Azazel Ballistico
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Long, long ago he was an Angel but when the war between the Angels and Demons broke out, in order to protect Selena, an angel whom he fell in love(which is forbidden between Angels) killed one of the "betrayers"(Demons disguised as Angels) thereby tainting his wings. Which cause his banishment from Heaven and punished to forever be without his one true love. It's not until many years later that he gets this "feeling" alerting him of Selena's presence. But what he doesn't realize is that he's not the only one who is out looking for her.


Cocky, manipulative but easy on the eyes and quite the flirt. But unlike other demons, he seems to be able to feel emotions other then anger. He is very protective, to the point of killing for the one he loves.


6'1 possesses jet black hair often described as a form of "sexy bed-hair" and bright steel-blue eyes. As an eternal and a Demon, he is well-built. Oftentimes, he is seen without any facial hair, but if possible Azazel looks even more irresistible when he goes without shaving for a few days. Like your typical bad boy, he rides a motorcycle from time to time and is fan of leader jackets paired with whatever else he's wearing at the moment. Although, if the situation requires formal clothing, he cleans up rather well.

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