Byston Becker
Biographical information

1985 (age 29)

  • Alive
  • Vampire Hunter
  • Human
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First seen
  • TBA
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  • TBA


Smart, Very Curious, Loves Education, Believes that Vampires, Wolves and Witches Exist, Dependent & Muscular. Full Of Revenge & never stops until he gets what he wants.


Black Hair, African american, wears sports clothes.

Back StoryEdit

Born in England but he moved to Gallows Hill to live with his Aunt (Sister of his mother). His Parents were killed by Vampires when he was 3 years, his father was a Vampire Hunter and his mother was a witch. Byston grows as a kid who loves education and likes to read the "Super Natural Novels". He becomes obsessed with all the novels and later find himself researching more about the Vampires, Wolves and Witches. Byston's Aunt (Dobbie) tells Byston about his parents and how they died, he also tells Byston that she is also a witch. With the Help from his Aunt, Byston meets another Experienced Vampire Hunter that used to work with his father and together they hunt for the vampires that killed his parents.

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