Alistair Fitzgerald
Biographical information
  • 1991 (age 20/22)

2011 (by TBA)

  • Undead
  • Hybrid
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Supernatural information
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First seen
  • TBA
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  • TBA


Alistair's mother had a heart defect, that resulted in a very stressful pregnancy, she died from the strain of the labour, and this triggered Alistair's werewolf curse. His father locked him up every full moon, but once he got out and killed his father. When he was fifteen, he dropped out of school and went off to see the world. He met up with several wolf pack along with way, but never really got along with any of them, as his mind had caused him to love pain of the transition in order to be able to survive it, and the others hated it. During one such meeting, he met Klaus, who turned him. However, due to his enjoyment of the transition, he felt no gratitude for the release from it, and was never sired to Klaus. He ran off on his own.


Most of the clothes he has he stole, so they generally aren't very high end.


Surprisingly charming when he wishes to be. Alistair possesses a masochistic streak born from the pain of the transformation. He is wild, prefering to stay out of human society, which he has come to shun. He has come to love the pain of the transformation, as it has been with him all his life. He does not trust easily, and was immune to the sire bond.

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