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Ancient Stone

Bitorian is a weapon of Ancient origin that allows beings to cross dimensional barriers, it was used in time immemorial by The First Witch who banished the Ancients to lower dark dimensions, it has been used in recent history by supernatural species so when they die they can bypass Qetsiyah's trap and find peace, it has also been used by physical beings to pass between worlds at will.


The Bitorian was the first soul created by God, he forged it in the fires of creation; what this world knows as "The Big Bang", it was a prototype, the very first matter containing the very first soul. The rock is eternal, alive and cannot be destroyed. When God discovered that it had trans-dimensional properties, fearing a Demonic invasion, he tried to destroy it but he failed. It was kept by God himself locked up tight within heaven but it was stolen by a corrupt Angel who took it to She'ol where it is placed within the possession of the being known as The Oracle.

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