Beatrix profile
Beatrix Barlow
Biographical information
  • 1412 (age 18/601)
  • Alive/Immortal
  • Vampire Huntress
Family information
Family members
  • Liluria (Ancestor)
  • Human Descendants
Supernatural information
Significant spells
  • Spell to halt her aging
  • Spell to imbue herself with super-strength.
Significant kills
  • A lot of Vampires
Played by

Annasophia Robb

First seen

Dark Paradise



Throughout Gallows Hill

Season One

Fan Specials

Allure of the Shadows


  • Wields her Sacred Scimitar with agile grace.
  • Expression Magic
  • Use of Chi
  • Manipulation of the Elements, Time and Space

She can go forwards and backwards in time but cannot go back further than when she was born, she can teleport to anywhere on Earth and travel through The Great Wall to visit only dimensions.


She is a Caucasian woman and has pristine porcelain like skin, she has the appearance of a 23 year old woman as long ago she used Expression to halt her aging indefinitely. Long locks of silver curly hair and sparkling piercing green eyes, she wears long flowing majestic white dresses, she wields a shiny silver scimitar


She is slightly mad, fair and moral but can be slightly psychotic when confronted and can be very extreme when defending her descendants and other Witches and Humans from the creatures of the night. Her goal is to rid the Earth of Vampires and Hybrids.


Season One

Fan Specials


  • Beatrix is based on a combination of Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX and Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill.
  • She is the direct descendant of the First Witch of Light; Liluria.
  • She is the bearer of the Sacred Scimitar - a weapon forged by Angels and entrusted to Liluria millenia ago.


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