Caleb Cooper
Caleb Cooper
Biographical information
  • 1985 (age 28)
  • Alive
  • Vampire Hunter
  • Superhuman
Family information
Family members
  • Unknown
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  • TBA
I am going to enjoy staking that bitch.
Caleb Cooper to Dillon Mason about Ruby Diane in The Darkness.


Caleb is a Superhuman which means he has enhanced strength and speed, greater than the majority of Vampires. It isn't clear why he has these powers and any Medium, Psychic or Witch hasn't been able to ascertain what he is, he is natural, human. It seems he is a new step in evolution.

Caleb was adopted, he never knew his real parents so he doesn't know whether they shared his powers. He has natural superhuman strength and speed and is a natural Hunter.

He discovered his powers when he was forced to fight for his life against two Vampires which he killed effortlessly, like he knew exactly what he was doing, it felt natural and fluid to him. Like killing Vampires was his nature.

He is someone of a mercenary and a vigilante, taking out Vampires where he finds them.

Throughout Gallows Hill

Season One

In The Darkness,


Caleb is butch, rugged, charismatic and attractive.



Season One

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