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Chanz Volga
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Chanz Volga is the High King of The Dark Triumvirate, the leader of Rorrim's underworld..


Chanz was born in Rorrim a long time ago. He was born a Gothic before being turned into a Vampire when he assumed power. He is skilled in crossing through the unprotected realms via Astral Projection. He cannot access any of the higher realms including Earth, his entrance was denied, spelled by a skilled Witch long ago when his young son was kidnapped in an attempt to overthrow the tyranny of the Triumvirate, he contacted the guardian of the worlds; The Oracle in an attempt to use the first of souls the Bitorian to use it's innate power of breaking down dimensional walls in an attempt to access Earth to find his son and heir but The Oracle as a price as she always does but Chanz will do anything to unite his family.


Chanz is a normal looking person. He wears dark clothing and boots. He has normal coloured eyes.


Even through Chanz isn't human. He looks and talks like a human, fooling people. Chanz is dark, Evil and Strong.


  • He was originally named Chanzer Volda.
  • In Gothika, he plans on putting his ancient group inside human beings, letting them interact on Earth
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