Anna Seekers of the Truth
Anna Miller
Biographical information

February 29, 1968 (Age 45)




Pre-School Teacher





Family information
Family members

Fanny Webb (Ancestor)

Jacob Webb (Ancestor)

Grace Webb (Ancestor)

Frederick Webb (Ancestor)

Lisa Webb (Mother)†

Unnamed Twin Brother

Adam Miller (Husband)

Juliet Miller (Daughter)

Jimmy Miller (Son)

Cynthia Miller (Mother in law)

Ray Miller (Father in law)

Liz Miller (Sister in law)

Kevin Miller (Brother in law)

Raven (Sister in law)

Chrissy Miller (Sister in law)

Supernatural information
Played by

Rachel Weisz

First seen

Seekers of the Truth

Anna MIller (nee Webb) is the wife of Adam and the mother of Juliet and Jimmy.

Early lifeEdit

She met her future husband while both were studying at San Diego state university where she was majoring in education.


A very kind and caring individual who is fiercially protective of her family. While she loves her husband greatly, she is unaware of that he has another sister that went missing over 20 years ago or that he tried to kill himself before.


  • In Children of the Night it is revealed that Anna comes from a family of witches, but is unaware of it because her family stopped practicing magic after the salem witch trials.
  • It is also revealed that Anna has since left her husband after learning the truth of her husband's missing sister.
  • The Devils of Salem revolves around Anna's ancestors during the time of the Salem Witch Trials.
  • Anna greatly resembles her ancestor Grace Webb, In adulthood.
  • Twins run on her side of the family.


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