can find some of kind of peace or closure.

CHRISSY (Serious): Ok lets do this than.

EMMA (Worried expression): Chrissy, the process of decompulsion is going to hurt a lot. It's ok if you don't want to go through with this.

CHRISSY: No, I have to know what really happpened between me and Cassie in these memories.

EMMA: Ok if your sure.

(Emma took a deep breathe and concentrated really hard at Chrissy. Chrissy suddenly felt a major migraine creeping up on her, and before she knew it she was on the ground screaming and holding her head in her hands.)

KEVIN (Starting to run towards Chrissy): CHRISSY!!!

(Ian pulls Kevin back)

IAN: Emma knows what she's doing, it'll be over soon.

(Chrissy just continues to scream in agony as the pain intensifies.)



CHRISSY (Delighted): Sissy

(Cassie just sadly smiles at the young toddler and walks over to her and sits down to meet her eye to eye.)

CASSIE (Touching Chrissy's face): Listen Chrissy, I have to go away for a while.

CHRISSY: I want to go with you.

CASSIE (Looks at her more sternly, but keeping motherly face as well): As much as it pains me to say it, but you can't come with me. My world isn't safe for you or anyone in the family. That's why I have to go and never come back, but I wanted to say goodbye to you because your the only one in this entire family that I love. Never forget that no matter how hard this family gets, never let them change who you are. Goodbye Chrissy I love you.

(Cassie than looks into the toddlers eyes and commands her to forget that she ever saw her.)


(Chrissy started to cough up a storm, and slowly open her eyes. When her eyes opened there was a woman looking no older than 19 with long blonde hair looking very worried at her.)

CASSIE (Desperatley): Chrissy please tell me your ok.

CHRISSY (Very weakly): Who are you?

CASSIE (relieved): Oh thank god your ok, I would never forgive myself if anything happened to you.

CHRISSY: Are you an Angel.

CASSIE (Chuckles a little): No, actually I'm the opposite of an Angel.

(Cassie suddenly hears a lifeguard yelling and running towards them.)

LIFEGUARD (Seeing Cassie and Chrissy): Hey what are you doing here, we told everyone to evacuate the pool.

(Cassie uses her vampire speed and pins the man to the wall. Chrissy was amazed at how  quickly she disappeard, so she slowly got up and turned around. To her horror she was the woman pinning a man against the wall, who looked like he was in a lot of pain.)

CASSIE (Looking into the man's eyes): You will forget you ever saw me here, you came back to rescue this child from drowning and that's all.

(The lifeguard repeated the instructions back to Cassie, who had let him go. When Cassie turned back around towards Chrissy, she was shocked to see the young child standing there looking at her in horror.)

(Cassie unintenionally used her vampire speed to go in front of Chrissy, which caused her to scream in horror.)

CASSIE: Chrissy look at me, please.

(Chrissy reluctantley looks at Cassie, who had a sad expression on her face.)

CASSIE (looks Chrissy straight in the eyes): You will forget that I was ever here, To you it was the lifeguard that saved you from drowning.

(Chrissy repeated the instructions. Cassie quickly sighed while a single tear came through her face and quickly left the scene.)

End of Flashbacks

(The pain that filled Chrissy's entire body suddenly vanished and Chrissy found herself staring at the hotel ceiling breathing very heavily from all the screaming with sweat dripping down her face.)

KEVIN (Helping Chrissy up): Chrissy are you alright.

CHRISSY (Sitting down on the bed while continuing to breath heavily): Y-Yeah, just give me a moment.

EMMA: I'm sorry you had to go trough that Chrissy, but it's the only known way to get ride of compulsion.

CHRISSY: How long did it take, the sun was was high in the sky and now it's setting.

EMMA: More or less it took a few hours, but that's how long it's suppose to take because of erasing the compulsion and than allowing the missing memories to return which makes it a very long process.

(Chrissy turns to Kevin with a huge smile on her face)

CHRISSY: Kevin, Chrissy didn't just leave after she turned did say goodbye.

KEVIN: What do you mean.

CHRISSY: It was just days after she went missing she came to say goodbye to me and told me how much she loved me, and than told me that no matter how hard our family gets to never let them change who I am. When she saved me from drowning in the pool she was so concerned about me. All this time since finding out she was a vampire, I thought she was a monster who just feeds on innocent people without a care in the world. I finally realized that's not alwasy going to be the case with every supernatural creature or even human being, there are still good people out there. I guess my judgement has always been clouded because of how we grew up with neglectful and controlling parents, I just kind of thought that's how most people were.

(Chrissy who by this point was joyful  hugged Kevin. and Kevin who had a hug smile on his face hugged her back. Emma smiled at the scene in front of her and even Ian cracked a smile. After a few moments Ian noticed that the sun was nearly setting and that the full moon would rise.)

IAN: Sorry to ruin the moment. but the sun is setting.

(Chrissy and Kevin break apart as soon as he said that)

KEVIN: So where are we gong to go.

IAN: The woods, it's the best place for me to transform without anyone seeing.

CHRISSY (Smiling): Well ok what are we waiting for lets go.


(Chrissy, Emma, and Kevin started walking through the woods, while Ian went ahead so that he wouldn't start the transformation in front of them so he wouldn't hurt any of them.)

