Owen Wilson
Adam Miller
Biographical information

February 28,1966 (Age 47)


University Professor





Family information
Family members

Anna Miller (Wife)

Juliet Miller (Daughter)

Jimmy Miller (Son)

Cynthia Miller (Mother)

Ray Miller (Father)

Liz Miller (Older Sister)

Kevin Miller (Younger Brother)

Raven (Younger Sister)

Chrissy Miller (Youngest Sister)

Lisa Webb (Mother in law)

Supernatural information
Played by

Owen Wilson

First seen

Seekers of the Truth


Adam Miller is a member of the Miller Family as well as the oldest son of Cynthia and Ray. He is husband of  Anna and the father of their two children, Juliet and Jimmy.

Early LifeEdit

Adam was the first born son to Cynthia and Raymond, which made his parents, especially his father to have high expectations for him. During High school Adam was the star quarterback for his team, until an injury to his neck caused him to quit. He soon went through a serious depression caused by his injury and by his parents constant nagging about getting back on the field. He soon tried to commit suicide not long after his sister's disapperance. Eventually, he went to college and got married with 2 children.


A very serious individual who doesn't believe in the supernatural and believes that everything has a resonable explanation, which makes him the exact opposite of his brother Kevin. He also wants to be the exact opposite of how his parents were to him, so he gives his children more freedom than he had.


  • Despite not appearing in Children of the Night his voice can be heard in one of Chrissy's voicemails.
  • It is revealed that Anna has left Adam because of him keeping Cassie a secret from her as well as his attempted suicide.


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