Gallows Hill
Season 1 Specials, Episode 5
An Elegy of Emptiness episode
Air date TBA
Written by TBA
Directed by OldOneX
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An Elegy of Emptiness is the fifth and final episode in the Season One Specials, titled Origins.


Part One - Seekers of the Truth
Part Two - Children of the Night
Part Three - An Elegy of Emptiness


SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND - Kevin and Chrissy are finally reunited with their long lost Vampire sister - Raven in Shreveport, she tells her side of the story, however they soon become entangled in the plight of a young witch - Perrine Garcin , whose tyranical father, the psychotic murderous Witch - Julien Garcin, is hunting her and her mother down and is leaving a wave of destruction in his wake, can they all escape Shreveport alive?




  • The Story will pick up directly from Children of the Night and will start in Shreveport, Louisiana and end up in Gallows Hill.
  • The episode will comprise of a supernatural drama in Shreveport, with Raven telling her story along the way, in flashbacks.
  • An Elegy is a poem or a lament of a melancholic nature - basically an artistic expression of loss. This refers to Raven telling her story and lamenting for her loss of her innocence and humanity before finding herself again through Noah. This is also an allusion to the character of Cassie Newton from Buffy The Vampire Slayer who was a melancholic poet. Cassie Newton in part directly inspired the character of Raven. Cassie and Raven are also played by the same actress - Azura Skye.
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