KEVIN: These woods remind me from the ones from the wizard of oz, spooky and creepy.

(The sun suddenly set, which left only the full moon and twinkling stars in the sky. Suddenly a scream filled the area)

CHRISSY (a little scared): What's that.

EMMA: It's Ian, the transformation has begun.

(They continued to walk deeper and deeper into woods until they spotted a clearing. When they got closer Emma stopped them from going further, Kevin was about to ask why they stopped until they spotted a half naked Ian in the middle of the clearing screaming in agonizing pain.)

CHRISSY: What's happening to him.

(Emma didn't answer, but instead just watched her friend. Ian was suddenly looking at them with his eyes a golden color and long fangs out of his mouth that shocked both Kevin and Chrissy. They saw bones snapping into different place that caused him immense pain. Suddenly dark brown fur started to replace his human flesh. Kevin and Chrissy just looked on in horror as the transformation continued. Before they knew it Ian was gone and in his place was a wolf with dark brown fur that stood right in front of them on all fours.)

KEVIN: Man that didn't look pleasent at all.

(The wolf growled a little causing Kevin to stumble back which caused him to fall on the forest floor.)

EMMA: That's why most werewolves consider it a curse because of the amount of pain they have to go through every full moon.

KEVIN (getting up): You sure he can control himself right.

EMMA: Yes, he only growled at you for stating something obvious. (Turning to Chrissy): Do you have that necklace of Cassie's.

CHRISSY (Grabbing the necklace from her bag): Yes here it is.

EMMA (Taking the necklace): Hopefully Ian will be able to use whatever little scent on this, can be used to track her.

(Emma places the necklace in front of Ian, who sniffs the necklace a few times. Suddenly his head snaps up and turns towards east of the forest and starts to run.)

EMMA: He's picked up on a scent lets hurry.

(Emma, Kevin, and Chrissy ran as fast as they could to keep up with Ian, even though Ian was running slow enough for them to keep up, they had a hard time following him. Suddenly Ian came to a stop, which confused the three until they saw a man standing on the other side.)

EMMA: Who are you.

NOAH (Sternly): My name is Noah and I am here to warn you to leave now, Raven does not want to be found.

KEVIN (Confused): Who the hell is Raven, we're looking for a vampire named Cassie.

NOAH: Raven is the vampire you have been searching for.

CHRISSY (Catching on): I get it, Cassie and Raven are one in the same.

KEVIN: Whatever, we just want to see her.

NOAH: I'm afraid I can't let you do that.

(Noah was starting to walk towards them in order to compel them like Raven had wanted, but suddenly Ian lunged in front of him snarling at him, causing Noah to go back immediantley)

CHRISSY (Noticing Noah's scared expression): Why is he afraid of Ian for.

EMMA: Because a bite of a werewolf is fatal to a vampire.

(Emma focuses her energy at Noah and raises an eyebrow. Noah fell onto his knees screaming while holding his head in his hands.)

KEVIN: What are you doing.

EMMA: It's pain infliction, right now his blood vessels are bursting, which is causing the pain.

(Emma turns her attention back to Noah)

EMMA: So did Cassie or Raven or whatever she calls herself, send you.

NOAH: Y-Yes, she wanted me to make sure you guys never found her, which is why I caused the accident from the other day to immoblize the psychic and witch.

(Noah screamed in agony as Emma sent another wave of pain infliction.)

EMMA: Tell us where she is NOW.

NOAH (Attempts to speak through the pain): She's-She's,

(Chrissy was getting anxious to hear his answer, but for Kevin he wasn't all that anxious which surprised him. After all he is the one that got them started on this journey so that he could finally reunite with his sister and apologize, but something finally hit him that he should've realized earlier.

KEVIN (Yelling): STOP!

(Kevin's yell caused Emma to lose her concentration. Emma and Chrissy both looked at Kevin with shocked expressions, while Noah was sitting up trying to catch his breathe.)

CHRISSY (Confused): Kevin why did you tell her to stop, he was just about to reveal Cassie's whereabouts.

KEVIN (Sighing): We can't do this to her, not like this anyway.

CHRISSY: What do you mean Kevin, the reason we started this journey was because of you. You wanted to find Cassie more than anyone else, and yet now you don't think it's a good idea why.

KEVIN (Looks at Chrissy with teary eyes): Because i've finally realized that Cassie isn't ready to be found yet. All this time I was selfishly thinking of myself, just wanting to find her and apologize for everything. I never once took into account of her feelings of seeing me again, especially since we weren't on good terms when she left. All I want is for Cassie to be happy, and if seeing me again would bring nothing, but pain to her than I don't want to do it.

(Chrissy by this point was crying softly at seeing her brother's pain, because she knew he still wanted to see her, but he knew that she wasn't ready to him or her in any case.)

KEVIN (Gesturing towards Noah, who looks at him with a blank expression): Listen, Noah tell Cassie when she is ready to actually see us we will always be here waiting. And please tell her that I am sorry for everything and that I love her very much.

(Kevin by this point was starting to cry loudly, which caused Chrissy to pull him into a hug to try and comfort him.)

(Deeper in the forest there was a mysterious hooded figure that was listening intently to the converstation. As soon as it was over the person just sighed and ran in vampire speed.)


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